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HTC One E8
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HTC One E8
Out of Stock
₹ 17,999
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E8 , worth every rupee you spend , a very good all rounder

Hi everyone ,This my first review ,nE8 is a phone I was very eager to get my hands on , I owned a nexus 5 before that and I loved stock android and not a fan of the skins that other manufactures put on top of it and make it slow ...nI read in many reviews that e8 has sense 6 which is a very nice skin , it is very fast , fluid , simple and absolutely zero lag ... And after using it for days I'm saying , yes it is all true ...nThe hardware ;The feel is really good , a bit tall but not An issue at all , I love it .nThe display is very good , good viewing angles and can be used under direct sunlight ..nThe boom sound speakers are the best , really the best , blows away all the rest .nIt's like the good old days when you crank up the volume , you really enjoy the loud music and unlike the modern phones where only one person can hear the music when it's next to him :D nCamera is not as good as you would expect , it is not bad either ,, it's average , but most people will be satisfied with the results if they don't expect spectacular photos ..the white balance seems to the problem area , hope it's a software issue and gets sorted out,.nOne thing all the smart phones these days lack is good battery life .. E8 has good battery life , can use for one whole day and in the night you'll have. 20% to spare ..nThe phone is very fast , and no heating issues at all...nAlthough I'm not a heavy gamer .nA very good all rounder , i got it for 33750 .. I must say its a very good deal .nThe fastest processor , dual sim , descent cam , very good battery life and solid build quality. Go ahead and buy , you will not regret it . The speakers are just awesome .nThe extreme power saving mode can really help your phone go for 15 hours at least , after it reaches 10 % battery , and really will help a lot of people :)

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The only One out of Two or Five ;

Let me start by saying that this is the HTC One M8 in a polycarbonate shell instead of Aluminium, with a better camera and superior battery performance. Why? Because the camera is plain better than the UltraPixel gimmick that HTC had gone with earlier and the battery performs better for reasons unknown. Only a fool would pass on this and buy a Moto X 2014 instead (18,000 to replace a broken screen on the Moto X 2014, really?). This phone blows the competition out of the water.nnI have been using it for 15 days now as a daily driver and this device has NOT disappointed. That being said, it isn't perfect and has some issues to iron out, which will be done one the Lollipop update comes out in Q1 2015. nAlso, the best part about this phone was that it supports CDMA and GSM (HSPA and LTE) in the first slot and GSM (2G) in the second. The CDMA capability isn't documented anywhere for some reason. Not even on HTC's website. The version they sell here in India is the M8sd, the other dual SIM model is a GSM only device and is exclusive to China. nnPros:n + Great cameran + All day long battery; I am getting 24 hours of standby including my sleep hours and it still remains with 20% juice. Oh and I talk on the phone for 6 hours daily.n + Support for ART. I think everyone should enable it in the "Developer" settings. This improved my battery tremendously.n + SDCard support; very few devices come with this nowadays and you need to pay crazy amounts for more storage. Not with this phone, though. It supports SDCards upto 128GB because of the exFAT filesystem compatibility.n + Great sound; HTC may have lost the BEATS branding which was lame anyway, but their sound is still kick-ass!n + Sense is probably the best Android customisation; way better than Xperia and TouchWiz.n + Dual SIM with CDMA support in Slot 1. This is truly a world phone.n + Feels great in the hand because of the design.n + Notification lights; I was using an iPhone before this, so I am excited about this. Sorry.n + Speed and performance; goes without saying but the performance is flawless and there is no lag in the device at all.n + Not prone to dents like its metallic brother, the M8; it is polycarbonate and doesn't dent at all. nnCons:n - SDcard not writable with Filemanagers right now; this is more of a KitKat limitation though but HTC has not supplied with a filemanager that can do it either. This will be sorted out in the Lollipop update that comes out in Q1 2015.n - Camera navigation is a little slow at times, very rarely but it happens, so I am putting it down as a con.n - Slower updates when compared to the M8.n - No developer love; No CyanogenMod, MIUI, Paranoid Android for this yet. Hardly any activity on XDA-Developers forum either.n - Lack of tools availability; Rom Update utilities aren't supplied by HTC to restore to factory if something goes seriously wrong. You need to visit the service centre.n - Bezel-less design seems prone to screen cracks on a falln - Lack of accessories; the M8 cases do not fit eithern - LTE options disabled as of now. Though they will be enabled in the Lollipop update.n - Too many versions globally to call it a flagship model. There's M8sw, M8ss, M8sd, M8sx, you''' go crazy.n - Very less information available on this device. Nowhere on the box or HTC's website, does it say that it supports CDMA as well as GSM, which is weird.n - Charger supplied sucks. 1A and slow as hell.n nSo, I have been using it with Reliance CDMA and it works perfectly. Even on EvDO, it gives me great battery life. I can say that I am satisfied with the device. Just hope the Lollipop update comes quickly.

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To start with, the specifications of this phone blows every other phone in this price range out of the water. Getting a snapdragon 801 processor at this price is amazing. This phone is compromising just on the camera and metal body of the HTC One M8 but who cares! Still this phone comes with a polycarbonate body which is very sturdy. It has all the goodies which it's elder brother (M8) has to offer. At this price it's still any day better than Sony Xperia Z1, Nexus 5 (32GB) and Samsung galaxy S5. nUsing this phone and loving every part of it.

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This is a real experience with HTC phone and its customer care.

I bought a HTC one E8 mobile phone a week back and since then struggling to configure and use its features.n4 times I have called up customer care 18002663566 and each time they RUDELY turned me down by saying that they will not be able to provide me any help. These guys fails to understand the basic of Customer relation Management. If your process is more important than providing help/service to the customer then you will be left with process and NO customers. nnI am surprised and shocked to know that HTC doesn't even care for their customers who owns HTC high end mobile handsets.nnAnyway take this feedbackn1. SIM tray is very difficult to open and close. Overall very badly designed.n2. Volume button is poorly designed and difficult to operate.n3. Screen brightness is poorn4. No Videocalling software even though you pay a bomb.n5. Performance is very poor as you will notice that your mobile is slow.n6. Not able to do multitasking on many of its applications.n7. No User guide provided in the boxn8. The list is endless but the biggest disadvantage of them all is that you get a bunch of Extremely Rude Customer Support. Who are not ready to help you.nnnMORAL OF THE STORYnNever ever buy a HTC one E8 phone becoz Customer service is worse than you can ever imagine and the phone is neither user friendly nor intuitive.nnI have spent a bomb on a phone and HTC customer care are not ready to provide any support.nI really feel cheated and am repenting for going with HTC.nI could have easily gone with Iphone or LG as these companies are customer friendly.nIt was a rude shock to me when HTC customer support refused to provide help.nI request everyone to pass on these message so that HTC stops fooling and playing around with customers.nnLastly, I will ensure that my experience is shared with as many people as possible around the globe so that customers are not taken for granted.

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Excellent Device, but feel cheated 4G support not sure

I have enjoyed using this device. However, HTC'c commitment in helping me resolve the 4G connectivity issue is disappointing. The specs on the manufacturer site and on various forums confirm the 4G capability. But when you try to ask HTC about how to enable it, they say that since Airtel if the only provider offering 4G, for the moment, the HTC One E8 would not be compatible on the networks. There is no option of turning on 4G, even I have a 4G enabled SIM. Worse if that HTC is not ready to confirm if an future update would be released that makes the Phone connect to 4G networks. Very disappointed at this.nAlso, no accessory support at all. You can't even get a decent case.

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