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Apple iPad Air 2 WiFi 32GB
Out of Stock
Rs 31,900
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Apple iPad Air 2 WiFi 32GB
Out of Stock
₹ 31,900
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My Experience with iPad Air 2

This is my first Apple device. I am sharing my experience after using the device for 3 days. Build Quality is superb. Display is very awesome. Touch ID is great and works well all the time. Very slim (6.1mm). I played the games Iron Man 3, Candy Crush Saga, Stick Tennis, Real Racing 3, Sonic Dash, 300 Game, Pirates, Bike Rivals. All the games worked really well. I haven't seen any lag. ***Updated the device with 8.1.1 and the iOS is running smooth.

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It's an iPad

After having used it for 5 months, here's my review: THE GOOD: - Bug free iOS 8.3. - Best CPU you can get (way better than Nexus 9) - Insane GPU. In terms of numbers (GFLOPS), the iPad's GPU is not as good as Nexus 9's, but when you take into account Apple's Metal API alongwith the ecosystem that iPad enjoys, the graphics performance of the iPad is on another level. No lags at all. - Insanely smooth. Now I can't use android. - Premium build. - So, so thin. THE BAD: - Battery life is poorer than last year. Overall, this is the iPad to buy. Comparison to Nexus 9: Nexus 9 is inferior compared to the iPad Air 2. The iPad is faster in gaming (Metal + Apply optimizations), everything works. I see no reason to buy a Nexus 9 if you're choosing between the two. This superiority can be seen in sales, where the iPad dominates.The iPad Air 2 is the best iPad yet, and no one even talks about the Nexus 9 anymore

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Wow! is all i can say

I had a old iPad 1 and had not upgraded in years. But I was blown away by Air 2. Pros: - Great display, brilliant colors and PPI - loved simple games like subway surfers, temple run and the standard fare, yet to try 3D intensive games - decent camera, nothing to brag about - epic zen garden with the unreal engine really pushes the gfx and performs great Cons: - price, price, price! com'on Apple you cant be this greedy Given the really steep price its just making it unaffordable unless you are a real apple fan.

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IPAD if spoils after warranty (even after 1 day) is not repairable. Mine was just out of warranty for 20 days. I am at a loss. Apple is insisting I buy one more new one at 70% of the cost. Which is insane. It's like saying its an use and throw device. Please be careful before you make a decision to buy IPAD. I have lost my time and patience running around Apple service centers and customer support. IPAD IF GONE BAD IN ANY FORM IS NOT REPAIRABLE. YOU NEED TO BUY A NEW ONE !!!!! This is my Apple case ID if anyone is interested. 1050504324

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This is a message to the Seller MobTab

Looking at the price and description that you've kept I think that you have accidentally posted the Ad of your Apple iPad Pro 128GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Product under the wrong name of Apple iPad Pro 128GB (Wi-Fi), which shows the buyer like me that the product you are selling has only access to Wi-Fi. But the price that you have kept with the discount is the price of the iPad Pro which has Wi-Fi + Cellular. So please once take a look at the Product that you have in stock with you, if it supports only Wi-Fi? Or both Wi-Fi & Cellular? And then change the name of the Product which is shown on the top of the page, which is shown first to the buyers. Thanks. BTW, the Stars given in the Rating is just to post this Ad, and not an actual Product Review.

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