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Nokia 808 PureView
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Nokia 808 PureView
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Best. Cameraphone. Ever.

I'd like to set the record straight about this phone as there are some ignorant reviews (like those from Nishant Sharma, Susheel Karkada and Subhanu Bhattacharya)nnYes, we know that "Megapixel alone doesn't make great pictures". Seriously guys, we know better than this.nSo, why would Nokia put a 41MP camera in one and call it an innovation?nBecause it IS an innovation: nPureView uses a method called "oversampling" to gather information from as many as 8 pixels and combine them into 1 pixel for a resulting 5MP or 8MP picture. nThis produces an image that has almost zero noise, exceptional detail and almost as good as a DSLR. Seriously, the level of detail in the images is incredible (check out some samples on GSMArena or Nokia site)nAlso, PureView allows upto 3x lossless zoom on 1080p video - never before possible on a phone!nnSo is the best-camera phone better than a DSLR you can get for roughly the same price?nYes and No.nnNo, because of course a DSLR will be infinitely more flexible and offer more features.nBut on the other hand, Yes, because you don't carry your DSLR everywhere you go - and lots of exciting moments happen when you least expect them.nnTo be fair, it is not perfect, and these are the cons from my point of view:n1. Nokia belle is a great OS, but there is no denying that it is dated; and apps are limited.n2. Display resolution is not great and is only 190ppi (by comparison iPhone's Retina display has over 300ppi)n3. It could have been a bit slimmer.n4. 33k is far too muchnnBecause of these, I knock off one star.nnBottom line:nThis is a phone for people who just want a phone with a great camera.nIf you need dual-core or unlimited apps, go get an Android phone. If you want MS office, get Windows Phone.nBut if you want the greatest camera available on a phone, and have the money, then this is your pick!

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Best of the beast.

First of all I do agree that samsung galaxy s3 is far better than samsung galaxy s2. However, samsung galaxy s2 and nokia n8 are both best of their time. Same is with samsung galaxy s3 and 808 pureview. Both have high end features and more options. 1 is for power gaming and applications, the other is for power usage.nnDivyanshu Negi I don't want a DSLR cam. Tell me a DSLR Camera which I can use it with wifi, receive calls, messages, emails, music, gps, games, applications etc. Well now tell me the cell phone with best camera and all the features? :DnnSamsung galaxy s3 has andriod os, and andriod requires quad core cpu etc. Belle doesn't requires that high end cpu and more ram. It runs on minimum ram. I am happy with belle. It does its job for me. It is fast enough for me and I amhappy with it. I have galaxy s2 and n8 cell phone as well. I still prefer my n8 over s2. A lot of things in belle is also better then andriod. I agree with price is 32 is too much, but s3 is also 38, which is to much. For quaq core performance and better gaming. I love my computer and ps3, if I want to play portable gaming, Ill go for PS Vita. I need a cell phone with all features and the best. I am again abig fan of nokia for making this product and am proud owner of it.

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Great product!!

This is the best Cameraphone you can get. Hats off to Nokia. Considering specifications:nPros:n1) 41 MP Multi-Aspect Oversampling Sensor, best camera quality.n2) The beautiful Nokia Belle FP 1 with Dolby Surround.n3) 16 GB inbuilt Memory.n4) Nokia Belle is very well optimized for single core processors and less RAM. It doesn't need quad-core chips.nCons:n1) 184 ppi screen is not good. Symbian should support at least FWVGA resolution.n2) Design is a but bulky, might uncomfortable to some.n3) Desktop Adobe Flash support is nowhere to be seen.n4) Broadcom BCM7263 GPU is not powerful enough.nOverall, a highly recommended product for photographers, but in case you want power, consider HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S III.

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About PureView Technology

Many have taken by mistake that, 41MP camera!!! what am I going to do with that? Of course it can take images with 34(16:9) or 38(4:3) Megapixels but the real game-changer is the pureview technology which combines 8pixels into one pixel to give stunning 5MP image at 1MB of memory. It can even be set to take 8MP or 2MP images with never before seen quality on a compact camera.nnnIt doesn't stop there, have you ever wanted to zoom into your subject using any phone, of course not because the image will get grainy. But with Nokia808 you can do digital zoom without any loss to some extent, which varies depending on 5MP 0r 8MP or 2MP images. This applies to the video capture also which gives 4X lossless zoom for 1920X1080p, 8X for 1280X720 and amazing 12X lossless zoom for 640X360. You can even do slow-motion video capture at 640X360 res.nnWith all this image capturing capabilities the phone also comes with CD-quality audio capture in videos with true stereo effect.nnThe 1.3GHz processor is enough for smooth operation of the phone, for gaming and video capturing the phone has separate powerful processing units.nnThe operating system of this phone must not be considered as a barrier for buying it because there more than enough games and few important apps available, everyone who is looking for a real camera phone should buy this without hesitation.

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It's a great product by Nokia

If you are looking for a smartphone with a very good camera then this is the best choice for you. It is not only great in capturing images but also in recording CD quality sound which no other smartphone currently available can capture.nnIf you are worried about it having Symbian OS, then please be aware that Nokia will support Symbian “at least up to“ 2016. Also remember that it has Nokia Belle which is the best Symbian OS. I have been using Nokia Belle and it's really great.nnYou will never regret for buying this phone. The cost is bit high but it might come down soon.

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