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Sony Xperia Z5 Dual
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Sony Xperia Z5 Dual
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beast of camera phones

My favourites while selection were iphones 6s, galaxy s6 edge, g4, one m9 plus.n nPros:n1) Camera: z5's 23mp produces 100% pure natural colours in daytime. Its photo quality in auto mode is the best for daytime photos. Its wide lens produces very accurate images of objects even 35-40 metres away, as it got lossless image processing tech. I was bit worried the small flash won’t help even a bit for night photography. But Z5 produces marvellous images even in too low light (even in 20% of lighting). I compared my friends 6s, s6 with z5, and both can’t even match to 50% of this phones quality. This phone is the most best for wildlife photography. Took this phone for my friend’s wedding, and a highly reputed photographer from Bangalore who was doing the wedding coverage was amazed at z5’s camera quality after he clicked some pictures. Its 4k recording is beast. Did 10mins of 4k recording with phone getting light warm (not hot). Get some image samples from internet and verify yourself. 10/10n2) Build: Very Premium build. Never compare z5’s build with others. The phone gets warm on heavy usage, because of its tight packaging. It cools off immediately as it got heat pipes and thermal paste applied over processor. 10/10n3) Battery: The phone was discharging very fast after 1st charge. Lasted only one day (may be due to firmware update). On 2nd charge, watched movie for 2.5 hours, listened to music for 4 hours, browsed for around 2 hrs, took around 9-10 snaps with flash and had a talk time of almost 45 mins, But phone had discharged to only 47 %. Battery lasts easily a day even on heavy usage. On slightly above normal usage it lasts 1.5 -2 days. 10/10n4) Colour: I bought graphite black. In image it seems to be dull coloured. But in real, black is awesome. Even gold is awesome. n5) Sound: Phone got dual speaker both at the top and bottom (front of phone). The sound is very crisp and bass effect is good. Due to the speakers, the phone size is bigger.10/10n6) Display: The display is too crisp compared to other phones of same size. And colours are natural (10/10).n7) Performance: Since my first usage, none of the apps ever hanged. Played all high end games, but after playing for around 20mins, the phone gets warm to hot. But it cools down quickly once app is exited. Don’t go with benchmarking as this is a 3gb model. 9/10nnCons:n1) Only while updating phone for the first time, it heats up a lot.n2) Phone gets warm (not hot) on heavy usage.n3) Pricy but not too pricy when taken its feature into consideration. If govt reduces tax the phone might cost less.

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My seven days with this phone

Following are my observations/views:n1 Dual sim ( dual sim option is rare in High end phones in India) ( i bought because of this)n2 Premium lookn3 Heats up (it is made airtight for waterproofing) Software updates may improve heating issuesn4 Ringer is not so high. ( in traffic we may miss ringtones) Not an issuen5 Battery lasts for one day only even with 2G network ( may be improved by updates)n6 At software level features are not large as compared to Samsung phones of same leveln7 23 MP camera. (It has G Lens) It is not as great. 16 MP cameras from other phones may have good result over this.n8 It has dual sterio speakers ( top and bottom)n9 Sound quality is good.n10 Finger sensor works great. (at present we can not use app lock that uses finger sensor in this phone) However Android 6 (Marshmallow) will have finger sensor in OS. So third party application will be available n I will update my new experiences soonnnSecond Update:nI have been using Xperia Z5 Dual for the last 9 months:nn1. Marshmallow has opened its finger sensor to many third party applications. ( I am using Lockdown Pro for apps lock)n2. Battery lasts longer now. n3. Ringer loudness is sufficient.n4. Camera quality is also increased.n5 Heating issue is not much.nnAs as whole phone is worth to buy ( price also slashed). It looks quite premium in hand. nI dont like four corners of the phone. These are of polycarbonate. The edges of corners from the back of the phone has given off their golden color.

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Superb service from sony

I wanted this phone so badly. But my dad won't give any phone more than 20k so I byed Xperia c4 8 month's back. My c4 running perfectily fine but one day form some reason touch pad is not responsing so I give it to sony service center for repearing, after 1 week i get back to service center take my phone back. And when go there and what I see they replaced my c4 with z5. At first I think they are fooling me but it's true it's not dream. But I asked why they gave me 40k phone. Sony can also give me new c4. But they told me that sony stopped making c4 and they don't have any more spare parts left for c4 so they replaced it with z5. Now my biggest dream comes true. I bet theres no phone which can beat sony's display and camera if u compared it side by side, performance buttery smooth. After marshmallow update there's no heating issue, battery easily last for 2 days with normal usage. RIGHT NOW I AM FEELING VERY VERY VERY VERY LUCKY Person. Thanks sony for this amazing and lovely service

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Little expensive but an amazing phone

First of all amazing service by Flipkat :)nFor the phonen1. The moment you hold the phone its real royal. n2. One of the best in market configurationn3. Camera very good, Flash could have been better (still using pulse LED)n4. Touch very good, Display quality exquisite.n5. Finger print sensor , very accurate.n6. No heating issue till notn7. Yeah little expensive, but if you can by a 32 gb Apple phone with 8 mp camera and non expendable memory, I would rather prefer thing phone. I know Iphone is fast, but I am not sure it is notable. 3 gb of ram can run lot of stuff before you feel the slowness

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very expensive

Now a days companies like Sony, Apple & HTC have good and long lasting phone models. But the race is not for the end user, it’s for the user who can afford the company's manufacturing end products. Companies are thinking on the wrong side of the drum. They feel high end phones will inspire 100 people, but they don’t know, people who are inspired, can afford the phone by 1%, so overall the mishap of expensive phones is only 1% sale. Rest is the hype created by marketing without actual user survey.

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