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Sony Xperia Tablet Z 16GB
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Rs 33,000
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Sony Xperia Tablet Z 16GB
Out of Stock
₹ 33,000
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A great product, but worst Flipkart experience

The features are astonishing. World's first tablet to support IrDA. And so, universal remote app is made exclusively for utilising the infrared connectivity. Further, 1.5 GHz quad core processor, 2GB RAM and built-in storage of 16GB with expandable up to 64GB with microSD card makes it a powerful competitor for iPad.nnWaterproof and dustproof (military standards) with scratch resistant screen is an additional feature that even iPads doesn't have.nnPowered by Android v4.1 Jelly Bean, this tablet is a great entertainment device also.nnConnectivity supported includes 3G, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi (a/b/g/n), NFC, IrDA and MHL.nnApart from this, SMS and MMS are also supported.nnCost is a bit high, but is very cheap compared iPad with same/similar configuration.nnMore information on specifications can be found here:n unfortunately, it's a worst experience in purchasing through Flipkart. I made the payment on Sunday and the expected delivery is next week Tuesday (10 days). There is no meaning in "In Stock. Delivered in 2-3 business days". The people here don't bother about the issue as well.

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Leaves the Ipad far behind

I don't have to go into the specs, its all listed on this page, so its a user experience feedback.nFirst the Bad n1.As said by another reviewer the power cable is short!! would be very difficult to use while charging.n2. as usual, sony never brings in accessories from the start, am sure we will have to wait a few months for those to land.n3. Camera does suck!! but then other than skype, why would I need it??nnNow the Goodn1. Its everything the ad's promise and a bit more... you are actually holding it in your hands.n2. There are some saying it heated up in use, this is not an issue for me, played GTA vice city with display settings to the max and it purred along fine with no heating or game play issues.n3. Compared to the Tablet S, the speakers are LOUD... !!!n4. when used without the cover you can actually feel how light it is!!, very comfortable to use to read an eBook in bed.n5. The Display is just awesome!! HD movies and games play just fine with nice rich colors.nnThe rest is normal Jelly bean fare, would certainly recommend for people looking for a new tablet! Finally us Android fans can boost of a tablet that is equal parts beauty and beast!!

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- The tablet is absolutely feature-rich both in terms of hardware and software. nn- It's waterproof. nn- It supports 3G/4G data and text messaging (just like most 3g dongles) but for calls you'll have to use Viber/Skype or similar. nn- Supports class 10 microsdhc ultra cards and pen drives through OTG adapter. nn- The display is sharp and vivid. nn- Moreover, I got a leather case and a 16GB memory card bundled with it. nn- I ran most benchmark tests available and this was the android tablet that came on top. There were mobile phones with better benchmark scores but no tablets. nn- IR Remote app covers almost every TV model available in India. You can develop a custom remote too.nn- If you like the tablet, go for it. nnCons:n- Still camera performance is not as good as advertised. No flash.n- Wifi performance is a bit sluggish. Hopefully this should get fixed in the coming 4.2 update.n- Charger cable is short.

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Sony At its Best

I ordered this tablet within one week of its launch just seeing the reviews online and its specs. Compared it with latest Ipad and found almost every spec to be superior. Trusted the Sony brand and ordered it via Flipkart, without even going to the store to get a feel of it. And I was taken aback when I took it out. First impression: - Brilliant design - Super Thin - Good to hold After putting it on: - Outstanding Display - Great Touch Screen Now that I have used it for over a month, I do not regret buying this awesome piece of machinery. Battery is good. Speed is awesome. Watching videos is a pleasure. Sound output is good too. Camera is decent. Being water proof helps me use it even outdoors in the monsoon. All my friends just keep admiring its design, display and thinness. I have also configured all my electronics in my house using its "remote app" and use my tab to control them :-) Its brilliant Do not go by reviews quoting it overpriced. Its totally worth it if you compare it with any tablet in this price range (not many I guess!!) It comes with a decent looking cover, an already put scratch card and a 16GB of external memory chip. Just go for it!!

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Sony Xperia Z Tablet

The Tablet works very fine. All the features are better than the Apple iPad. Camera can be better still. Except it the Tablet is very good. The online Price offered by Flipkart is worth the features the Sony Tablet has. The HD resolution is very attractive. Power consumption is very moderate. When fully charged, it goes for hours together at least for more than seven to eight hours. Android games are fully functional and can be placed with much ease. News dailies regional i.e., Tamil and English could be browsed and read without any fuss. In fact, one can go in for news dailies online in Sony Xperia Z Tablet instead of buying the news papers. To that extent it will save your money on news dailies. The micro sim card slot allows you to insert the sim card through you can browse on the internet when you are on travel. Wifi connection is very good. Bluetooth works fine. You can easily connect the Sony Bluetooth headsets like MW1 and the Pro and enjoy the audio. The leather cover supplied free of cost with the tablet is very good and protective. To hold the tablet with grip is not a problem at all. In any angle, the screen display has no distortion at all. Audio from the in built speakers is very good. The FM Radio is very attractive. Especially when you are travelling without browsing the tablet, you can enjoy the radio music. To connect with other desktops and laptops, it requires no effort. In all it is a very good experience to have to the Sony Xperia Z Tablet and a perfect gift to the spouse and children. My experience with Flipkart is about One year and it is very nice and hassle free to buy products online through Flipkart. So far I have not faced any problem with the Flipkart and the phone/email support with regard to buying the product is very good. The grievances, if any, are attended to buy the Support Team promptly and redressed from time to time.

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