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Nokia Lumia 1520
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Nokia Lumia 1520
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The best windows phone experience so far My 4th Windows Phone device

Note: This is my first ever review so kindly bare with my language.nnThe Lumia 1520 is my 4th windows phone device. Samsung Focus -> Lumia 800 -> Lumia 920 and now the awesome Lumia 1520.nnFirst of all guys please stop cribbing about windows phone app collection. It has all the necessary apps and more are being added on a daily basis. Yes WP still has some catching up to do but it is getting there fast.nnFor those who feel Windows Phone Operating System is not matured, If you feel so then you have not used a windows phone in person, you are those people who just watch few YouTube videos or so called reviews. The OS is silky smooth and everything is though out well, everything is simple and elegant. nnThe live tiles are beautiful and yes you tend to get bored of the limited collection of accent colours but this will change soon with the newly announced Windows Phone 8.1 update which provides option to toggle between extra columns of tiles and default tile layout. n Also you have an option of setting any image as home screen live tiles background wallpaper which has parallax effect.nnWindows Phone 8.1 is bringing tons of features which are par with android OS.nnNow about the device itself:nn1. The build quality is stunning; I prefer the matt finish polycarbonate to the glossy finish which was the case with my previous Lumia 920.nn2. Phone is very sleek, though on paper its weight may scare you but in person its not that bad. You will get used it to soon as the weight is uniformly distributed.nn3. The size of the phone will really scare you at first, I have above average sized hands so its manageable but many people may find it quite difficult to handle this phone due to its massive footprint.nn4. I am totally in love with this 6” 1080 x 1920 IPS LCD display. It’s great for media consumption the viewing angle is amazing, sun light readability is the best out there; colours look punchy yet not being overly saturated like AMOLED displays. You do get to play with colour saturation and contrast in display settings as per your taste.nn5. The best part of this phone is its massive 3400 mAh battery coupled with the latest low energy consumption Qualcomm snapdragon 800 chipset. You can easily get through a day of heavy usage. (Refer for the battery rating: It’s the top phone in the list)nn6. The hardware is par with the latest high-end android devices.nn7. Super sensitive touch, inbuilt wireless charging capable, SD card support up to 64 GB (128 GB with WP 8.1 update)nn8. The top feature: The 20 MP Carl Zeiss optics with physical optical image stabilization is one of the best you can find in the market (Yes excluding Nokia's own Lumia 1020 which is in a separate league of its own). This device takes some stunning stills and captures amazing videos.n Nokia Camera app is one of the best out there which is simple easy to use with many manual controls which are only found on Professional DSLRs. n If you have little knowledge re ISO, Shutter speed, exposure you can take some stunning looking shots. I just can’t stop loving this phone's camera and clicking pictures every now and then and I am sure anybody would feel the same with this amazing camera which will only get better with NOKIA's upcoming CYAN firmware update which will be bundled with WP8.1.nn8. Gaming: This device has scored the highest gaming benchmark score compared with any existing devices including Samsung S5 with Qualcomm snapdragon 801 chipset which basically has same adreno 330 GPU as of Qualcomm snapdragon 800 chipset.n The existing games on Windows Phone store are yet to be optimized to take full advantage of this powerful chipset and GPU on Lumia 1520, I am sure developers have already started working on it as more and more Windows Phone devices with quad core chipset are being released Ex: Lumia Icon , Lumia 930 , Samsung ATIV etc.nn9. It has built in free MS Office and Office 365 which really handy/useful especially on this 6" display.nn10. It also comes with whole lot of fun and useful NOKIA applications unlike Samsung gimmicky features.n :Nokia - Cinemagraph, Story teller, Glam me, Mix radio with unlimited legal music downloads for a year, Play to, Refocus etc...nnI can write pages about Windows Phone and my great experience with it, but if did put down everything I am sure nobody would read. So in short...nnI highly recommend this phone if you can manage the size which is really not a problem after using it for 2 weeks now. Once you get used to this beautiful 6" display you wouldn't like to go back, to a smaller screen devices. (I have a yellow Lumia 1520 which I had bought 2 weeks back; this phone is for my friend).nnI hope that I have conveyed my experience and opinions re the device.nnThank You for reading.

