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Karbonn Smart Tab 8 Velox
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Karbonn Smart Tab 8 Velox
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Worth each penny spent

"I have been using this over the past 3 days. Here is my review.nnPros:nn1. Overall Configuration is great.n2. First tab in the world to be boxed with a Jellybean.n3. It supports Google Play Store.n4. Internal space of around 1.5Gb is dedicated for downloads from play store.nAlso around 800 Mb of it is like user space.n5. Charges pretty fast around 2 hours max for a huge 4500mAh battery. Also battery lasts long around 6+ hours till now.n6. The tab does not heat up when you play games or even browse net via wi-fi for hours.n7. It has support for connecting a dongle like MTS since it does not have sim facility for GPRS.n8. The screen size is good enough to read books, browse and play good games.n9. Games work out of the box - Temple Run, FL Commando, POP Classic were some of the high end games I played and it plays flawlessly.n10. It has USB OTG support. So it means you can connect your pen drives to the cable provided in the box to browse and even watch movies present inside your pen drive.n11. It supports enough number of formats. Plz install MXplayer with codec support from Play store to run different formats.n12. The shutdown time of the tab is less than 5 seconds and the start up time is like 25 to 30 seconds. Make sure you reduce the number of home screens and the widgets on your home screens. Also remove automatic adding of widgets from your google play settings.n13. The audio is loud enough to watch a film happily. Also you can connect your speakers to the stereo jack as an optional source of sound.n14. The graphics card provided is from the US company called Vivante. It is good and in fact a great competitor for Mali cards provided by ARM.n15. It has a dual GPU which should support lots of high end games and also a 1.5 Ghz dual core cortex 9 processor is an added advantage.n16. Stand by time is around a day or more. Could not test this properly.n17. It has ethernet support. So if you have a USB modem you can connect it to the tab via UTG support n connect to the internet directly with no router for a wi fi.n18. Connecting a keyboard or a mouse with the tab is easy. So mounting the tab and you can work some projects or even write some source code.n19. I use a Sennheiser earphone. The sound quality with it was wonderful for this tab.n20. Supports bluetooth - so sharing is simplified. Also you can use wifi direct functionality.nnCon(s):nn1. You dont need a mirror!!! Yes the screen I think has an added layer which reflects your own face - it becomes difficult to read and write in bright sunlight or even when the background light is more.n2. A small dust particle is embedded b/w these 2 screens in my tablet which is kinda irritation when you observe it keenly.n3. It does not have calling facility. Also its not comfortable to speak with a 8 inches tablet across your face. Unless you use a bluetooth headset.nnI bought this tab for a price less than stated here in Flipkart.nnSince this is one of the first tablets to come with a 8 inches screen - getting a screen guard or a cover is difficult.nnHopefully if flipkart could provide it for the extra bucks they are charging here and also if they could provide some earphones or a bluetooth headset it would be great.nnHope you liked the review.nnIts a great product for every amount of Rupee you pay on it.nnEnjoy."

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I bought this tab the next day of its release which was 31st December from other site on 1st Jan . I was just surfing for new tablets and phones and as soon as I found this, I was simply amazed by its specs.... The dual core a9 processor, the 1 gb ram, 8 inch screen with 1024*768 resolution and the list went on.. As I already own a Atrix HD I did not need this for calling.... Now after around 3 weeks of rigorous usage I am writing this review.... It's score on AnTuTu is higher even than SGS2 at 9216 while SGS2 has a score of 8463.... nComing to Pros and Cons...nnPROS:n1. 1.5 GHz Dual Core Cortex A9 Processor (the same which is in SGS2)n2. 1GB RAM (all other tabs in this range have 512MBn3. Dual Core Mali-400 GPUn4. 8 inch screen with high 1024*768 resolution with capacitive touchn5. Jelly Bean 4.1.1n6. High Capacity 4500 mAh batteryn7. 3.15 MP Primary Cam with a VGA Secondary Camn8. App Compatibility is very high (contrary to beliefs that 4:3 screens have low compatibility)n9. High scores in benchmarks.n10. Handled every game and tasks well (I played the latest NFS Most Wanted on it without any hiccup)n11. USB OTG Support and Mini-HDMI Support (it even supports my 1 TB Seagate Backup Plus)n12. 1080p videos play like butter in MX Player.nnCONS:n1. Touch is somewhat finickyn2. The Primary 3.15 MP Cam disappoints.n3. It is quite heavyc4. Only 1.51 GB of internal storage (although it can be expanded via SDCard)n5. Screen is quite reflective in bright sunlightnnAlso I have rooted my tab and those complaining about internal memory (or internal sd card) not being expendable, they are false as the external sd card can be swapped with internal sd card but this method only works after rooting. After this you can install any large game or app. The link for the procedure is

