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Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 32GB
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Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 32GB
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Over confident Samsung

1. Price Samsung achieved top position in mobile world due to best hardware at aggressive pricing but HTC ONE-X is quad core too clocked at 1.5 GHz and available at lesser price. 2. Resolution Resolution of 720 x 1280 Pixels is very promising and produces a realistic display quality with high contrast and sharp looking images. 3. Screen According to a consumer survey 4 inch screens are most appropriate for single hand use whereas screens like 5.3 of Note and 4.8 of S3 have reduced the mobility comfort in mobiles. People end up using both hands to operate such large screens. Not to mention the increased risk of screen cracking due to inevitable rough usage. Otherwise AMOLED screen quality is phenomenal. 4. Battery Battery (2100 mAH) is quite impressive and works beyond expectations on heavy duty of such large screen and quad core processor. 5. Build Quality People might like rounded corners and plastic finish but personally I feel the cheap looking plastic design is toy like and doesn't gives a premium look. Its a matter of individual taste. 6. Camera Camera is 8mp same as that of Galaxy S2 with improved interface and color sharpness. courtesy- Android v4 ICS. Front camera is also provided. 7. Graphics Graphics have not been improved, same old Mali-400MP as that of Galaxy S2. But Quad core makes its own contributions. 8. Other Features However Samsung has always amazed its customers by setting new benchmarks in mobile world. Android Ice-cream sandwich is icing on the cake. S view and S stay though new features but are little unreal in the fast world where we cant wait and press for long, speak to mike, wait for system response and then affirm. Phew ! A bit lengthy process, I would rather touch the app icon. 9. Final words and logical predictions. S3 is so far best in hardware but all its expensive features are not much usable in market like India for example their is hardly any app that can use all the four quads of its processor. But yes this is a future proof handset at overpriced tag. Prices are bound to fall in coming months because: 1. Festival season is coming 2. Indian Rupee is weakest at the moment 3. Hype of Galaxy s3 has inflated its initial price Its passionate to buy this phone but not wise.

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Why did I finally go for HTC One X?

I had liked Galaxy S2, and was looking for a replacement . I borrowed each one for three days from my retailer, and finally chose HTC One X. My impressions were: a. Display- Both are impressive. Though, I liked Samsung Super Amoled display for vivid colors, but in direct sunlight HTC one was better. b. Battery: Both were ok for my kind of usage, mostly in an office environment. Though HTC gets a little hot, and battery is also not user replaceable. c. Storage: Samsung is 16GB, but you can add another 64GB. HTC has no such option, though has 32GB. Both come with 1GB RAM. For me 32GB on-board space was enough, as I was quite happy with 16GB on my S2. d. Camera: Both were awesome for my limited needs. e. Price: HTC One X was 4k less, though it has 16GB more space. f. Brand: I was disappointed with Samsung's treatment of its Indian customers. India is always last to receive any updates. In fact, India was one of of the last countries to receive ICS update on S2, almost two and half months after they released in Korea and several European countries. Both are impressive phones. For me S3 negatives were Price and Samsung's update policy for India (5/7), while for OneX minus is non-user-replaceable battery (6/7).

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Samsung Galaxy S3 an unforgettable experience