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Smiles all around,

I changed a Lumia 920 for this, so the interface was really familiar. As to the phone, I can't say enough about how good it is. Build quality feels dense (like much more solidly built than the 920, which though sturdy felt as if it was hollow. This feels like there's not a millimetre of space inside).nnThe phone, in reviews and photographs, does not look so big. In hand, it's huge and feels more like a tablet and less like a phone. For me that was a plus, as it's a secondary device which I use for media consumption. For others, maybe half an inch smaller and it'd be perfect. Having said that, I have no complaints.nnProcessor is zippy, calls are clear, memory is huge, camera is better than the competition, screen's great and battery has to be experienced to be believed. Did I leave anything out?nnOK, the fanboyism done with, here's the negative aspect. I woke up and found the screen with a hair line crack in it. This was my two day old phone. It was not a result of physical damage, as those cracks would smash/ spider the screen. This was a fine straight crack. In my opinion, this was just poor QC on the part of Nokia. If the glass has micro fractures in it during manufacturing, it can lead to spontaneous cracks over time. This was the first time it ever happened to me, and on searching the web, I found similar complaints, especially with Samsung devices. I hope Nokia is not heading down the Samsung road.nnThat done with, Props to Flipkart for a no hassle, speedy return and refund. And for that, even though the phone failed. it was a great experience, and has made me more appreciative of Flipkart. The phone and the merchant's behaviour. I'll definitely get another 1520 and hope it was a one off freak incident.

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Brilliance !!! Period.

Nokia has now struck big!!!! Guess the inferiority complex of the hardware disaster that windows phone was suffering from during the last few years is finally over.Nokia built a phablet for the first time not be in the competition but just to CONQUER it.And it has a fair chance of doing so. Let's go for a detailed review.nPROS:n1)6" FULL HD DISPLAY with Nokia Clear Black Technology.This results into better contrast ratio and hence better legibility in daily usage as well as in sunlight.n2)Snapdragon-800@2.2 GHZ. Extremely fast and latest processor is used.Windows OS does not require high usage of the processors and thus the applications run like a breeze.n3)20 MegaPixel Camera with PureView and Optical Image Stabilization. The camera is simply great. Low light photography is awesome with this camera. The PureView Camera helps in loss-less zooming of already taken images. Optical Image Stabilization helps in taking images on the go without the image getting blurred.It is also boasts of dual capture.n4)Nokia StoryTeller app- This is a software optimization.If network connection is available during the clicking of a photograph, the location of the place from where the photo is taken is also saved.Later this information in merged in a way so as to implement a story of different photos with their locations. This is a great way to show friends and family all the images that has been captured.n5)Large battery capacity of 3400 mAh. Enough to last for quite a long time. Official specifications indicate a stand-by time of 768 hours and extensive music playback of 124 hours.n6)32GB inbuilt memory with expandable storage upto 64 GB. A large internal storage is much helpful.Furthermore expandable storage of 64GB adds like a huge Mountain.Additional SkyDrive storage of 7GB makes a total storage available of 103GB. Unlike the iPhone ,the cost of this phone is significantly lower. Rest in OBLIVION APPLE iPhone.n7)Choice of colors. Four colors are available . Red,Yellow ,White and Black each for a variety of people ranging from the youthful teens to the eldest gods.n8)Addition of an extra column in the home screen.With the latest GDR3 update, there can be more tiles added in the home screen and hence a lot of shortcuts to different applications can be set in.nnnCONS:nWell there is a very few CONS about this phone.n1)Non-removable battery.Well it helps people to reset the phone in case of lags and hangs when there is a removable battery. Though this phone is not synonymous with this crappy behavior, it just helps to be extra sure when one knows there is way to recover the freezes.It also helps when your into an adventure in Africa where the power socket is available miles away. (Just for the sake of imagination :D).n2)Lack of apps in Windows Store. Well this may actually be a big drawback as far as the productivity of the Operating System is concerned .But the basic apps and games are available.n3)No-one hand operation mode enabled and such optimizations are not available.This can be a troublesome factor considering the sheer size of the phone. Still it is not as uncomfortable as one may presume it to be.n4)No stylus-Well this is a debatable part.One may prefer the use of the stylus and all the other geeky features that the Galaxy Note 3 has. But only few people use all these features and hence may not trouble people much.n5)No native FILE MANAGER. This can be quite disgusting.nnTHUS I CAN MELODRAMATICALLY CONCLUDE THAT THIS IS "THE PHONE".ITS A SPECTACULAR PHONE WITH PRETTY AWESOME SPECIFICATIONS.WINDOW'S PHONE IS ON THE RISE AND SLOWLY BUT SURELY THE NUMBER OF APPS IN THE MARKET ARE RISING. IT IS PERFECTLY PRICED. PRICED BELOW THE GALAXY NOTE 3 AND THE EXTRAVAGANTLY PRICED HTC ONE MAX. ONE WILL DEFINITELY NOT REGRET BUYING THIS BEAUTY OF A DEVICE.IN A LINE ITS MARVELOUS AND IS READY TO WIN THE COMPETITION OF THE RISING PHABLET MARKET.DEFINITELY A MUST BUY!!! CHEERS !!!

