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Xiaomi Mi Pad
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Xiaomi Mi Pad
Out of Stock
₹ 12,999
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Very good tablet at the price range.

I have been using this for over a month now. And overall my experience with Mi pad is positive. Yes, its true that many inbuilt apps and few features available on mobile version of MIUI OS are missing here but still the OS is sleek and very functional. But its android and you always have access to plethora of apps which should deal with almost anything you need on a tablet. nnLets start with Positives:nn1. This has a superb display. And easily beats most of the displays in market, (Also mind brightness is still not very impressive but i can say good for indoor usage) n2. OS is beautiful and Functional !! (MIUI is good, it contains very intuitive design and functionalities) n3. Battery backup is the best i have seen on any tablet so far (believe me, its better than even ipad, i charge it once in 2 days on moderate usage) n4. Design and build quality is top notch (reminds me of good old nokia days ;)n(China doesnot make inferior quality products anymore, I believe this has the second best build quality after ipad) n5. Wifi connectivity is very prompt and throughput is impressive on my n-band wifi router. n6. Very good performance in gaming. (mind it gets heated up on very high end games like republique etc) n7. One of the factors most reviews dont mention is sound quality. Built in speakers are decent, But when you plug in headphones, This tablet produces amazing sound quality (I use flac songs). And definitely it has edge over samsung tablets. nnnNow jumping onto Hurdles\Cons: n1. There is no SIM facility. So, no Mobile calls or Internet through 3g is possible. (but note that using mobile data might have brought down this pad's amazing battery performance) .n2. It gets heated up exactly near camera side where processor is there when playing heavy graphic games (but that does not mean graphics are not good, Mi pad allows you to play all high end games without any trace of lag). Whle paying games like candy crush etc, it shows no heating issues. n3. This tablet box does not include any earphone so u might have to buy one if you don't have good pair yet.nnSummarizing, If you really need Mobile internet connectivity then you might be disappointed (note that you can always share internet via wifi-hotspot from any decent android phone you have). leaaving just that, This is by far the best all round performance Tablet in the market, And you will be blown away by its display, touch and Battery back up. So be confident and go ahead with this tablet, it will impress you. And at the given price its a steal !!! ;). nnCaution: Please don't go with Asus or Samsung tablets, if you are ok with wifi conectivity alone, MI Pad is leaps and bounds better than them and way cheaper too. PLEASE GIVE A LIKE if you find my review helpful.

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THE BEST but after tinkering

Xiaomi Mi Pad has the best hardware for price.Coming from a Nexus 7 2013 32GB (see my review there too!) and HTC One M8 I had my benchmarks set high for this.The processor,GPU,display,speakers and overall build are much beyond this price range.But I personally didn't like MIUI much, though your opinion may vary.nProsn1.Great hardware insiden2.Superb Display and Touchn3.Decent buildn4.Appropriate size(at least from my pov)n5.PRICING!(No competitor comes close)n6.MicroSD(I hate 8/16gb devices without cards, they are just too constrained!) n7.Great speakers(even vs HTC One M8) , they outclass Nexus 7 2013n8.Decent camerasnConsn1.Slippery(get a case!)n2.MIUI drains lot of RAMn3.Slightly hefty(Heavier by 30gm than iPad mini Retina) nnThe display is simply gorgeous! I compared it side by side with my friend's iPad mini retina and found that Mi Pad equals if not betters the iPad mini retina display. The viewing angles, color reproduction and resolution(ditto as Retina!) are much better than what you expect from a budget device. n4:3 display of this has same aspect ratio(aka squariness!)as iPads or old CRT TVs.It's great for browsing, reading eBooks & PDF(college needs),and viewing slideshows. This is the FIRST android device that I found to be FULLY capable of browsing desktop sites. nFor movie buffs this or even any iPad ain't the solution,4:3 is odd for that.16:10 tablets like Nexus 7 2013 or larger one's make more sense. But I'm a reading,browsing and gaming guy , so that won't bother much. nNow, in gaming it is simply a beast! It blows my HTC One M8 and Nexus 2013(now dead) out of water.I tried GTA Vice City at max graphics and wow! No lag no drop frames ..that's unbeatable. All thanks to desktop grade keplar graphics. nI applied tempered glass on it(lesson from broken Nexus 7 2013) and the capacitive keys were rendered useless.To enable On Screen buttons, I tried rooting MIUI but failed even after using developer ROM and 2-3 different techniques given on MIUI site ,XDA and others. So I got Cyanogen Mod 11 ROM for it and that resolved all my worries. It runs amazingly well now, in fact better than Nexus or One M8. nTo sum it up, do the following if you want maximum utility of Mi Pad(* for pro users)n*get CM11(ALL apps are now directly intallable via playstore)nMicrosoft office(3 separate apps)nGoogle KeepnGoogle Keyboardn*Ideal Theme X(if you are on Cyanogen) nThanks for going through! Hit like if I helped you nnEDIT;nMy friend bought this after cancelling his order for iPad mini retina when he compared this side by side the retina mini! Saving 10-12k is more sensible than getting an Apple logo on back!My tablet is holding up really well after all these days and is still a beast.Everything loads up really fast!

