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Motorola DEFY Plus
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Motorola DEFY Plus
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get the defy, leave the plus

I haven't bought this product,but i do own the defy (without the plus)nnso what are the major differences between the defy and the defy plus ?nn1. the defy plus certainly has a bigger battery and it is slightly heavier...1700 mAh beats 1540 mAhnn2. nthe defy plus processor TI OAMP 3620nthe defy processor TI OAMP 3610nboth these processor are practically the same(check that on wiki)n3610 is an underclocked version of the same processor...nwhen defy was launched last year, motorola was probably hoping to avoid defy vs 'other high end moto phones' competition...nit was meant to be in a different price range, different segment....nnno worries, the defy can be overclocked, quite safelyni am running mine at 1.5 gHz... way better than defy nnn3. the rom ram etc are exactly identical to defy (if you dont believe, check gsm arena and other phone database websites)nn4. the operating system... some ppl might tell you to go for plus because it has 2.3 whereas defy has 2.2nwell this is not a problem anymore, the defy can be rooted(if you don't know what that is , google it) and it can run custom ROMS/OSs i.e. different android versions....n(NOTE: Rooting voids you warranty,but no worry defy can be unrooted and the stock/default rom can be reinstalled, unlike htc samsung etc)ni am running cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7) it is a custom verion of android 2.3.7 gingerbread (better than the plus's 2.3.3)nwhats even better, in a 2-3 months i will be running CM9 which is android 4.0 ice cream sandwich (android 3.x range is for tablets only)nbut the minor problem is that plus is just released, so these custom rom developers have to buy it, and work on it, and by the time you guys get the next custom android version it will be nearly a year or more... which i assure you will be much earlier than motorola's official update release...nnDEFY users : dont be afraid to go rooting,if you knew the power of a 1.5 ghz gingerbread defy, you'd not even think once...nway way faster than defy and the defy plusnn5. apart from the above the above theres absolutely no difference between the two except the 4k price diff...(oh yeah ! i got my defy in bangalore for just 14k)nnnone imp warning to both defy and the PLUS users... your phone is not all that scratch proof.... sure it can handle everyday casual rough use... but don't try testing it or showing off... its not the same did show off initially, didnt have any problems there... but 1 day i accidentally dropped it in a rocky stream of fast flowing water... luckily not fast enough, my phone wasn't swept away, landed on some rocks... knee deep murky water, search took about half an hour.... the phone survived without any damage,but i did get a few scratches on the screen...nmoral of the story: perfectly water proof, awesome shock resistance ( must have dropped it a million times apart from that once), scratch resistance way better than any other phones in any price range, but not perfect...nnnI say Go For the DEFYnIf you're too scared to play/experiment with your phone , only then go defy plus...

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Worth....peace of mind

I am of a opinion that when you buy a item of considerable amount, it should last for ever (even though practically impossible). Remember our parents used to buy television for around 17 k or 18 k and we used to use it for around 5-10 years!nnSo coming to Defy , I have peace of mind that I do not need to at all care when I am near a swimming pool clicking snaps..or in everyday life if my phone gets into the hands of my kid...infact my kid snatches it from my hand and keeps on playing angry birds...and I LEAST CARE how she handles the phone....(no need of hiding it when she's around)nnMentioning about the performance there's absolutely no issue. I found no lagging and no hanging issues...Gingerbread is great and great free apps on Android market... Camera is OK when it comes to picture quality...nnAnd now about the cost...its seems people are comparing it to NEO...well internal memory is way much more in Defy ...and further with Neo, will you be in your senses if it falls in water or careless during Indian Monsoon?nnMoreover, its all upto the person whether he/she is ready to shell out such an amount....well I did and I am not at all regretting...nIf you are in a second thought, you might still wait a little for the price to come down.....nTake care...

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Best buy at this price range !

hello friends ! I m writing this review from my defy... so there are all mixed up reviews here regarding defy well... there are actually alot of major differences between defy n defy starting with : PROCESSOR : both phones have the same core, that is Cortex a8 but defy has slightly overclocked at 1Ghz CHIPSET : defy has TI OMAP 3620 whereas defy has its predecessor 3610. ROM & INTERNAL MEMORY : defy has a separate 1 GB rom and 2GB intetnal memory whereas defy has 2GB total memory both rom and internal included. ANDROID : defy plus has stock 2.3 (gingerbread) whereas defy has stock 2.2 (froyo). BATTERY : defy plus has 1700 mAh whereas defy has 1540 mAh. so conclude, Defy assures nearly 25% overall performance boost with better battery & memory management with new Android 2.3 also better image processing & graphics rendering with faster processor ! "DEFINITELY FRIENDS, SO DONT JUST THINK OF IT.... GO GET IT "!

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Defy should not be 4K more than Defy . The 1 Ghz processor is just an overclock on the same CPU only the battery is improved

Many reviewers on YouTube have conveyed the 1 Ghz processor doesn't feel as quick as it should and the Camera being not even an average quality like the original. Apparently even the materials used have been compromised. We definitely needed a rugged phone with higher specs and the old Defy should have been continued as a low end version. An OMAP 4 CPU with a slimmer body would have won me over. Instead they have gone with an OMAP3620, which is not worth an extra 4K.

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Defy Plus over Defy!

i am not gonna praise any of these cells as no doubt defy is best in this price range. i just want to give suggestion to all those who thinking to go with Defy over Defy Plus.nDefy has OS Froyo(android 2.2), which actually hangs a lot... one can see many users screaming out on Motorola people for Update to gingerbread in their Customer Care Forum.(Google it)nAnd i don't think they'll give any update for Defy. as they have to sell defy plus as well. If they give Gingerbread update, what difference is left than?nSo think twice before going with Defy, it actually hangs a lot!

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