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Just Amazing Device

I purchased yesterday from my local dealer.nIt's just amazing. Blazing fast, amazing screen. Touch is as good as iPhone. Till now I did not see the touch quality in any devices as good as iPhone. This device is on par with iPhone in touch responsiveness. I am current user of Samsung note and am glad that I switched my loyality. Androids devices slow down with each updates and you can't upgrade each year. My Samsung note was taking few seconds to open after recent update.nCamera the less said is better. I can put in 1 word " it's mind blowing " it's best camera phone in the market. nThe feel when you hold the device in hands is extremely good. It feels like well, built sturdy device.nOnly issue is it looks little bigger for who have not used bigger smartphones.nHope this device will make nokia to attain top position again as in past. nOnline prices are quite high. Don't know the reasons. I purchased as exchange offer with my Samsung note with my local dealer for 43,000. He gave 11,000 my Samsung note. nnDr. Sarat.c.v.talluri

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Lumia 1520 WP 8.1 Awesomeness!!

This is my second windows phone after the 800. Being a Nokia fan, I was one of the early adopters of Nokia's WP lineup. I couldn't change to the new crop of WP8 devices 'coz every device before 1520 had a glaring omission, somethings that denied them of true flagship status of Nokia. After all, this is THE company that gave us power & flexibility of tinkering our smartphones to our tastes. Any past owners of the N series flagships of yesteryear may understand the sentiments - installing apps from various sources, powerful file manager, customizations, form factors, expandable storages, awesome multimedia experience, great, no, amazing cameras on smartphones etc....nnThe 1520 is one device which brings back those reminiscences. Its big, brash & beautiful. And after updating it to WP 8.1 Developers Preview (with Cortana enabled by changing the region to US), it is definitely one of the coolest device around.nnGone are the days when I had to 'justify' buying a Lumia, with 8.1 up & running, my phone is kinda center of attraction...everyone loves the screen, the transparent live tiles with beautiful start screen background catch anyone's fancy, the UI, the animations, the navigation are all smooth & nippy!nnAnd the best part is, with 8.1 now here, it's no more a case of "All Show & No Go"! Cortana is working beautifully, despite being limited to US only, she responds to my commands correctly, notification center is awesome, IE is super fast and the list goes on.nnAnd the entire experience comes beautifully to life on the vibrant 6" screen of my 1520. It has cannibalized my need for a dedicated e book reader like kobo or kindle, the screen estate takes care of my reading habits. Camera is second to only 1020 in smartphones, its something that fill you with pride when your friends ogle at the photos you took on 1520 and despise their phones for not being so good. Its a beautiful device that finally lives the first Lumia campaign of "Amazing Everyday".nnTo sum it up, when an object can inspire emotions in you and the people around, its worth every bit of desiring. The 1520 is one such object! :)nnPS: I still miss the file manager though!

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