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LG Optimus Net
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LG Optimus Net
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Absolute Gem of an Android Phone.

Just Received this Phone from first of all Thanks Flipkart for the amazing Service even in this Diwali Time ,received my cell just in two days of ordering. Researched for almost two months for the android phone and found this gem of a phone. Review for this Phone. This is an Successor of LG Optimus One with Enhancements which are Best in its Class. 1) Display is like Charm..truly amazing dont have words for it. with 180 PPI Display is Superiorly Crisp and Razor Sharp. with an 3.2 Inch Screen. 2)UI is also neat without any flaw. Customized LG UI. 3) Processing with an 800 Mhz is above mark without any lags. 4)for those who doubt that it does not have DLNA. i have to say that it does have DLNA Smartshare. which works with DLNA Devices. so please dont cast your opinion if you havent used it. 5) it does have Adreno 200. you check this on You Tube Review. Really Guys its an AMazing Phone you will definately love it. probably the best Phone in 10K Class.not doubt about it thats for sure.

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Optimus the Best

After a huge R&D on HTC Explorer Vs Optimus net I bought this smartphone last week from a store @10k. This is my first Android.nn* In store I handled both Explorer and NET but Net was the BEST in some aspects.nn* While giving demo of both the sets HTC Explorer and Optimus Net, storekeeper inserted battries and started both sets at the same time, the result was in front of me. Optimus net was ready within 30 seconds and HTC Explorer taken 3 times more time to ready for call. It's amazing!! This is due to processer strength as Net hv 800 Mhz processer and Explorer hv 600 Mhz processer.nn* Though HTC explorer claiming 3.2 touchscreen, its working screen (view screen) is only 2.8 bcoz touchbuttons are given lower side while Optimus Net hv not touchbuttons (manual hardkeys provided)at lower side of the screen, quiet boaring while i use it but it gives you more screen size than Explorer.nn* The back panels of Optimus net are of good quality plastic (come with an extra back panel)while HTC Explorer back panel seems to lower grade.nn* Handling of Optimus Net is quite comfortable than HTC explorer.nn* About overall configuration LG Optimus Net was right than HTC Explorer. The pluspoints of Optimus Net arenn1. Battery back up (1500 Mah)/Explorer hv 1230Mahn2. Processer800 Mhz/Explorer hv 600 Mhz processern3. Nearby service centre/Only Customer care centre(for servicing n they send handsets to metro cities).n4. Internal Memory (150MB)/Explorer hv 90 MB.n5. Actual screen 3.2/Explorer working screen except touchkey n buttons is 2.8 inch.n6. Video recording 30 frames per seconds/Explorer 15 fps.n7. Optimus net with headset/Explorer is without headset.n8. DLNA with Optimus net/Explorer Lacks.nnPluspoints of HTC Explorer over Optimus Net arenn1. HTC Explorer with HSDPA upto 14 mbps/Optimus net hv 3.6 mbps.n2. Latest 3.5 Version HTC Sense for better exprience/Optimus Net n with UI (It's OK for me not too bad)n3. HTC Explorer with Surround sound for music lovers/Opimus net n not provided stereo effects to music player but not to FM n radio.(It really hurted me)n4. HTC Explorer with Adreno 200 GPU/Optimus Net provide good n graphics but lacks GPU.nnWith all respects,I choose LG Optimus Net and I am happy with this great phone. Processer is strong to play all the games without lagging. I play mu favourate motion sensor car game comfortabaly. Screen resolution is the best in the class. You can easily read text without pinch zoom.nnHTC Explorer claim that they came with browser which open Indian language pages.Don't worry Optimus net also opens Indian language pages. Great battery back up and battery charge fast also.Camera of Net is not bad. It works better even no flash with it.nGreat quality feature of Optimus Net is its navigation. It gives correct GPS navigation.nnReally Great Smart Phone at Great Price.nnOPTIMUS NET....IS THE BEST

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Bang for the buck

Flipkart service: Product delivered within 2 working days and in perfect packaged condition. I have bought books through flipkart but this was my first higher value purchase. The experience has been satisfying and hassle free. The warranty card didn't come stamped. After writing to flipkart support, I got quick response that the invoice will serve as a proof for any warranty claim. Hoping that I wouldn't need that anyways.nnLG Optimus Net P690: This is my first smartphone ever. Hence, can't rightfully benchmark it against any other. However, based on internet research, this is the best phone spec wise (battery processor RAM display size decent camera) at this price range. The only other phone which is currently competing is Motorola Fire XT (in which you get extra 2MP camera and 0.3" screen by paying ~2,400/- more) and Sony Xperia Mini ST15i (extra 200Mhz, 170MB in internal memory, 2MP in camera, 16m colors). I was keen on buying Xperia but was put off by reading about over-heating issues / buttons malfunctioning issues which have been coming up. Hence, I let go of Xperia. I figured I could do with a 3MP camera and hence did away with Fire XT as well.nnI feel that colors are rich and look of phone is also good (I want to use it in formal settings and hence it is good to see that its not too flashy or radical in design). Phone feels a bit heavy compared to my previous feature phone (but that is obvious). UI response of touch felt good. The phone has 4 physical / mechanical buttons at bottom of screen. I felt that these buttons had a somewhat old school feel and they didn't feel crisp in their tactile response. Can't really comment on battery life etc as these can be known only after a fair amount of usage and when you have had experience with other similar models. I will suggest that such parameters should be examined from reviews on professional sites like gsmarena etc.nnPhone comes with a 2GB card pre-installed (I don't think that this is mentioned in flipkart specs; they should include this). Also, it has a charger, headset, USB data cable and an alternate white colored back panel (i.e. you can switch between black and white panel; this is again not mentioned in specs).nnFor those who have read that this is being offered as a Dual Sim phone in Asia, I can say that its not the case for India at least. P690 is a single sim phone. I found that LG also have some software updates for this model on their product support site (though no details are given about what is the update about). The user manual says that you can use this phone for Wi-Fi tethering.nnAgain, since this is my first experience with a smartphone, I will recommend this phone based on my own detailed, painstakingly done spec comparison for all phones available between 8-12k range (I made a detailed Excel no less :D) and the experience so far from usage. You can also read up other reviews from users detailing differences on advance features like DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot etc.

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great features with DLNA

just ordered the phone on flipkart..waiting eagerly !!! this phone is with a unique which u will find in expensive phones like DLNA which makes it useful. its a good budget phone in sub 10 k category and is a successor to LG Optimus One P500 which is highest selling android phone n popular phone.

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Worst Android Phone

Bought the phone 4 months back. Went to emergency mode(Dont know what that is) and could not be repaired and exchanged for lg e510 later. Has a lot of software problems. The screen is not at all sensitive. Camera is also bad. I would never recommend this phone. In a word this phone is WORTHLESS.

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