Its been a week I bought this phone, and trust me guys, this is a beast!!!nThe first thing you will notice about this phone is, well,its size. Its huge to say the least, and phones shouldn't really get any bigger than this. Personally I feel the size is big for a phone, and is simply risky for one handed use. On the other hand, the larger screen estate does help when browsing the internet, or watching a video, etc.nMany people have been complaining about the build quality of this phone, saying its cheap plastic n all. While it doesn’t look as premium as other flagships, but its not that bad either. You will be fooled if you judge the phone's appearance by the pictures; in hand, it really looks and feels much better and sturdy. Also, its polycarbonate, the same material used on the HTC One X, so you can comfortably forget about the bad comments on quality of materials.nThe display is one of the the best displays right now in the market, period. Super AMOLEDs are known for their rich colors and deep blacks, and trust me, you have to see it to believe it if you haven’t already. The blacks are impenetrable, and colors pop out to the eyes. You can tweak display settings if you like more natural looking colors. Finally, those who are worried about the pentile nature of the display, don't be. At pixel density of 306 ppi, you won't even notice the graininess in day to day use that was prevalent on galaxy S, unless you see from very close range.nThe ICS 4.0.4 UI is skinned by Samsung Touchwiz Nature UX. This is nothing like what touchwiz used to be couple of years back, and really brings a fresh feel to user experience, not very visually appealing as HTC Sense, but not bad either. The software runs on Exynos quad core processor, that coupled with a MALI 400 GPU and 1 GB of RAM, this phone literally eats most other phones for breakfast. I haven't seen any android device this smooth, the UI literally flies with your touch, and apps launch in a flash; it just refuses to give up, its insanely fast! All of this is powered by a 2100 mAh battery, which is a removable one too. It easily lasts a day and a half with moderate to heavy usage, and the longevity is certain to increase after a couple of charge/discharge cycles.nStorage option is plenty, as this phone comes with 16 GB onboard. If you crave for more, it supports microSD card slots of upto 64 GB capacity, so storage shouldn’t be a problem for most.nThe default video player, as usual, has very rich codec support. I have experienced some issues with .mkv format, and really hope this to be fixed soon with an update. The other popular formats, divx/xvid,mp4, flv, all played without any issues. 1080p videos played smoothly without any hiccups. This phone really is one capable video player OOTB.nSamsung has incorporated the touchwiz music player, with new, polished look. The player supports all popular formats, and the phone really excels in the audio department, with a top notch audio output. Buy a pair of good headphones and you are good to go.nCamera has the same pixel count as its predecessor, the S2 (8 MP), but Samsung have improved on the sensors for better pics, which is a smart move. For all who are talking about the absence of a 12 MP unit, unless you are planning to print billboard size photos, its really not necessary. Image quality depends on the sensors. The zero shutter lag feature works as expected. The camera has a couple of useful shot modes (burst shot, panorama, etc), which are handy, but I found that not all of them uses the flash, like the burst shot mode, so forget it if you are planning to make a burst shot in low light conditions. The front camera is a 1.9 MP module, and is pretty decent as well.nThe camera is capable of recording 1080p videos is mp4 format, and you can actually capture 8 MP stills while recording the video simultaneously, which is a nice feature. I won't comment much on this since I haven't shot videos yet, but the online reviews have been positive about the video recorder. The front module is capable of shooting videos in 720p.nA couple of negatives that I have come across:-n1) Some of the features I feel are more of marketing gimmicks, like The Smart stay feature only works in a well-lit environment, and that too, the operation is not guaranteed (I personally was annoyed about this feature, and Samsung itself warns about the same).n2) Surprisingly, Samsung has removed/disabled the ICS feature of drag-n-drop one app shortcut on another to create a folder, so you have to go the old-fashioned Gingerbread way of creation of folders.n3) You cannot move installed applications to memory card.nIf you consider the overall experience, there are not many phones in market right now which can dare to stand toe-to-toe with this beast. Its not perfect, but its far from being bad either. If you have the pocket and do not want to go for anything else but the best, you cannot go wrong with this phone. Highly recommended!!!

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for those who shouting about price

I used all this phone so this is not from any forum or review based no 1) iphone 4s price -42k and above battery backup 7hr and itune sucks no expanding memory 2) HTC one x price -34k and less battery backup hardly 9-10 hr camera is great but still not ready for ics ( and yellow screen problem still not revolve ) 3) Google nexus yet not available in India but guys beware from this crap (again battery problem and ui also not that great ) 4) samsung galaxy note price 31k and below great great great battery life .just like charge and forget for couple of day before galaxy s3 I used it and amazing phone but too much attention catcher phone because of size mind it friends if size not matter for you then note is best phone now samsung s3 battery backup 14-16hr heavy use ( Vodafone offers free plan for 2month ) far ahead from iphone and android phones iphone 4s ( 42k) HTC one ( 36k ) s3 ( 37500)

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The Android beast...with Guds & bads