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Not too "Touchy"

I got this tablet mainly because of the specs. The dual core A9 CPU + Mali GPU combo was very tempting along with 8 inch screen. I already own a Phablet (5 inch) and Netbook (11 inch), so 8 inch size of this tablet is perfect fit in between - read casual browsing. The tablet looks good though on closer scrutiny it feels flimsy. nnThe biggest issue with this tablet must be the touch. The touch "resolution" is very low. If the screen is scrutinized closely, one can observe large sensor blocks. Further It is not very sensitive to touch, more so towards the edges. This can cause severe frustration because more interactive aspects of UI like screen buttons, browser tab/menu buttons, notification buttons happen to be at the edge of screen. nnWith just two weeks of usage, I am observing two shadowy black bands appearing on the edges of the screen. So the screen may not last long. nnThe whole world is moving towards Micro USB, but this tab is equipped with stone age charger pin. So you have to carry tablet's charger along with your standard USB charger. nnWhat is the use of good specs if a product is not usable? Compared to this, I feel Micromax Funbook is much better. The international brands like Note 800 are a league ahead. At close to 7K this is huge waste of money !nnUpdate: After nearly a year of usage, It is now mainly an entertainment hub for my daughter. No issues yet other than touch sensitivity. Connect to keyboard & Mouse via OTG, bingo the "touch" issue is dealt with.

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Excellent Specs!!!

Well I actually have bought Karbonn Smart Tab 10 and not this one but still as the tabs are identical apart from the display size I felt I should review to help others.nnThe touch,display and the internal memory seem to be the cons of Karbonn Smart Tab 8. But the display and touch is rather good in Smart Tab 10. So I'd rather let you guys know about the pros of these two tabs Velox and Cosmic.nnPros:-nni)Multitasking is just as it should be with 1 Gigs of RAM. It's great.nii)The dual core 1.5 GHz processor makes the UI really responsive and thus no lags at all.niii)It can play 1080p videos without a single jerk.niv)It can run all HD games but the actual problem is a few games do not support Jelly Bean so don't blame this device.nv)The range of Wifi is really good.nvi) The touch sensitivity is really good on ST10.nnMoreover I have already found the method of rooting these two tabs from Karbonn and I have also posted the method of swapping Internal and External Memory so that you can play HD games with huge data. And you can also find out what all HD games are running well on this tab(There's a separate thread for that).Google it and you'll find out. Just head over to the xda forums.

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never buy karbonn smartphones and tablet.

So guys i purchased this karbonn smart tab 8 from a local store because of its specs and price i liked this tablet too much but after two days battery issue came up the battery only last 1 hour and it started hanging too much so i format the apps and games but this issue never solve it hangs for hours and you can't even remove the battery (it is connected with wires) So the 10th day i was watching a movie and it automatically switched off than it started and hangs on karbonn logo so i take it to local service centre it was even worse it was over crowded and the staff was even worse. than i submitted my tablet and they said you can recieve your tablet in 6 days so i came back there after 6 days so they said it was an software issue and we send it to the company and it will took 1/5 months and i said what? just for a hang.nso the moral of the story is-nnever buy karbonn mobile and tabsnand never go to their service centre and my tablet is in service centre now:(

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