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Apple iPhone 4s 16GB
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Apple iPhone 4s 16GB
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IOS 8 on iphone 4sWarning

Today i installed IOS on my iphone 4s 8GB.The ios8 is nothing but a failure from apple.No UI changes nothing.Only if u want crappy apps like health(though i never bothered about it) and 3rd party keyboards..swype etc than one can go for it.Honestly there is not a single feature in ios8 that will make it worthy os.nnAfter installing ios8 u r only left with 4.9 gb of storage..That is very much disappointing :(( nnBattery life on ios8 is pathetic!!!!!!nnWhen i was on ios 7.1.2 is use to give me a backup of around 13-14 hours of normal usage..but after i installed ios8 it drastically reduced to only 4-5 hours..What a mess!. I regret my upgrade from ios7.1.2 to ios8.

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Very Very Bad

hello friend ..flipkart delivery is on data but i am very very new box packing iphone 4s 8gb not apple factery packing handset both side some fingerprint and hear spekar rases ..i don't undestand what i do now .i am 100% sure used phone sale flipkart .............Choice is your

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Good compact phone

Always wanted to buy iphone 4s; because of its great looking glass back...pun intended.nNever liked TV like mobile phones with big screens.nWas using HTC One X. Though it was a good phone; but i found it difficult to carry in my pocket.nAnd like all androids; it became a liability after 8 months, with frequent hang ups and battery issues.nWanted a compact; reliable and good looking phone.nTicked all the right boxes for me; so went for it.nBeen using it now for more than 8 months and i have nothing to complain.nFaced some microphone issues during the second month; but was quickly rectified by Apple Service centre.nAnd this is one thing which makes me satisfy the most; their after sales.n(I have had to go to the service centre before once to replace my dad's iphone 5 whose warranty was ending in a week's time; he had some issue with the power button; no questions asked; it was replaced within 2-3 days.)nI have iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s ipad and ipad air at home.nThough i envy my wife's iphone 5s for its superthin and lightweight design; but i love the compactness of my phone.nBattery life is good; screen is vibrant with very rich feel to it.nWorks smoothly; and yes switching from android! was very smooth and less painful than switching from one android to another. Would have liked it to be a bit lighter; but I am not complaining.nI think its the best phone for this screen size.nDon,t know why people are switching over to bigger phones; It defeats the purpose of being a mobile phone.nI remember the good old days when Moto Razr was a charm!!.nThough i know people like me are few.nBut those days will be back I am Sure; where smaller and sleeker was the rage.nBottomline.... Best phone for this screen size til date.

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THE iPhone

'Some' Features ( There is a lot more which you can experience on your own )nn-Smoothest User Interfacen-Amazing Displayn-Excellent Brightness (Set the brightness to 'Auto' )n-Very Good overall performance ( incomparable with any other brand )n-DSLR quality Camera ( I'm into photography and own DSLR with additional lenses )n-Fantastic graphicsn-Internet works like a charm ( even in 2G )n-Clean MultitaskingnnI was using iphone 4 in 2011 and then lost the phone. Afterwards i started using other ( Android, Symbian and windows ) phones in almost all top brands. What i've learnt in these years and after using nearly 7 phones from June 2011 till Aug 2014 is that nothing will ever come close to the "Performance" or "Feel" or "Looks" of an iPhone.nnThe worst of all is that i bought 2GB RAM/multi core phone recently and within a week of using it i realised that all these numbers are only there to attract Tech Bugs like us to buy them. Honestly there is not much difference between them whether it is single, Dual, Quad or Octa or even a million cores as long as they are not co-ordinating with the Apps. nnThere is a perfect Harmony between the App and the Hardware . That is the "secret" of Lag free performance of an iPhone.nnMy cousin is using an iPhone 4 and another using iPhone 3Gs. They are still working flawless and smooth !!!nnnNow the complaints about iPhones.n( I did so much research to find the following details and they are all available online, feel free to google them and you can find them [including Apple's official site] )nn- Limited Apps - Yes, they are because every App is Optimized for iPhone, so apple does not allow any Apps that bothers the performance or smoothness of the iPhone. Most of the Apps we need are all there.nn- Battery Drain - Yes, on 3G it drains battery faster. This is common to all models of iPhone, that is because the receivers are very powerful in iPhone which gives us the good signal and reception all the time.nSolution: Turn off 3G whenever you not using it. This battery drain does not happen with Wifi, so the sooner you enter a wifi spot don't forget to turn off 3G. I've noticed that even when in wifi and there is a small drop in connection it automatically switches to 3G even for a few seconds. So the sooner you are in Wifi spot "Turn Off" mobile data.nn- Heating - Yes, It does get heated up. This happens due to Apple's Smoothness thriving device ( iPhone ). To provide smoothness all the time the Hardware keeps working always at it's best that generates heat.nSolution: During charge keep a small object below and keep the phone on a slope where it allows some Air flow underneath the phone. Do the same even when at home or office while charging and other times as well. When there is Air flow underneath the phone it does not heat up.nn- Limited Storage - Well that is one's own choice and usage. To me 8GB is more than enough because i do not keep things my phone and keeps transferring things to system.nSolution : Atleast once in a week check the apps and games that you don't use and remove them. Spend time to organise the music folder and move the songs that you don't listen to. So it is totally up to us when it comes to memory. 5 GB of space is usable in a 8GB model. nn- Apple sells an Old model for a higher price when i can buy Hexa core phone with 4gb RAM android phone for the same price - Please compare the Hexacore/ multi GB RAM phone with an iPhone "3Gs" and share us your 'honest' opinion. I'm saying this only after doing the above and my mutli core phone is sleeping in my cupboard after one week's usage.nnPlease take your iPhone to the Apple store nearer to you no matter what the problem is. They will fix or replace with a new one depending upon the fault and as per the warranty terms.nnI can keep going on and on but want to stop here with a few final things.niPhone is your phone,n- If you want a Smooth Performing, Perfect PDA, Music player, Game Device, DSLR Camera and which is also a Phone.nnPeople who are interested in photography this is the best phone and also please download the following App. ( one of the reviewer was asking for a camera solution )n- Camera+ ( not camera plus but camera+ with the + symbol ). It will turn your iphone camera into something that is stunningly amazing camera. It costs INR.120.nniPhone photography and the bestness of iPhone camera is a whole Big topic. Please google them to find more because it is way too huge information.nnAt last about our Dear Flipkart.nFlipkart is my Home Shopping site and 99.9% of the time i shop only on Flipkart.nDo not have any doubts to purchase from Flipkart. It is the BEST.nThanks to Flipkart and Team for your ever Fastest and delivery of 'Genuine' products.nn( Friends all the above is my own experience and i am not favouring or disfavouring any brand. I'm just an ordinary consumer who like to receive what i pay for.)nnHappy Shopping :-)

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Everything Is OK but when i check online warranty its showinhg me 10.5 months warranty left..

i got faulty product.. very bad .. showing 10.5 months warranty when i bought 27july.. Hope what Flipkart Does?? Never Expect like this.. i m a regular customer of flipkart..

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