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Nokia Asha 305
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Nokia Asha 305
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Good touch handset in the price tag of Rs.4580

Hi everyone!nnI would like to share my experience, thoughts or views (whatever you call it as) on this handset.nnFirstly I would like to thank FK for their excellent order to delivery service. Please be assured that you will get the product within the delivery date provided while placing the order. I have bought 3 products in FK, I have received all of them in advance. nnNow on the product:nnCertainly I bought this product after much research in our FK site,youtube,gsmarena and other gadgets sites.I would like to share few facts from my personal experience hence please do not change your buying decision based on these. It is just an additional info for you guys to help with your decision making a better and accurate one.nn1) This mobile comes with a 2GB memory card but it is placed inside the mobile. Naturally we cannot blame Flipkart as it is nowhere mentioned even in NOKIA site. Indeed i bought a Sandisk memory card but it’s of no use now. However you can use other high capacity memory cards but you can’t play games which comes preloaded in it as they are stored in the memory card which is provided by NOKIA. Decision is yours....n2) We all buy this product knowing that it has resistive tuch screen and hence i am not sure why some users brood on it. Though it is resistive, it is good & I am sure u will get used to it as u use it. Please note that the price tag is 4580 and this is the best what u can get on this budget.n3) This is for Wats app users (like me). This handset does not support the currently available wats app application but when i googled i came across an article saying that there will be a version soon available in Ovi store for this set. Having said that, you still can chat via Yahoo,gmail, if you are not an Wats app dependent, you don’t have to worry. Personally i am disappointed on this because it bought this assuming that it supports wats app. n4) No data cable comes with this handset. Just for info..n5) Messages are stored as a conversation view and not the traditional inbox mode. Also there are few changes (new) in the general applications & you will enjoy it.n6) Internet connectivity is good. I am using Vodafone. It may depend on ur service provider and the signal strength. Hence we can’t blame the handset.n7) Looks are really good. I have bought RED. It looks flashy, manly and does not look like a 4500rs phone… Looks RICH.n8) Camera quality is good.n9) You have data counter (separately for each sim) and hence you can track the internet usage if you have a limited connection. Even SMS, MMS counts can also be tracked. n10) You get 7 games preloaded (Casino,memorize,golf tour,maze,music guess, picture puzzle,solitaire). An interesting fact is that you can use your own captured pictures to play a game called “picture puzzle”. It is funny sometimes...:)n11) Composing message on QWERTY mode very easy than in the standard keypad mode. nLet us realize that all these come just for Rs.4580. For mediocre users who need a touch phone with GPRS, music player, few games, dual –SIM, reliable brand (NOKIA) this is the phone for you.nIf anybody has any queries, please let me know. Also feel free to correct my review if am wrong anywhere.nThanks.

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Good Phone

1st - Its a dual sim stand by phone not dual active onen2nd - Touch Response is really good n3rd - Good UIn4th - Music is loud and clear + when i was tapping i just tapped like capacitive phone and it responded well.n5TH - Camera is not that good , Ok .nn4 star only due to less internal memory = 10mb nnOverall A Good Phone

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You get what you pay

I bought it from flipkart from my friends account. Flipkart service is awesome. This phone's tagline should be the New Radicals song "You Get What You Give" ;PnnPros:nLooksnBuild qualityn3.5 mm headfone jacknnOK OKntouch is fluid but not as good as the androids. Trying to touch the small icons feels like king kong trying to touch Naomi Watts!!nOSnnConsnLoudspeaker. There is every chance that you may never notice that the alarm is ringing. Music in loudspeaker is very shrill.nCameranHeadphone output not good enoughnnAll in all a good buy.

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Very Good Phone.

Great value for money- Nokia Asha 305.nPhone looks very good, build quality is good and curvy design.nThe phone has resistive touch screen, but believe it or not it works like almost capcitive, I mean smooth touch!!!nnComes with 40 free EA games and all the app and game icons can be accessed from the menu itself!It has no menu inside a menu.nnIt has innovative swipe interface.nnYou need to swipe from the edge of the screen you can goto 3 screens!n1.App screennn2.Dialer screen(This can be changes to music or radio also).nn3.Shortcut screen, where you can add all your favourite apps,nyou can also add contacts for fast access. You can customise like this by long holding on any of these three screens!nnThe operating system is S40, it is very smooth unlike all other Nokia phones.nnYou get even a dropdown bar, you need to swipe again from top edge of the screen to pull this dropdown menu, you can access music player, call, sms, mobile data on/off, bluetooth on/off, silent on/off.nnIt also has dual sim with dual standby for convenience.nnOverall Nokia has come with innovative price worthy phone!

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Good buy for Nokia

A great mobile by Nokia.. Dual Sim + Touch Screen + 32GB expandable + under Rs5000... Great mobile. Only thing I don't like is it has LCD screen & Resistive Touch.. However, those who want to enjoy dual sim touch screen mobile can buy this one without any doubt. Nokia is back friends.. Just wait & watch.

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