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HCL Me X1 Tablet
Expected Price
Rs 8,299
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HCL Me X1 Tablet
Expected Price
₹ 8,299
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cheap n best

1GHz Processor, ARM Cortex-A8, High Performance low power CPU and android lovely combination I've purchased HCL ME X1 recently. Here are my few observations on the product's features & performance. 1. Battery life is very less, apprx 2.5 - 3 hrs (working on wifi applications) 2. Display is not that impressive, specially for gaming and internet viewing 3. Front camera, still images are ok but when it comes to video chatting, its pixelising all the time during the chat even with the high speed internet connection 4. Application store on HCL website to be launched. so these are some of the things i noticed with my HCL tab. and my sincere suggestion is, if you want to have any tab for entertainment purposes especially for heavy gaming, then guys, this is not definitely the one.... Regards (.) P. PRAMOD KUMAR

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wastage of money and mind

the worst which can happen to u is that u get to buy HCL ME,its cheap in price and so in standard. i bought it from lucknow and it could not survive to my anger as it extremely irritated me and i broke it by throwing forcefully on the ground. i suggest each one of u not to go for it. its the worst tablet to buy.

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You get what you pay for

This is a cheap tablet and the attribute gets to all other aspects of the tablet too - cheap. The fundamental gripe I have is that it does not have access to Marketplace. It has a customized HCL market place where you have access to 10K applications - the bulk of which is useless. So, what this means is that you actually do not have access to all the applications on Android Market place. My second gripe is about the battery. This drains in a few hours of usage. I will have to charge at least once a day and if I am a heavy user I will have to charge it twice. I had bought it from a shop in Hyderabad and not through Flipkart. I used it for a week and sold it back to the vendor at a 25% loss. All I can say is that it is cheap for a reason, and the only reason that attracted me to this was the HCL brand.

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Rs 10,000 is not cheap. This device is worst

My previous commetn I really blasted HCL for everything,nnOk Let me tell you - nnIf It is Made In India, than It must be equal or better than Made in Germany/Japan/USA, Got it.. We Indians aren't caring about Price any more, don't spoil countries Industrial Image by importing Sub standard goods from china and re-branding it as Made in India, nnand don't manufacture cheap plastic goods and label it as Made In India, n10000 Rupees for this junk?. I am ready to give 50000, Make it better than Made in Germany, That's all we want,

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low budget android tablet

for all those people who have been ranting on and on about how bad the Hcl tablet is i would like to totally disagree. firstly its a steal for that price. It might not be as brilliant as ipad or samsung tab. but at its throw away price its a steal.i am quite happy with the hcl tablet and flipkart rocks

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