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Micromax A52
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Rs 4,389
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Micromax A52
Expected Price
₹ 4,389
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The best ANDRO you can have

The superloaded AISHA phone is a great buy. The bet thing being its high end processor which places it far beyond the other phones in the same range. Features which I found very good after using it;nCapacitive touch is a pleasure to use, smooth like buttern3g Connectivity is awesome in phone as well as when used with PCnAISHA is lovable, very good voice response and she really talks like a friendnYOU need to buy at least 8 GB card as there is a lot of stuff to use with this phonenbattery is good and depends on usage and also type of network, I used it on 3G for two days with net surfingnDo not get with your mindset that only costly things are good, micromax has proved it wrong and also we must give some respect and value to our INDIAN companies, just do not let the FOREIGN companies rule our thinking and our pocket.nIn my opinion go for it without even thinking for once and you will happily enjoy your phone and your decision to buy it.

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BESTBUY 5300 Many Pros Few Cons

This is a detailed review about the Micromax Superfone Aisha A52. I have been using this phone for the past two weeks. I got this after two days of research and having viewed almost twenty reviews and comparison videos (Gadgets Portal, Fluffy rabbit, iGyaan channels in youtube )and well Im not fooled. It is simply awesome for this price.nnDisplay : Many say that the display is very poor. Its not that bad.You cant compare SIII's amoled display with a52's display as galaxy SIII costs seven times as that of an a52. When i checked in flipkart the prices were 38k for SIII and 5.6k for a52. Irrelevant comparison.nnNext the camera : What can you expect more from a 5k phone?. The camera was not as bad as my expectations were before getting it. Even the Samsung ACE has a very long camera lag. You can’t shoot when you wish (atleast 2 secs lag). But there is less than a 0.5sec delay in this phone. It has an inbuilt panaroma. No apps needed. There is no secondary camera. (Even the ACE plus - 16K phone lacks it).nnBattery : Battery disappoints me. I had been using Micromax Q75 before. Those who used it know that the battery life of Q75 was 2 days no matter how much you used it. But when it comes to aisha , and it being an andriod with dual sim ,the battery gets drained very fast.nnVolume : The Music is not so loud. Its just like other android phones. Usually micromax mobiles are like mini loudspeakers(esp Q75. Those who have used it know about it). You cant expect such loud music from aisha as it falls under the android category.nnRAM : Dont get onfused by seeing the 150mb ram (available for running apps) in the "Manage applications" widget. As promised by Micromax this mobile has a 256 mb ram. But only 150mb of the ram can be used by the apps. The remaining 100mb is constantly used by the android os. And hence that 100mb used by the andriod os is not listed in the widget. You can see that the phone has 256 mb ram when you install apps such as task killer from google play. nYou cant expect multi tasking out of this phone as in the case of galaxy SIII. But it works fine when running a single application. Have the widget to close unwanted apps in the homescreen so that it works fine.nnFinally the Sensors : It doesnt have a proximity sensor. So it cant sense if you’re holding it near your ears. The lock button has to be used to wake it.nnThere is no need to talk about the pros as many reviews have already discussed them. I'm giving a gist of its prosnn1.1Ghz Superfast processorn2.Aishan3.Live Wallpapersn4.Preloaded Appsn5.3Gn6.Dual Simn7.Capacitive touchscreenn8.Plug in and play USB (unlike KIES in samsung)nAnd Many More.nnAnd many ask me why Im interested in Micromax. My simple answer is that this company provides the best facilities at the cheapest price. So why would you want to ignore it only because it is an Indian Company?nnSimply if you are looking at an android mobile with almost all facilities at a price of 5k Go for it. Aisha A52 the best at its range :)nnFinally the price : Flipkart gives it for 5.7k. But TheMobileStore has the bestbuy rate of 5.3K.( But dont believe its onsite price (5.25k with 8gb card. Thats a cheat)

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I have bought this fone and i'm surprid=sed to use the 1ghz processor... its very very fast.....nOverall expirience in all the fields is good as compared to other budget mobiles......nsupports huge variety of apps......nGamers and netters(users of net)will be pleased to use this handset.....nthe AISHA is working really nicely don't feel alone when i'm out of my house coz AISHA is with me always there,......nso frenzzzz go for this and try it out.....nthanxxxxxx..

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I bought this mobile through other website. Because to sale my old mobile and buy this. I never expect it has wonderful features and fastest access with this price.nnI am an mobile buyer often every 6months. in which i say nthe Internet through airtel 2G service is really good.nvery easy to switch 35 AND 2G with this mobile I have now 60applications. still it never get hang, it never keep my mobile in rest.nnCamera in daytime is really good than night since it has 2MP.nthe value of your money is never be waste i promise give 100% guarantee for that.n nthe mobile back up:ntalk time: 4hours continuously.ncan see two full film with 100% battery.nstandby battery will depend upon feature you using. so follow mobile Status once you buy.nI can see any videos through HD player application. with god clarity.nSound is awesome and so pleasant compare with any other low cost mobiles.nContacts and notifications about your mobile will help you like best friend anytime whereever you go.nnkindly get this mobile than prefer(HTC Explorer, Samsung Galaxy Y)nnDnt think dual sim mobile will make problem. still now i never face this.nnbuy this have a great man within your circle with low Investment.

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Best Phone in range of 5.8k

The new Micromax A52 has a dual-SIM slot and comes with the company's voice recognition assistant, AISHA. The device runs on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread operating system and features a 3.2-inch multi-touch screen and a 2MP camera. It has 256MB RAM. For connectivity, the A52 supports 3G, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi. The device comes pre-loaded with Google Play store and various other applications. The A52 has a 1,280 mAh battery, which is rated to deliver 5 hours of talk time and 182 hours of standby time.nSch a grt fon in range of 5.8knthis fon is,net srfng is awsm due to 1GHz processornits looks very nice with a large screen...nlots of function r there...nJust want to saynGO FOR IT FRNDs......

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