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Xiaomi MiPad The Perfect Indian Tablet

While everyone has posted about the usual things you look out for in a review, vis-a-vis the display, ram, performance of apps, etc., I have a slightly different approach: nnEdit1: I just found out about this...n0a. When you connect your tablet to the PC, you can choose to "Use the computer's internet connection". So, even if you dont have wifi, but your PC is connected via ethernet, you can use the computer's wifi...nn0b. The MI PC Suite is very good. It has all the requisite features.nnEnd of edit... Read on...nn1. I am using iPod Touch everyday and so am a big user of ios. Transitioning from it to MIUI couldn't have been smoother. The UI looks exactly like ios and it is the interface I am used to. nn2. One major qualm or disadvantage for me is that I have not been able to remove the widget screen completely (I can hear all you android fans screaming at me). Even after i remove all widgets, I still have a blank screen there. nn3. Yes, some apps are showing as incompatible but in reality they are NOT. Just download the apk and it will run smooth as butter. Whatsapp, viber, all of them work. n4. Some of you may hate the MIUI launcher. You can download the google now launcher from the play store directly. But caution: it doesn't work directly. There is a small trick to it. A simple google search on "installing google now launcher on MiPad" will give you the instructions. May I also suggest the "Nokia Z Launcher" - it is wonderful - get apk as it is not downloadable from play store. nn5. OTG support is included (Yay!!) - While pen drive support was assumed, I find that I am now also able to connect my external hard disk! So, in reality, the maximum storage of this device is 12.5 GB usable + 128 GB + 2 TB!! nn6. I am biased towards the 4:3 aspect ratio. It just feels right when holding in your hand. Browsing content could not be more enjoyable! Watching movies - a small black strip is not going to take away your movie experience. Reading books/comics/magazines could not be better nn7. The display - I am sure others have mentioned about the display, but this is something without which the review would be incomplete. Forget all technical details about colour saturation, etc... The only thing you need to know is it's resolution is 2048*1536... Forget the PPI... This means that you cannot see even a single pixel on your screen!!! It is a gorgeous display with wide viewing angles. nn8. Heating up - It does heat up slightly after INTENSIVE usage only. But here is the icing on the cake: it heats up only on the top half of the device. If you hold it straight in portrait mode, your hands will be in the bottom half and hence you wont even get discomforted by the heat!! nn9. There is an option to disable the "home", "back" buttons in the notification toggles, so that when using the device in landscape mode, you don't have to hold the edges carefully, you can hold it any way you like and won't accidentally press home while reading a book or watching a movie! nn10. Dual microphone - suppresses noise - works very well especially while video chatting. nnOther good tablets in the market under 15 K with all the features as this: nNone nnFlipkart one day delivery was prompt - so thank you flipkart! nnI still like MIUI and think it is sufficient. All apps work - if not from play store, get apk. nnThe fact that a tablet with better specs than the ipad mini 3 costs less than half of it is something that you should note and it will be the bottom line of this review.

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Pathetic service and useless tablet

I am a kind of guy who is very much into android and knows android n their produtcs in and out. The performance is pathetic. Tablet hangs while playing HD games like contract killer and fifa 14.(Need to restart helplessly).nnIts only good for viewing videos. The while aspect ratio in the tab is worse and brightness is pathetic. Has huge heating issues if accessing facebook app connected on wifi. I recommend ppl not to buy thru flipkart. I lodged a complaint regarding my problem and a flipkart representative calls me n talks to me rudely and adamantly. he disconnects the call and doesn't bother to call me back. later on when i call back the customer care and complain regarding the issue they assured me to call back by 21-Apr by 1pm. then I receive a msg it will be solved by 4.30pm. Havent got even a single call since 48hours. I will be posting the same thing on all the social media sites and a mail will be forwarded to all the news channels including Sachin and Binny. Let people know what pathetic service flipkart has. I will sure forward the complaint to consumer court and demand for a refund and compensation as i have gone thru all these hassle since the day i have purchased this S#!TTY device.

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No replacement

I requested for replacement on may 5th and Flipkart agree for the replacement for the product and pick up has been completed. But till yet now I didnt get my replacement from Flipkart. Very pathetic customer service.

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