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HCL ME Connect 2G 2.0
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User Reviews for HCL ME Connect 2G 2.0

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HCL ME Connect 2G 2.0
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Beware of HCL tabs and their service !!

Received HCL Connect 2G tab from Flipkart 4 days back. Order / Delivery was too good. But the product was not upto expectation. Battery is getting drained in 5 minutes. Contacted HCL customer care which was hopeless. Even after 3 days, product registration is not processed by them. Visited HCL service centre and came to know that they are helpless as they require case ID to accept the tab which is related to product registration. They even opine that the tab is very new in market and the issue is related to software. They have to place order with their head office for software which may take a weeks time to reach them.nMy suggestion is do not go for HCL tabs looking at price tag...instead go for branded tabs like Samsung, Apple where you can atleast buy peace of mind with the money spent.

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HCL ME Tablet 2G Connect a poor and outdated tablet.

I bought this tablet 2 months back. I had planned for a premium tablet. But as I had no prior exposure to tablets. I decided to buy a low budget tablet. Then when I came across HCL 2G tablet I bought the tablet without a second thought about quality as it was from a reputed company HCL. Now I realized that was a wrong decision to buy such a cheap tablet i.e. feature and quality wise. Here are the problems I am facing with this tablet :n- It is out dated as no 3G SIM support only 2G SIMn- It is not supporting 2g/3g micromax donglen- Hangs at least one a dayn- No Google Play/Gtalk installed. Some crap applications comes prebundled those are of little use. But only memory wastage.n- Screen resolution,voice quality is poor.n- Camera both front/rear are of poor resolutionn- 2G Call quality is badn- Slow internet. Even slow with broadband wifi. n- No wifi tetheringn- Online Support forums are not there

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Bestest best Tab price is like ur using 19,000rs

i dont buy it yet but i used it for 1 week now i'm waiting when its available in flipkartnso. i dnt why saying that battery backup is bad. its gaving me 8hours+ countinusly using.nand perfomance is so good. sound quality no words.nabout gaming. then if ur gamer. then go for it. i play. Asphalt5,, gangstar(GTA),, assassins creed,, gt racing, , or more heavy games and about low games like temple run. subway. work like Charm.. mostly support all google apps gamesnsupports all formats for music,video hd video no lagsncalling. networks work perfect.nand its look so. cool. stylish tab for alln others. while holding its on ear it look so Coolncamera is Ok. just Ok.nstill i try so much things but in the tab dictionary there is no words for HANG so its never never hangsnon more things i install google Earth. cn u think.. this app not work on galaxy s3 or Note but this tab is playi.g. ni used so many tab but i can say that dis tab is bestest everrrnand about google playstore just do some search on google so u got. u can install via any hcl tab. method for installing playstore. for X1. U1 its work on it. hope its help

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Please 2 do not buy HCL Products Revised my review after facing some issues

Flipkart was as usual superb in delivery, got the product within 2 days,nnFor last 15 days I am using it & found it overall satisfactory,nnPros :nn1. Calling facility in affordable range of 8K,n2. Sound quality ok,n3. Doesnt hangs up, gud Ram,n4. Supports bluetooth, even of nokia phone headphones,n5. Battery back up is gud last for 8 - 12 hrs on normal usage,nnCons :nn1. Display is not that good, although ok for this price,n2. Earphone is just worse, even local cheapest phones come with better peice,n3. Unable to register, every time it shows wrong Serial No,n4. No play store, "1 Mobile market" is pre installed for downloading apps,n5. Inernal memory shown as 4 GB, however only 2 Gb available for user,n6. Unwanted useless aplications comes pre installed, which even cant be deleted.nnAfter 4 Months of use this device started hanging, speakers not working & many other issues, I submitted it in service center at Vashi - Mumbai & then I realized what big mistake I have done - buying a HCL product, after 1 month 1 came to know that they had broken touch screen of my tablet & their customer care representative & service centers are really pathetic, they wont be able to tell u the status even after 2 - 3 months also, every thing is RAAM BHAROSE in HCL, U will neither get reply for your mails also, I had shared my personal experience, if you still want to jump into the hell no body can save U :P

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Dont trust HCL

Hi,nnThe list of 3g dongles support mentioned by HCL is not true. Before purchasing the product i made a phone call to the HCL customer care and checked whether my dongle(ZTE AC2737) is supported or not. Even though it was not listed in the supported dongles list i just wanted to check the same & they gave me a wrong info that my dongle will be supported. I rechecked with them again at a later time so that there are no issues down the line. then also they told that the dongle will be supported but when i try to use dongle with the tab it is not even getting detected. nnWhen i complained they plainly hung up on me and worst response from them. Customer care is worst.nnSo don't trust HCL in this matter. nnPros: n1. Cheapn2. Voice is ok.nnCons:n1. Really dull display.n2. Build quality is not good. i know this is cheap and i cant complain about build quality but if the button comes out which is pretty much basic then it is not good at all.n3. Sluggish.n4. Worst camera, cheaper mobiles have better camera.nnFinally HCL customer care which is the worst of all. Ready to suffer pain go for this.

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