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Sony Xperia Z3
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Sony Xperia Z3
Out of Stock
₹ 21,990
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Its Better to Buy from Sony Store at 18 EMI's free of Cost at Same Price.

I went to the Sony Showroom and Checked out the Z3.. Its far far Better than Z2 in terms of Loudspeaker, Video Quality, Picture Quality , the Body Make and the Style.nnI would strongly recommend to buy from the Sony Exclusive Store or Sony Smart Lounge as they are giving on 18 EMI's with no extra charges, no processing fees plus 5% Cash Back on HDFC Credit Card so the total cost of phone comes to Rs.47,500/-nnIf you buy here at 18 EMI's with HDFC Credit Card you have to shell out total of Rs.56,136/- when you click on EMI option.. Then why the hell should you spend Rs.8,636 ..nnAnd WS Retail is the only authorized Seller for SONY, no other retailers bill would be validated by SONY if something happens...

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Sony xperia Z3

Price of Z3 quite steep when compared to S5,G3,Z2 and one M8. But what to do? I have to blame COPPER colour. Copper colour is the culprit here! Yes that colour attracted me very much and i bought copper coloured handset. It looks gorgeous in hands.nDISPLAY: despite of having same screen size and resolution than that of Z2, there in nothing much to talk about. But i can say that display is too good.According to me, Quad HD display is simply waste and power consuming for mobile, but this has Full HD which more than enough! Outdoor visibility is too good.nDESIGN: typical Sony's design. It is having Aluminium frame around phone. And the built quality is very good.nCAMERA: the most important part, camera! Sony claims that tbe Z3's camcorder is best among waterproof smartphone. And it turns out to be quite real. Photos taken during day time is having lot amount of details and it turns out bad during low light shots. But i can manage with it. However we can't expect DSLR like quality here. Front camera is OK OK, good for Skype.nBATTERY: this turns out very impressive factor of this phone. I'm getting battery backup for 3 days with medium usage. Even with heavy usage it will last for minimum for 1.5 days.nAt last i want to say that, its just a minor upgrade from Z2, you can buy this phone if you want to experience the best of Sony. And yes, Indian Z3 version has 4G/LTE support which Z2 doesn't have. It also supports Indian LTE , TDD LTE BAND 40.nYou can also consider LG G3,Z2,S5 which is available for less price. If you want small screen size with same power house and camera of Z3, you have Z3 Compact also.nThank you!

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Z3 not waterproof nor a perfect water resistant phone.

