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Google Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB WiFi - 2nd Gen
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Google Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB WiFi - 2nd Gen
Out of Stock
₹ 23,999
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True Certified Buyer Review from a Tech Firm Owner

I bought this tablet on 28th Jan and received it on 29th Jan. Awesome delivery by Flipkart. Now coming to specs and about the tablet performance. I have used Samsung Galaxy Tablet and BSNL Penta Tablet as they are with my cousins. Performance wise this tablet is much superior to those tablets. It also gives you a feel of full Retina HD display that you get in the likes of iPad Air. Given any day this tablet will perform similar to iPad Air and it costs like half of iPad. Pros: 1. 2 GB ram allows you to play any game you want. 2. In case you close and have habit of closing background applications this tablet will squeeze an easy 1 day which is very uncommon for tablets (normal tablets give only 6-9 hours backup). 3. Heavy games can be played like butter (some say tablet gets heated. Play in Playstation or XBOX or every your laptop, they also get heated it is common for devices to get heated). 4. Front camera is crystal clear, and does the job of a webcam. 5. One can buy OTG adapter and connect external hard drive, pendrive easily. 6. As for calling one can buy easy huawei router (small ones) which converts 3g sim to WIFI or best is use your smartphone (latest ones) on WI FI Tethering and use this tablet anytime on the go. 7. Now we all know Android is LAGDROID. But hey if you close background apps and do not multi task too much this tablet gives ZERO Lags. 8. Only Tablet with surround sound system (even Apple lacks this), so connect it to any home theatre and get awesome sound experience. 9. Latest Android 4.4.2 when other devices are yet to get it. Cons: 1. Primary camera is bad quality. Seems like a VGA. But okay one doesn’t shoot much from tablet. Use your mobile for shooting pictures. So not much of a complain. 2. It is a stock android so it comes with nothing. Just plain and blank. Only google stock apps are loaded like google chrome, gmail etc. 3. Yes volume is not that loud but i think this con can be easily removed it you apply an external portable speaker worth 500-900 from iBall, Intex etc. 4. No headphone in this box. I own a web design company and hence own iPhone, Android Tablet, Mac PC and iPad 2nd gen. So you can trust on my review. Please vote it as helpful if it helped you.

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Using&loving my Nexus 7 2013 since 2 months

Nexus 7 2013 is undoubtedly the best small size &big functionality tablet around.I am using it since last 2months and it always delights me with its smooth interface,punchy graphics and pin sharp display.The 1.5Ghz quad core S4 with adreno 320 may seem like its 1.5yr old tech from nexus 4, but actually its underclocked(like under tuning a car to increase fuel efficiency) version of the Snapdragon600(proven by ifixit teardown) from HTC One &S4 and performs much faster than a non nexus device thanks to streamlined Android 4.4.2 KitKat.nnIt beats my laptop on web browsing part as full desktop sites open mostly well. Copy pasting the content is much easier than older android tablets& phones. I use Dolphin Browser which runs even flash based sites like CBSE website, which don't work on Chrome and Chrome Beta.nnI no longer need to carry my laptop or take physical printouts of my documents and notes as Nexus 7 2013 handles them well.I recommend all of you to get CAMSCANNER app on this as well as your smart phones. You won't believe but it made my Class 12 CBSE Physics and Chemistry exams a left hand play! Being busy preparing for competitive exams, I rarely went to school.nnSo I asked my friend for his school notes, made PDFs using camscanner on my relatively slow Galaxy Grand with inarguably better 8mp camera and loaded them to the roomy 32gb storage on this tablet using Superbeam WiFi direct transfer app.I read continuously for hours on this sharper than paper display.THIS BATTERY LASTED FOR MORE THAN 10 HOURS, I was down but the tablet still ready to go on.nFor time pass,it gives you lag free experience on games like Real Racing3 (extreme graphics) and Asphalt 8(1 notch less than max graphics). Only lag I found was in Asphlat 8 maximum graphics,may be because it is not optimized for latest ART runtime which unpacks every app's code to device storage and loads it to RAM instantly when you open the app, against old DALVIK runtime which unpacks the application just when you open the app and then loads to RAM.nnThe speakers have nice stereo effect which increases the music effects on cost of dropped volume.If you need loud volume,you can just turn Surround Sound off or reduce its level in settings of Google Play Music. It plays Full HD videos really fine showing realistic colors and smooth playback.I recommend free app MX player which runs all formats.Though 4k video stutters, which is not a cause of concern as screen is not 4k itself and we are atleast 3-5yrs away from 4k replacing 1080p.nnIts portability is great, you don't need jeans with oversize pockets as it is quite narrow bodied device. Many people get a shock of their life when they see me taking out such a beautiful 7 inch tablet out from a slim fit jean's pocket as it is not very visible from outside a pocket and say"YEH KAHAN SE PARGAT HO GYA!!" just like I did act as a magician.nnThe only shortcoming seems to be the back cover which feels good but gets ugly scratches&smudges easily. I use DMG Rotating case which sells on Flipkart too and provides me peace of mind apart from working as horizontal stand for videos and vertical one for reading.However I remove it while gaming.The rear camera is the weakest hardware component. Though it focuses and clicks fast but images are grainy. The colored noise is visible even before the pixalation happens on zooming. Still both cameras are good for Skype with decent low performance.nnI warn you against buying an iPad mini retina unless you want to do only reading, web browsing and gaming. Its display has much poorer colour reproduction and is a pain to carry, especially for men who don't carry bags &big purse all the time. Apple has a walled garden compared to android's open world nature owing to easy data transfer with variety of modes like WiFi direct Bluetooth PAN, customisablity and variety of devices at every budget.It is better to get a full sized 10 incher android or ultrabook covertible instead of iPad mini.n nIT IS NOT A LAPTOP REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR OFFICE WORK AS OFFICE SUITES LIKE WORD AND POWERPOINT ARE NOT YET FULLY EVOLVED AND EASY ON ANDROID AS OF WRITING THIS REVIEW,based on my own experience while doing some school project work for which I had to run my PC. However it is great for viewing and modifying content.nnGO FOR IT IN 32GB AND YOU WILL CHERISH MY REVIEW AFTERWARDS!!!nOops, I exceeded Flipkart word limit & omitted some nice points(^_^)

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plz learn how to write a review

some moron has written it is not a laptop(means does not do all the things of laptop) oviously its a tablet runnig on android not windows so u cunt (cant ) expect the same features and give it 3 stars. another fellow has written that he doent know its 3g enabled or not. it is clearly written in specs that its only wifii after that if ne one doent know that then he simply doesnt deserve any tablet guys apply some sense before u rate a product as because of ur rating helps a customer to buy the product

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Get Hot Like oven!!

I had used it for some days. Seems like some major issue in it.nGet hot even after the normal web browsing of 15 min. Battery not last for more than an hour.nnContacted Flipkart for the replacement, they seems doesn't believe that the issue can happen and i am bluffing it seems. nThey refused the replacement but its ok, i will go to the google service center for the same and get is repaired on my own expenses.n nI am not blaming Flipkart, my luck is bad. but 2 stars for the product.

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good tab, but service.

The tab is good but not the service that flipkart and asus provide in india. The build quality of the phone is not great and the screen is too fragile. recently the screen of my nexus 7 got shattered and flipkart did not suppert me. the asus people said it would cost more than 13k. finally i got it done for 10k at other service center with a lot of pain to lose the bucks. the spare parts are also not available like in other countries.nFinally what i want to say that you don't stay complacent that the warranty covers everything and flipkart will give any support. u have to lose some more rupees to get it done particularly if u damage ur screen.

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