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Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus 64GB LTE
Rs 20,998
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Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus 64GB LTE
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Two Stars

I wish it would have supported volte and had Corning gorilla glass display .I think price for this tab should be around 17000.

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Everything fine about this tab

Everything fine about this tab, except that the headphone socket seems compatible with certain types of Jack's only. I have issues here. Else great tab, a bit costly though.

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A real good tab

More than adequate memory and storage. Fast processor and bright screen. Touch response is slightly slow and can't compare to ipad, but nothing to really complain about. Dual sim works as stated and is VoLTE enabled for all service providers except Reliance jio, which is sad but lenovo can't be blamed for that. Waiting for the Oreo update OTA and hope it comes soon.

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Very Good Tablet for a picky Android enthusiast!

I've only had the tablet two days but I'm familiar with Android tablets since this one is replacing a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet that died a sudden death. My tablet needs are simple and I have no need for a high performance unit.The Lenovo seems to be well built and the screen is better than I expected since the Nexus 7 had much higher resolution. The on/off button is on the side in the middle which I don't think as good as having it on top. I like the MicroSD slot which the Nexus did not have but the Nexus had 32gb of memory. The slot is needed since the Android OS takes up almost 3/4 of the memory leaving not much once apps are loaded.Everything setup very easily and I was able to download and install the apps from Google play I had on the previous tablet easily. In fact, it was much easier than I had expected. The GPS initially took almost 30 minutes to lock on to the satellites but now it locks on in less than a minute. This is a common occurrence when using GPS for the first time and also when turned on in a new location many miles away.I have a mixed reaction to this latest version of Android. Thinking back, I believe that Kit Kat may have been the best version. This Nougat version has moved things around and I find it hard to find some settings.The only area that I have a problem with is the misleading run time specification of 20 hours. I don't know how that figure was determined but doing things like checking email and looking at news on the internet will cause that 20 hour figure to drop well below 10 hours. If I was streaming a video, I would think that perhaps 6 hours would be all it could do. Perhaps if you were playing a installed game or something like that it could go over 10 hours. This is still better than the Nexus 7 so it's not a problem for me.Overall I'm very pleased with the Lenovo and it has exceeded my expectations. I don't hesitate to recommend the unit.

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Worth the money

Really good for the price it gives for a 4gb and flawless snapdragon 625 its fast as u can expect in this amount of money really would refer it to any new buyer opting for a 8inch tab. To top it off it has a 64gb memory which is pretty decent for it.minus point is the back is glossy and i dont like the glossy part.And mainly is that the external memory slot is a hybrid either it will store sim or memory card. Which is if u add a memory card then u can only put one sim card else use two sim cards without external memory.

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