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Micromax Bolt A35
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Micromax Bolt A35
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stay away D

hey guys :D dis is a serious awareness review for each and everyone out there who are thinking of buying this product ....first f all bfr investng at about 4000 bucks fr dis phn i would like to recomnd U guys to betr use our prehistoric Nokia 1100....way bettr dude ,,,at least it was good fr makng calls at least n oh yes the tourch ....I AM USING THIS PHONE FOR 1 N HALF MONTHand I had visited d servc centre twice n planning to go fr once more as d charger is not working is d list f reviews aftr using it so far ........nnd screen is only big bt good fr nthng ...ok we can't expect great ppi r amazng viewing angl at dis price bt aftr few days U will hav to force Ur brain f what use dis screen is fr :Pnn1 Ghz processor o.O dun go blown with d clock speed ...complete blunder ....phn is full f lag ....nnForget abt d Templ Run n Subway Surfer hangs several times while playing tetris n wait dere is no free games dude nt evnn tetris ,,,micromax cmplt cheater ..nnRAM ....hardly 50 mb remains free aftr severally killing all d ongoing n background apps .,,,,good fr nthng ....can't even handl a sngl app at once nnWechat doesn't run properly .,,,,Facebook never sarts neither twitter ...oh yes dey don't come pre installed n U can hardly install once at a time ...nt a sngl app will work properlynnGmail works well though bt other google apps n maps n G+ nthng works evn whn connected to wi fi nnOh n d best thing is it's wiFi ,,,,,verry poor dude ...Browser is tremendously poor perfrmr ...nncamera quality is unbelievably poor ...nnFlash Transfer nevr worksnnPhone hangs throughout d day evn while calling ...n restarts at it's wish without prior notice .....nntotally fed up wth this product n the micromax service center ...all they no good is to format Ur phn ..... phone starts troubling aftr an Hour use ... so guys bettr buy a simpl phone f Nokia will be NOKIA ASHA 501 dis price range ...4700 ...frgt about dis device n guys don't purchase a android phn undr 10000 or atleast buy one havng a decent 1GB RAM ....cos Android without havng enough RAM is f no Use ....nnOnce again don't waste Ur money on this shitty Phone ....Micromax sucks bigtime

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Games Work and Backlit Touch buttons !!!!!!

Hi Guys i recently bought the MMX A35 at a local store for 4200 INR and i got to tell you guys that i'm already loving this phone, the highlights being it's,n- 4 Inch Displayn- 1GHz Processorn- Dual SIM Supportn- Android 2.3.5n- 2 MP Cameran- Bluetoothn- WiFin- 16GB Micro SD Supportn- Flash Transfer Appn- 1500 MAh BatterynnNow again if your paying less the 5000 INR you wont get half these specs leave alone an Android device so as far as cons go i'd say the RAM could have been 512 MB,m if you guy's wanna have a look at the unboxing and review you can watch it on my channel on youtube just search "Unboxing & Review of Micromax A35" you'll get it in the top 10 videos it's 15.33 minutes long, Hope that helps .nnCheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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MICROMAX - A COMPANY WITH NO VALUE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE OR VERY POOR AFTER SALE SERVICE.nYou may be a very clear when you will be reading this post completely.I purchased a handset of MICROMAX on 21st June 2013 IMEI NO 0911312401565756 & 0911312401565764.And within 10 days of purchase the handset had a problem of screen display meaning thereby “COMPLETE WHITE SCREEN PERMANENTLY” .I was neither able to call anybody nor even see who is calling me.nI went to MICROMAX service center In Meerut (Uttar pradesh) named Shree Jee communication and submitted my handset for repair in August .I kept on pursuing the service center since august. I was told that my handset could not be repaired in Meerut in want of some parts and is being sent to corporate center in Gurgaon & will have to wait. On 10th Oct 2014 when I approached the MICROMAX service center again I was told that I would be provided with new handset in lieu of the damaged one as the set could not be repaired. I will again have to wait for few more days. The service center now provided me with new Job sheet “Number N04059409135420660”stating that its for the new handset I would get in lieu of the damaged one. All this duration I had been coordinating with the corporate Center in Gurgaon as well. My complaint Number quoted by them is MMX1810133284.In around September one of their Executive named Mr. Manish assured me of their services and said either my set would be repaired or would be replaced with a new one. Feeling helpless without any handset I even asked him if the same handset was not available I would be ready to pay the difference amount on the higher version on the same.nBut you ALL may be surprised to hear that till date today on 9th Jan 2014 since August 2013 I have neither got my handset repaired or replaced .nYou may be much more astonished to know that after waiting for so long and getting no response from MICROMAX I thought of taking support of law. Through an advocate I had sent a notice to MICROMAX and the MICROMAX service center in Meerut asking an update on my handset. Its almost a month now they have not reverted on the same.nNow after I underwent this all, I personally feel MICROMAX must have being doing the same to other customers as well. “CHEATING ALL WITH FAKE PRODUCTS AND FAKE COMMITMENTS ON SERVICES”.nThrough this post I would like to ask you all for your advices on the same and beware you not to fall into the trap of fake commitments of MICROMAX in future through their products.nYou may call me up on 09675501784 and may even listen to the entire conversations made between me & the MICROMAX service center in Meerut and Gurgaon .nMy sincere advices for you all -“DO NOT DUMP YOUR MONEY ON PRODUCTS THROUGH A COMPANY (MICROMAX) WHO DOES NOT HAVE VALUE OF CUSTOMERS & BELIEVES IN CHEATING THEM.nI hardly hope for any action from the company anymore. Find my money being been wasted but will try communicating & advising maximum people through my posts willing to purchase any product through this company

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unsatisfactory performance

i bought this phone on one my friend's recommendation. micromax as a company is highly likable for its products and policies. the high end mobile phones of them are highly recommendable and do a fine job. sadly micromax hasnt paid much attention to fine tuning of this device. they have made a complete package but have not done much to ensure its smooth running. i found following issues with my handset.n1. no gamesn2. bad resolution and coloursn3. hangs up anytime it wishesn4.restarts on its own n5. super slow- takes huge time to load applicationsn6. cannot install plenty of applications as phone memory is so low that i even had to uninstall phone updates to ensure somewhat smooth runningnnthe only good thing about this phone is that a 4" screen and the fact that it is android.nif you are trying to fulfill your unending desire of owning an android and planning not to use it much i may recommend this phone to you. :Pnnmy advice : please spare another thousand rupees and go for other android phones (at least 4.0) of the same manufacturer, if you are on a budget.nchhers! :)

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A good buy for this price...!!!

Guys, I m using this cell for almost a month now...nIf u want to use internet, youtube, whatsapp and WeChat (Only these apps), this cell is really good, considering the amount..nnIf u want to install any other apps or games, u had to delete the above mentioned apps corresponding to the size of the game or app u are going to install..nnAnd more about the internet usage, There is no 3g. 2g is OK, and Wi-Fi is Good. nnOne major problem is, it gets restarted sometime.nnCamera is really good (considering it is only 2mp).nnIf u want to open 2-3 apps simultaneously, it wont gonna make u happy... and it will make u a person with more patience. :P nSo for that, u had to kill those running applications.. nnI advice u to run only one app at a tym for smooth operation of this phone...nnIn short, its a good buy for this price...

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9 users found this review helpful helpful?