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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
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Rs 64,890
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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
Out of Stock
₹ 64,890
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Fastest iphone with super cool jet black color

Got my hands on jet black i7 plus. Got the delivery on 7th by 9.00pm. Great commitment. This is the fastest iphone with a great camera. Jet black is the color to get.

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Beast of a phone in gorgeous package!!

There is a common saying about good things coming in small packages. However, Flipkart ensured that this beast of a phone reached me in a gorgeous package. To be honest, the outer black covering provided by Flipkart was similar to or exceeded apples packaging. Coming to the delivery, the clock struck 19:00 and I got an SMS about the phone being out for delivery and exactly 20 minutes later, I had the phone in my hand!!! Exquisite packaging, quickest delivery (received the first phone in the northern part of my city) and the best smartphone. What a complete package!! Thank you Flipkart!!!

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<3 Flipkart

Awesome !!! Never felt this happy while collecting delivery !! + I got free Cadbury !

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Android to iPhone 7 good call

Having been an android user for the last 4 years, the switch to an apple phone was a very emotive decision. I was waiting for Google's Pixel XL, or the GPxl for short, for a while. So, what tipped the scale in the iPhone 7+'s favour was capacity, price and timing. Given that GPxl was not on preorder and the fact that I am a storage junkie, a 256Gb phone was an attraction. Yes, I am aware that Google photos is available with unlimited storage et al. I also read that GPxl was being priced as a premium product closer to Apple's iPhones, so I decided to take a leap of faith. Sorry, google!! Anyways, here's my first impressions. Solid build quality. The camera sticks out a bit but I am not fussed. The phone is almost featherlight relative to the nexus 6 I used immediately prior. However, when you stick a stigen gunmetal cover onto it, the weight almost balances out. And I recommend you do. No point buying a phone close to a 100,000 rupees cost and not cover/protect it at 2% odd. Think of it as insurance through life of phone. Very fast processor (I do plan on buying the google pixel as well to test the new snapdragon processor but that's for later) - the i10 processors works like a charm. I have close to 80+ apps loaded and several running in the background. No phone overheating issues and neither is the response/speed sluggish in any manner. From what I have seen, the battery is very good. It's now 4 hours since a full charge and I am down to 90% despite some more than average usage. Not sure if this will hold but early impressions are promising. Call quality is excellent. I spoke to my wife (same city), mother (another city) and friend (another country) all the time switching between speaker and headset. No break in quality so yes, a big thumbs up for that. Haven't tested the camera yet so no comment. As a little crib, Navigation takes some getting used to if you've been a stock android user. It's the simple things for example, the ability to correct a misspelt word by just clicking against that word at the wrong spot and being able to rectify it. Immensely useful. The iPhone doesn't have it. A few other niggles like volume buttons on the other side etc but they are more design than functional. Got to move with the change folks. Being android biased (my last apple iPhone was the 3), I would give this phone a 4-4.3/5 (it will possibly get better as I use it more). If you are switching from an android phone , I'd recommend this hugely if you can afford it. If you are an iPhone addicted user (like my wife, she has the 6 currently), I'd still say yes because of the better processor and storage options. She's getting the 7/128Gb for herself (up from the base level 6 with 16Gb). So, ya. Makes sense. Hope this is useful. Best Sumanth

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Best Smartphone in the Market period.

Design This is the best looking iPhone yet in my mind. First off the antenna lines on the rear of the phone are moved more to the top and bottom of the phone and blend in more than they did on the iPhone 6/6S. Even better, if you have the black or jet black versions, they dont really show up at all. Overall, it looks similar to the 6/6S, but feels like the final, evolved version of the design. The size feels great and overall, it is just a beautiful phone. Camera The rear camera is stronger than ever on the iPhone 7. It has an improved 12MP camera that takes excellent pictures. The regular version of the iPhone finally has OIS (optical image stabilization) just like its big brothers, the Plus series. The pictures it takes are clear, capture a great amount of light, and due to the OIS, rarely come out blurry. The camera loads lightning fast and is overall just a spectacular camera. The front camera also took another bump up to 7MP. The combination of the improved resolution, consistent retina flash (front flash), and speed are excellent on the front camera. I still wish it had a wider field of vision, but other than that, I have no complaints about the front camera. Display The Retina display is the same as it has been since the iPhone 4. 326 pixels per inch is a good looking display. It certainly does not compete with some other phones and their higher resolution screens, but for now, the screen still gets the job done. I would like to see them improve this in the next installment, but it is still a pleasing screen to view at 4.7 inches. The brightness is outstanding and it also drops very low too, which is a benefit if you are trying to read something in a dark room. According to Apple the brightness is better than ever, but I have not noticed any discernible difference in that area. Audio The audio is excellent. It finally has stereo speakers where sound comes out the bottom right speaker grill and the top speaker on the front of the screen. Having stereo speakers, along with a front facing one makes such a difference when listening to music or watching a video. It sounds great and just makes the listening experience so much more enjoyable. This is certainly one of the biggest improvement areas over last year. Also, in terms of the big headphone jack controversy, it does actually come with a lightning to 3.5mm converter, so you can still use headphones with it. Battery Battery life has improved over the 6S and SE. On daily use, I have gotten a couple more hours of use per day. I would still welcome faster charging options, but this is a nice step up from previous generations. It has increased to 1,960 mAh battery which makes a difference. Functionality This is the pinnacle of the IOS software experience. The 2GB of RAM, the A10 processor, and the implementation of IOS 10 is great. Everything runs well and quickly. Also, the fact that the storage sizes have all doubled to 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB is fantastic, as 16GB is a very antiquated notion. Expandable storage would be welcome, but due to how IOS is more locked down and for monetary reasons, I understand why that wont most likely be a feature in the near future.

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