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Lava Iris 356
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Rs 4,449
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Lava Iris 356
Expected Price
₹ 4,449
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Lava 356

gave lava a leap of faith and bought this mobile without any prior reviews.Til now it seems a good decisionnnProcesser: quite good. runs temple run, deadly moto racing and 720p videos quite flawlessly. (did not check with 1080p and high end games)..for normal use processer excels.nnsound: handset speaker is good. hedset sound sucks however very good output with my philips headset.(It seems it supports nokia hedset also and the hedset button can be used for play/pause and next. But call sound is lower) n call voice clarity of handset is not so good as compared to nokia. nncamera: main camera is worst i have ever seen. flash is no better than candle light. front camera no good too.nnram: around 100 mb is available for users so performance is good for normal use. 512 mb ram is required if you want to run heavy apps.temple run and similar apps runs smoothly. nninternal memory : 165mb, 140 mb is available. but after downloading few games and updating few aps on SD card, it is now 100 mb as some part is always downloaded in internal memory. nnBuild quality: Update: Build quality not good. My set has manufacturing defects and have asked flipkart for replacement. Light of home and back button doesnt work. Touch Screen is so erratic that with two hand u cant type any thing. however using one hand only, u can type(sometimes problem in that also). My set's screen is so sensitive that even putting ur finger over the screen can lead to various commands. without even touching it. nnsilicon pouch given in the box is very good.screen guard is also provided in the box.nndisplay: crisp and clear.nnBattery: as you can guess it is not so good. lasted 10-12 hrs with 45 min call, internet browsing - 3-3.5 hrs, downloading and playing few games(around 1-2 hrs). 2g data was on for the whole period. (using single sim only)nnnet: 2g browsing speed is very good on opera mini. havent tried 3g. wifi is good.hotspot and usb thethering are working fine. nnhandset config is nice but issues are with its proper functioning. I dont think even the replaced model will work for a decent period. I will update after using replaced model.

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Awesome phone for Andriod starters

Pros:nnSilk smooth touchnLatest andriod versionn1.2 duelcore processorn3gnAwesome net speednSuper hotspot wifinPrice rangenncons:nCamera 1.3MPnBattery (its common in all andriod devices)nnFinal verdict:nnThose who are starting with the adriod devices for the 1st time... this is the best phone for rough and tough use...nnBest part: Internet speed.n4.5/5nnNote: if you keep searching and reading reviews on mobiles you will not get better phone at this price range.. simpley go for it.

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A nice buy for me

I bought the Lava Iris 356 as a replacement for my aging Nokia 5800. Since my budget was just 4000 rupees, I was expecting to get a plain and simple feature phone with the most basic of features. But what I got was a fully featured Smartphone with the newest version of Android to boot. There’s what I think about the various features of the phone.nnDesign and build – 4/5nnThe phone is quite petite and easily slips into the pocket without adding an awkward bulge in my pants. The 3.5 inch screen is small enough to be use by one hand easily. The volume rocker is placed on the right of the device with the power button on top. This layout further helps with the one handed ergonomics of the phone. The rear of the phone is quite simple and plain. Near the bottom left corner is the speaker grill with the Lava logo just above it. The Android logo is prominently displayed in the centre and the top of the phone is the camera module that bulges out just a little bit. nnThe build quality is also quite good for a phone in this price bracket. The body may be made of plastic, but the phone things comes together to give the phone a very solid feel. While I haven’t dropped the phone yet, it does seem that it will be able to shrug off the daily bumps and scrapes easily.nnHardware and performance – 5/5nnThe Lava Iris 356 may be a budget device but its power packed when it comes to its hardware. The phone comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 256 MB of RAM that is more than capable of powering the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. The phone has just 150 MB of internal memory, but that’s ok since it has an expandable memory card slot that allows for an expansion of up to 32 GB. The phone also has a 1.3 mp primary camera, which isn’t much but the fact that you also get a LED flash is a big deal at this price range, Another ‘big deal’ is the front facing VGA camera that you won’t find on many models at this budget. The phone also comes with 3G capabilities, Wi-Fi, Dual SIM and a 1500mAh battery as well as many other goodies.nnCamera – 3.5/5nnThe 1.3 MP fixed focus camera performs pretty decently and to can’t expect too much from it. But the addition of the flash is a real game changer. The fact that you can still take photos when the sun goes down is quite nice. In bright sunlight the camera takes admirable pictures that you can proudly show off, however, it is advisable to hold the phone quite steadily since the phone lacks auto focus abilities. nThe front facing camera is VGA camera that takes average photographs if you love taking photos of yourself and works great for video chatting. nnBattery – 3/5nnThe Lava iris 356 has a 1500 mAh battery that can last about a day with moderate usage and this time goes down if you use the phone for extensive gaming or internet surfing. It is advisable to carry a charger or a battery just in case the battery level gets too low.nnVerdict – 4/5nnAs a phone, the Lava Iris 356 may not be the ideal for anyone, but it’s the combination of hardware, software and the price that make this phone one of the best phones in this category.

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Whenever I come across this phone, I can never think anything good about it. With a total internal storage of 93.74 MB, 82.72 MB is acquired by the pre-installed apps. So what do you do with the remaining 40.96 MB? Practically, NOTHING.nnMy mother bought this phone, since she needed some basic features like calling, camera, and 1 or 2 games to kill time( which won't normally take much of memory). But the very first week of using this phone was a bad experience. The voice was not clear, the call ended the moment it accidentally got in touch with the face while talking, the display is very poor, the camera is so poor that it's better to not have a camera at all. nnI tried uninstalling some apps like YouTube. Still, it wouldn't get uninstalled. I tried to download Whatsapp. But it doesn't even have that much space to install that! nnOverall, it has been a very disappointing experience. It is better to invest a little more and buy from a well-known brand like Samsung.

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My First Smart Phone

I was under peer pressure to buy a smartphone and was losing out of the advantage that a smartphone has added to our lives so I decided to finally buy one. After days and days of research (online research, checked out phones at stores and asked people around) I finally concluded this is the best smartphone available in it's price segment and I felt vindicated after I bought the phone! Some of my friends who bought above 5k phones don't have some features that this phone has so I would strongly recommend that you go for this if you have a tight budget. A point I should highlight is that I did not install any games and use the phone only with social apps, browsing and for calling, texting and I am really satisfied with the experience. Got a screen guard, headphone and phone case as well, the phone has front & rear camera, Dual-Sim support, android jelly bean, looks good too, what more can you ask form a 4k mobile! BTW, 3G is supported and battery life is good too,nnThe only pain (real/major pain) is the low phone memory and those who will install games may find a problem because of the 256MB RAM.nnNonetheless, it is definitely the phone of the decade for under 5k mobile segment, have become a fan of LAVA mobile brand!

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