Please do not buy Xperia Z3 thinkin it as waterproof. It’s not waterproof. In my experience its not even water resistant. Even sony isn’t sure what it is. nnThe website claims it to be "Waterproof" under the condition that nn"all ports and attached covers are firmly closed; you can’t take the phone deeper than 1.5 m of water and for longer than 30 minutes; and the water should be fresh water"nnBut the authorized service center guys and the customer care claim it to be "Water resistent" and refrain from even using the word "waterproof".nnI had purchased an Xperia Z3 on jan 2015. On June 25th, I was travelling back from my office. It started raining heavily. The phone was in my pocket and I didn’t bother to keep it in my bag as it was said to be “Waterproof under 1 meter water for 30 minute, if all the ports are closed properly). I made sure that the ports are closed.After reaching home in about 15 - 20 mins, I found out that it was not working. nn I went to the sony service on sat (June 27th) and they said that the phone was water damaged and they do not entertain such cases under warranty. They started telling me that I will have to get it repaired outside of warranty for a nominal charge of Rs. 30,000 (when the phone cost is only 40K). I explained them that I followed all the instuctions (Such as closing all the port's cover and making sure that the phone is not under 1 meter of water) under which you guerentee the phone to be waterproof. Now the cover won’t open itself when it is inside my pocket and unless its flodding,which was not the case, the phone wont be under 1 meter just by rain water. For this they said that an electronic product can never be waterproof, “It is just a marketing gimmick”. They kept showing me a litmus paper benath the ports which has turned red as water has entered the phone. I tried explaining them that I understand that water has entered the device but my question is how?nnIf water has entered the phone despite all the coveres being closed, then the only possible reason could be that the port's cover are loose in fitting which is a manufacturing flaw, or a faulty design. Whatever it is, I am not responsible for it. If this device can’t even sustain rain water while inside pocket, how can it be waterproof or even water resistant for that matter.nnnI had no luck at the service center, so I called up the customer care, who surprisingly are very rude, and they asked me to write a mail to the sony service head at Hyderabad. I did that on 30th June. Didn’t receive any reply from them. So I again sent the mail, this time to a different address. I got a prompt reply from their executives within 48 hours. They had asked me to bring my phone to the service centre for check up. All the service centre did was take some snaps of the phone and checked the covers and pronounce them to be intact. After 15 days, I get a reply from sony saying me “we cannot cover your product under warranty as it has been water damaged and water has entered the device”. Which brings the entire episode to chapter 1.nnnThe thing that they explained me after 18 days of examination, I knew it the very hour. It preety simple that if a phone is damaged, after getting exposed to water, then water has entered inside it. The big question is HOW?? nnnMy question to sony was how did it get damaged,nnDid I break the device somehow so that the water leaked in (My fault)nnDid the ports open up on itself because of a physical damage (My fault)nnIf no physical damage is there and the port opens up on itself (Designer fault)nnIf everything is fine and still water enters the device (Sony’s manufacturing defect)nnnI never dropped my phone under 1m of water for 30 mins while purchasing the phone (I should have done that) because if it were a manufacturing defect then we would have known it at that instant.nnnnI would also like to ask sony what is the IP rating of this device, because in all the mail communications that I have received you guys have mentioned it as IP 55/58, whereas in your website I can see it as IP 65/68. So Is “Waterproof” actually a marketing gimmick?

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Amazing phone at a reasonable price

DesignnFirst of all,the design of the phone is better than predecessors.It's thinner,lighter and has more curves so it fits in the hand better.The aluminium sides are now curved too and have a much better look than before.It's also has a bit smaller bezels so it makes one handed use easier.It has the highest IP rating (IP 68 and 65) on a mobile device and can go upto 1.5 m deep for 30 mins.nnInternal SpecsnPeople are complaining that sony should have implemented a Snapdragon 805 and Quad HD display,but they don't know anything so don't listen to them because Snapdragon 801 is an overkill with a 1080p display and gives it a true 2 day battery life with mobile data on and 60% brightness.Have you seen a snapdragon 805 with a 1080p display on any 5.0-5.2 inch phone?.When apple releases iphone 6 with dual core processor and a 750p display,people don't complain about the low specs and low resolution.nnIt has the best camera on a flagship device with 20.7 mp sensor and 4k recording and a decent 2.2 mp front camera.It also has Noise cancellation capabilities build into the iphone and has DSEE HX sound upscaling which increases quality of the low bit rate songsnIt can play FLAC and High Res audio and has dual stereo speakers which can go upto 85db easily.nThe complain in this department would be that audio output volume is not very loud,its bearable but not as loud as the HTC one m8.but this can be fixed by rooting the phone and changing the values.nIt has a good android skin (Sony Skin) and does not lag at all.It also looks good and is much faster than samsung touchwiz.But there is a lot of bloatware like sony music etc.nbut they can be deletednnIts a very good phone with no major complaints and has a reasonable pricenWhen Iphone 6 is price at 60000,people have no complaints because they think that they are being sold a very good quality product.The iphone 6 only takes 80$ to manufacturenabout 5000-6000 rupees and it is price at 60000 almost 10 times the price.nGuys please buy the phone which you feel is good and not on the basis of what people think is good.

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It's better than I phone 6

Hi just wanted to shed some light in case you are confused or not sure whether to buy z3 or notnI have done a lot of online research and have found out that z3 a better device than I phone 6.nnI agree apple always produce quality phone but if you take a look at iPhone 6's specifications then you will see it is not up to the mark and lags behind some of the high end phone.nnBiggest plus point of xperia z3 is it's battery backup. It has one of the best battery backup.nn So guys if you are planning to but z3 then go ahead, it's is one of the best phone out there in the market.

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