Helo Al,nTo begin wid,Flipkart has become a reputed & trustworthy shoping website for indian customers wid its quality,afordable price & amazing Delivery(I got my phone in just 32hrs after i placed the order).Thumbs up for loving it ;)nLet me straight forward start wid my review of dis cell wich iam using since 1.5 months.nnPros:n> A briliant 4.8 inch Super HD Amoled screen.Watching HD movies wid 7.1 surround sound is awsome.nn> The Camera is a decent 8MP camera wid auto focus wich clicks gr8 snaps.The features like best shot,Burst mode come into handy at times.nn> The Quad core processor is mor than enough for the current ICS OS & to handle the apps,HD Videos & games available in Google play.U can truely see the power of its CPU by going to the Video Player & selecting the Thumbnail view.All my 150 videos vl b playing in small thumbnail view simultaneously.nn> 2180 mah batery is suficient to handle dis quad core bast wid decent backup of 1.5 days.I hv played 3 movies on a single charge.nn> NFC+WiFiDirect=Sbeam is much much faster than normal NFC.nn> I travel a lot & most of the time i completely rely on GPS.The GPS+GLONASS+Offline Gmaps are like a blessing for me.Widin 1-2 seconds the cell vl lock the satelite.Awesome!!nn> Svoice is a pure time pass when u r alone & want to hv some fun.nn> Pop-up play feature is helpful wen u r doing multitasking.nn> Most of the people use to complain about its looks & design but dis is not true.Dis is is a great eye catcher.Many times at hotels & in my office,whenever i take dis White bauty out of my pocket,many people came to me & asked me about it & dis is the moment wen u feel dat the money u spent on buying dis is worth.nnCons:n> The Svoice,most of the times can't understand the Indian english.It vl either giv wrong results or else it vl say "I can't get dat".Sometimes it feels anoying.But the jelly bean update is going to release soon wich has Google Now wich is fast,accurate & gives full competition to Siri.nn> The Smart stay feature is one of the companies main feature but it seems to b useless.To make it work properly,u need to b in a Very well lit environment wer ur face can b easily detected by the front camera.nn> The Quad core chipset wid 1GB RAM sometimes seems to b not enough as when u open 3 applications at a time the UI seems to b lagging,the games sometimes automaticaly get closed or crashing problem & very often the Phone vl automatically boot up.nn> The enormous screen & size are bit uncomfortable to handle in one hand & due to its thin & super slim smooth profile the chances r more dat it can fall from ur hands.nn> The Camera is not good in Low light.nn> Despite having Wolfson DAC audio chip in GS3,the sound is very low if u keep it on bed or in pockets.nn> The Gorila Glass 2 on GS3 is not at all reliable.So plz go for a screen guard ASAP.nn> U can't send big SMS(s).Dis is a common problem in Android OS nnPROBLEMS:nI kept dis column separate as dis is the area of concern & is a worldwide GS3 Problem & Samsng has acknowledged these problems & working on the fixes.nn> Message icon notification problem-nStep1: Send a new SMS to ur own number & return immediately to Home screen.nStep2: The moment u get the msg,u vl see a message notification "1" on the messaging icon shortcut on the homescreen.nStep3: Click on the message shortcut,read the msg & return to Homescreen.nStep4: U saw the problem?? Even if u read dat message,the message shortcut vl still b showing the 1 new msg notification.nStep5: Me & lot of other customers have complained dis to Samsng & they acknowledged dis problem & told they vl fix it in next updates.nNote: If u restart ur mobile OR Delete the shortcut & replace it back again OR clear the free Ram from task manager,den dis issue is fixed. BUT the next time when u get a new msg again,dis problem again comes. :Dnn> More RAM Consumption- GS3 has 1GB ram,out of wich nearly 300 MB is used by OS & user is left wid 738 MB for his needs.Out of dis 738 MB,the RAM Consumption vl b around 630-670MB(Normal usage wid no apps installed).So for running HD games & doing multitasking u vl b left wid 120-130MB free ram.nn> Frequent hanging problems while opening/closing apps,making phone calls,messaging & automatic restarting:nDis is a major problem.The phone used to hang many times & lead me to reboot it.In addition to dat sometimes it vl reboot automatically in my pocket.Dis auto rebooting problem is there in all Galaxy Series.nn> 4th Problem: Smart stay is a headache.It vl shut the screen off in every 6-10 secs.nnDis is my experience wid my GS3.Despite all Problems,i would stil recomend people to buy dis as all the Cons & Problems r acknowledged by Samsng & dey promised to fix dis in next future updates.Moreover Jelly bean is coming in few months,So i think all the problems vl b fixed.nnEnjoy wid ur Galaxy in hands.

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