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Micromax Canvas Viva A72
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Micromax Canvas Viva A72
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ThEY sHOuld name it Canvas Shit!!

This ain't a phABlet!!nwhat r u thinking mmx?? nI liked mmx mobiles like canvas hd micromax a89 but this one??nwhat r they giving??n256 mb ram- u can get it in a 3K mobile of micromax only ex-micromax a25,a35etcnandroid 2.3.6- " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "nInternal memory - " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "n1ghz single core - " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "nPrice- 7K r they kidding me?? u can get these features in 3k-4knUsing the name of canvas ain't gonna make u sell this mobile...npls don't opt for this onenif u have budget of 7k go for Mmx a89 or Xolo A500nPls forward this Review by supporting it

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Canvas Crap

i own both A110 and A116 from MMX and this is the first time seeing a crap product from MMX.nnLook at the RAM, it is 256MB. No idea how Andriod itself will smoothly run in this phone. Forget about playing games in this as well. The only good thing about the phone is big screen and battery life. nnThe phone is quite overpriced. MMX thinks to take advantage of their Canvas name strategy to earn quick buck. I thing those who are consider other optionsnn1. MMX Ninja A89nnPros: Dual core processor, nearly 4 inch screen, 512 MB Ram, Better radio reception with triband (A72 has only dual band), Price: 6490 (flipkart)nn2. Xolo A700nnPros: Dual core, 5MP camera, 4.5 inch IPS LCD screen, HD video recording, 4GB internal, 512 MB ram, price: less than 8Knn3. Spice stellar NhancennPros: Dual core, android ICS, 8MP main cam with 1.3 MP front cam, 4 inches, 512 MB RAMnnThe above are some of the options listed. So dont buy this crap from MMX and waste your money. The phone only gives a big screen. All other specifications are poor.

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phone is meant for normal use not gaming!!

The way i see it nlarge screen - easy to usenAndroid 2.3 @1Ghz - fast phonenlow ram - not for gamingnbigger battery - longer lifenhandful of apps can be installed at any given point (whatsapp, m-indicator, led torch, etc ) - just basic necessary apps (hence not for meant gaming)nnSeems like a phone for people who want easy to use cell, have few requirements and longer battery life.nnAt this price if anyone expects a gaming phone on android 2.3 with 256Mb ram you are nuts!! get a proper gaming cell and please dont post unnecessary comments related to games for similar lower spec phones.

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Just a big screen

it just has a big screen nothing else internal memory is low also the ram is low i recommend all the guys not to buy else go foe ninja A89 or Smarty 4.0 which will give you value for your money the internal memory in both the above mentioned phones is very good which will help you play videos and apps smoothly if you want a big screen you are in a wrong budget, 10k - 16k is the perfect price range for big screen, good internal memory, nice ram and other stuff.

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Use ur brain before buying...!!

with only 110MB internal memory for apps, what applications will the users be able to install..!!nwith few apps like watsapp, facebook, 1 or 2 game (temple run) it will get exhausted.nni agree, its good phone bundled but with LACK OF INTERNAL MEMORY, its users wont able to utilize its 1GHz CUP much nor the Android Market for apps

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