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Micromax X103i
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Micromax X103i
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Many of you must be thinking abt what makes this phone's battery last so long? Well..the answer is here.nnGenerally basic phones like this one, with a very small screen, less powerful processor and ultra light operating system comes with an average battery of capacity 800 mAh (milliampere) and lasts for 2-3 days.nnWhereas, phones with heavy multicore processor and large screens upto 4 inch HD display like Android and Windows phones come with an average of 2000 mAh battery which lasts 1-2 days in normal usage conditions.nnBut this phone, Micromax X103 if you have gone through the specifications, has got a battery of 1750 mAh. Thus, its low power processor, small screen and ultra light operating system after making the ultimate utilization of the 1750 mAh battery lasts for more than 7 days.nnI'v reserched a lot before buying this phone and it was successful.nNeed a substitute/spare phone? Go for this one. No second thoughts.nnDid I forget to tell what else this phone has got at just Rs.530? Name the feature and its there! nn1. 7+ days battery lifen2. Torchn3. Dual Simn4. Bluetoothn5. Cameran6. Music Playern7. Video Playern8. Internet Browsern9. Radion10. Memory Cardn11. Might even control the NASA satalites if you are dedicated enough

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Awesome little device!

Impressed by Flipkart's service as always. Was delivered well before time. Thankyou!nnNo lets get to the phone...nnDint expect such an awesome device for just little over a thousand rupees.nOrdered this phone as I'm fed up with the battery backup on my Samsung Galaxy Devices.nOnce I got my hands on this devices, it looks and fee is much more premium than what you paid for.nAfter using it for couple days, i thought there was a software glitch as the battery indicator wouldnot move even a bit. I was expecting it to directly jump to low battery or switch-off. However it surprised me when the level dropped only by 20%!! Today is the 8th day I am using this device and the battery is still 40-50%. I do admit the fact that I donot have heavy usage, just few call per day and some music on loudspeaker. But I assume,under heavy usage it should last 2 days atleast....nnSignal reception is very good, call clarity on earpiece not as good as highend devices, stil this one does the job.nnDispaly is not as pixelated as I had expected, nice and bright.nnCamera is VGA, pretty much un-usable as clarity is poor.nnLoudspeaker volume is very loud. Sound quality is also nice.nnPhone runs pretty fast, opening and closing any application is zippy, I would say its faster than my other android device.nnKeypad has a rubbrized feel. Keys are soft and nice to use. However if you are accustomed to type sms messages at higher pace, the device may not correctly register the alphabet you input. Not a texting phone, good for few sms'es though.nInbox memory is 50 sms'es.nnHas internet connectivity throught GPRS, it's ok to use during emergencies, cant expect more from a device in low price range. Interface is plain HTML thru WAP 2.0nnOverall, I'm very imperssed by the phone, considering the price that I paid for it.nLots of other useful features like, Call blacklisting, Torch, Call recorder, etcnIf your looking for a cheap yet powerful device with extra-ordinary battery life, the Micromax X103 is for you! Never expected the brand name "Micromax" to impress me. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

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A very good Second Phone.

I am using this phone for a week now and here are the pros and cons..nnPros:n1) Extremely cheap (cost wise.)n2) Mega battery lifen3) A torchn4) Loud voice (calling Ringing)n5) Dual SIMn6) Average body qualityn7) Very sturdy dropped it from 5-6 feet and still working.nnConsn1) Crappy Camera(But this is a secondary phone)n2) No 3.5 mm standard jack. It has its own proprietary jackn3) Torch is not that brightn4) Some may feel the plastic body is not that durable.nnOverall, if you want a second phone that is just meant for calling and only CALLING this is a great phone. Sure it doesn't have all the fancy specs like a 3-5 MP camera etc etc, but it is not meant for taking pictures or do the fancy stuff. Buy a Samsung or Sony for that matter.nThe battery is 1750mAH, which greater than most of the smartphones so it is needless to say that you can go days without plugging in the charger.nIt also sports a very basic bluetooth BSS, supports a microSD of around 8GB, which is quite impressive for a phone costing 1125/-nnA quite interesting fact: The battery alone weighs more than the phone so it's really a SACHIN TENDULKAR type battery...goes on and on and on.nnABOUT FLIPKART:nvery good service as always. Got the product in 36 hrs in a bullet proof packing.(It actually took more that 10 mins and a huge knife to remove the packing.) Flipkart guys must have thought that this product has to be shipped to Pandora or a war zone.n5/5 for flipkart and WS Retail.

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Awful Waste of Money

It's a very bad phone for nn1) Calling -- Clarity is worst nn2) Messaging n ----- a) No auto completion (dictionary), need 2 min to type a messagen ----- b) Message memory is just 50nnIf I can't use this phone for talking and texting whats the point of having the long list of features ?nnAll those who gave 4-5 star for this s%*t were HIGH on something? nnPS : Why can't rating starts from -2 * ?

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DO NOT BUY at alll.........

I bot this thinking it would be same as x101 which i was using but with extra battery life(1750mAh)...nx101 is awesome phone,but x103i is really bakwas. When you get call waiting on this, microphone automatically turns off and the person whom you are talking to will not be able to listen to you.. dat means, wenever u get call waiting, your present call gets disconnected... Serious malfuntion in this model... Its software is lot different from x101... its painful software to even type a message.. i returned it back to flipkart within 1day..thanks flipkart for that... dint even wait to check batterylife, because u just cant msg or call with this msg.. no meaning in having 10days battery life when basic things are not functioning....NEVER EVER go for this..............

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