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Google Nexus 6 64GB
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Google Nexus 6 64GB
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awesome camera (48)
decent camera (10)
poor camera (5)
poor phone (15)
awesome battery backup (49)
average battery backup (13)
bad battery backup (11)
battery heating issue (2)
battery issue (6)
awesome display (49)
display issue (2)
good voice clarity (2)
connectivity issues (1)
awesome phone (215)
value for money (21)
average performance (2)
amazing performance (31)
great sound (20)
hanging issue (21)
poor performance (6)
heating issue (109)
awesome performance (8)
camera issue (1)
poor sound (2)
fast charging (67)
wireless charging (9)
fingerprint sensor (9)
optical image stabilization (2)
service center (22)
build quality (42)
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Good phone but beware

I bought this on the 1st of Feb and on 5th it slipped out of my pocked as I was getting up from the floor and fell. It was a very minor fall and most (if not all) phones would have survived the fall. But not this one - the screen broke and bad enough to be unusable. And then after chasing Flipkart, Google, Motorola and Motorola service centres I find that the screen replacement would cost 25000 (yes thats right - you can buy Android OnePlus with that money and have spare for a few drinks) and it would take at least a couple of weeks, if not more.So either you buy a heavy duty case for this phone (which defeats the purpose of buying a sleek phone) or just don't buy this one....

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You'll feel COMPLETE.

Hi there , Before buying any phone we have all kinds of doubts e.g. will the screen will be that sharp (as i saw in my friend's phone), will the apps run smoothly, how will be the camera and on and on. And we should have all these doubts, buying a phone worth of 44000 is not an easy decision. You will give a lot of thoughts, should I go for it or not and these thing will keep on pinching you. Coming to the point, the thing which is stopping you from buying this phone is the SIZE. And trust me you are in a delusion. It’s big I mean 5.9 inch but the ergonomics of this phone is so good that you won’t feel the size issue. The back of the phone is thin so it is not uncomfortable .this phone is bigger that iPhone 6 plus but the problem with 6 plus is you won’t be able to use it properly because of its design. So if you think the size is issue then you are not right. Don’t listen to you tube channels stating its big and all the stuff. Believe what you see not the dogmas. Now if size is not the issue for you then buy this phone. Trust me you'll feel like a complete man/women/girl/boy. It has Qualcomm snapdragon 805 chip set (Qualcomm is the best chipset maker for smartphones), the latest. (Snapdragon just announced 810 but only for South Korea) it is clocked at 2.7 Ghz, fastest in any phone. Now if you add 3 GB RAM on top of it you can imagine the performance. If you not satisfied with this also, add stock android (pure android no shit.) it performs butter smooth. Coming to the screen quality part. It has AMOLED display not IPS (nexus 5). This is the second best .the first one is super AMOLED (note 4) but you won’t be disappointed the colors are sharp and vivid and this is way better than your current phone. this phone comes with QHD means it is sharper then 1080p it has 1440 x 2560 pixels + 5.96 inches will give you 493 ppi pixel density which is top class in any phone you pick . It comes with Adreno 420 GPU (Graphics processing unit). GPU is a specialized circuit in a phone, used to accelerate image output .Qualcomm Adreno 420 is the latest in the market. You’ll get it only in top end devices. It will boost up your visual experience of gaming, application usage and video. The camera of nexus 5 is better than average of top end devices. 13 MP with dual flash gives you vivid colors in a snap. 2MP front facing camera is ok ok. The best part is you can record 4k videos and impress people around you bragging about 4k shit. But don’t do it. Live simply so others may simply live. It has Li-Po 3220 mAh battery. You should keep in mind it is lithium-polymer battery not lithium-ion, the latter is a bit power efficient. But normal 3g usage you can use it for a day no issues. Plus you will get Android 6.0 the latest and the best of android. Buy this phone if you love the beauty of technology. If you just want to show off please go for iPhone 6 plus. (Personal opinion) I am writing these things because I think this is a very nice phone to have. It has everything that you will need for coming 2-3 years. buy this phone and enjoy this beautiful life (I mean you can live happily without buying this phone too but come on it’s good to have a beautiful device.) Cheers to this beautiful life ?

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One Week of Usage

This is one big phone. At 6 inches, it makes reading text and watching videos a pleasure. I bought this for my father who previously used a Samsung Note1. No comparisons here. I own a Moto X 2013. The Nexus is one big Moto X. That's all I can say. I have used KitKat and Lollipop. The stock android on Lollipop 5.1 is a pleasure to use. There is no photo gallery - so get used to Google Photos. You can always install Flickr or any other app. I hate phone with all those bloated apps. Upon switching on the phone, it went through a series of software upgrades. After one week of usage, here is the summary - call quality is excellent, camera is very good - if not the best. Here is the downside - the battery. 4 to 5 hours of continuous use and you are set for recharging. With a 6 inch screen, battery is the last thing one should worry about. Want to mention about Flipkart customer service. I ordered this phone when it was at 35K. I paid the amount and received the confirmation from Flipkart. Within a few hours, I received a 5K cashback. Flipkart mentioned that the prices dropped before dispatch and they refunded 5K to my account. Hats off to professionalism and outstanding customer service.

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Mobile heats and hissing sound during call

I bought Nexus6 today through Flipkart. Device got delivered in a day. Surprised to experience poor audio quality during call. Here is my findings in my mobile. I had to return it ASAP. 1. Poor call audio quality 2. Hissing noise ( like laptop fan sound) is mixed with audio. Turn on the speeker, noise is clearly audible 3. While the hone is idle, just pick up the phone and press the power button, LCD will glow, during this time listen the speaker, noise level increases 4. Noise will ON and OFF during the call 5. Mobile heats up while charging and playing youtube videio for 15 minutes I am bit confused, may it is single unit failure. Not remember of seeing this kind of issue in any reviews.

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Dont waste your time and money buying Nexus 6! The Gorilla Glass 3 is a scam! It fell from the table and is shattered ! I have been checking with their service centers for a month and no one has spares! All they will tell you is place the order and we will let you know when it comes. No one is prepared to give time lines! All they will say is that it has to come from US! Right! Feel cheated for having bought a poor quality product from Motorola! Its a shame that you are selling phones in this market for over 6 months without spares! Time to GO!

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