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Asus Zenfone 5 (8GB, 1.6GHz)
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Rs 8,499
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Asus Zenfone 5 (8GB, 1.6GHz)
Out of Stock
₹ 8,499
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A THOROUGH REVIEW after extensive usage for 2 days

I READ A NO. OF REVIEWS BEFORE BUYING, FOUND NONE OF THEM BEING PERSPECTIVE BUILDING AND DEEP....BOUGHT THE FONE AS A CALCULATED RISK AND FOUND THAT THE FONE DELIVERS TO MY NEEDS.... HERE IS THE COMPLETE REVIEW (ALSO COMPARED WITH YUREKA) nn1. battery: drains fast...needs charging everyday unless on standby...standby with wifi on is battery prudent...u see the battery cycle improving. ALMOST SIMILAR TO YUREKA WHICH HAS SLIGHTLY BIGGER BATTERY, BUT A QUADCORE PROCESSOR AND 5.5" DISPLAY... nn2. sound: sufficently loud, contrary to wat i read before buying. might not be as loud as others, still serves the purpose of ringtones and watching videos with adequate detail. could be better. sound over headfones s really good. using JBL J56BT and Goji Headfones. YUREKA AND AZ5 HAVE SAME OUTPUT nn3. camera: slight shutter lag that was not there in 1.6GHZ model before kitkat update....fotos are clear and detailed. quality suffers in all modes in low light conditions - either too bright or too noisy or dull... pics come out to be plasticky...unreal.. though color saturation and contrasts are not altered (like yureka and redmi) front camera gives u decent enuf pics and the zen ui lets u edit selfies in the required way (YUREKA CAMERA IS NOT EVEN CLOSE) nn4. display: beats all displays in same resolution... crisp clear. but auto brightness takes time to get accustomed esp if u are previously using a fone that has higher brightness settings for normal usage. os has no snag. (YUREKA DISPLAY, THOUGH NOT AS CRISP, BEING BIGGER IS MORE APPEALING TO MY TASTES... ESP READING EBOOK/PDF// GAMING) nn5. gaming - graphics - pretty decent...dint notice heating in low - mid requirement games...dint install high end games, as i really wont use them. clash of clans, angry birds, subway surfer and shadow fight 2 run smooth. (YUREKA IS A GREAT GAMING FONE, AZ5 IS NO WAY NEAR) nn6. multitasking- idle usage after all installations and routene settings (wifi on, auto sync on, dropbox whatsapp etc. on in the background) is around 700 MB, giving u around 1300 MB free... Zenfone has boost function in the dropdown menu (no dedicated task manager, one widget only ) that does the job of killing all apps. (YUREKA S BETTER HERE CZ OF CYANOGEN MOD AND MORE CORES) nn7. UI glitches - a couple of time i experienced Wifi Glitche.. fone restarted >> previously stored wifi no longer remembered>> once unable to connect despite numerous efforts. nalso experienced a fone hang on the second day when fone was on standby....!!! really worked fine after restart... will try to figure out why and repost in future if i experience same kinda glitch... (YUREKA HAS MORE GLITCHES THAN ZEN UI)noverall - 9/10 score to zenUI, one short cz of the glitches. zen has really worked to deliver a UI that has some great features like letting u install apps directly on sd card, excellent keyboard [CANT DO THAT ON YUREKA ], calling/phone app, zen toolkit,etc,etc,etc.. no bloatware.... music app is well designed too... nnin sum total: anyday better than competition devices and all micromax devices. being a worldwide product, u easily get accessories and spares. i ordered a nillkin backcase, and a garmore tampered glass -both of good quality and reasonable price. (YUREKA ACCESSORIES ARENT THAT WELL AVAILABLE AS AZ5)n1. pros: great looks, good price, easy availability of standard accessories, smooth and userfriendly UI even for advanced users, decent camera for its price... good graphics and cpu (LOOKS LIKE A FONE NOT A FABLET/TABLET WHICH YUREKA IS)n2. cons: battery cud be more, wifi glitches, bottom glittering surface is grooved and gets dirty, cud be removed - really useless..makes it bulky,.. buttons cud hav been lit..(YUREKA HAS BACKLIT BUTTONS) nnEND WORDS: if u are a heavy user, go for a device with more internal storage and higher cpu speed and battery ( redmi note 4g, or yureka in this range), if u savvy great looks, better UI and a well designed machine optimum for moderate usage, go for this... its like a royal enfield...more maintainence, but more elegance and presence.. yureka and redmi notes are just pulars, only plus point being speed (also, they are not dukes any day ;)...if ur planning to use it for moderate calling, whatsapp , fb, music, some reading and browsing and a few games and useful apps, and want a UI that doesnt need 3rd party launchers like go,etc.. buy it, along with a powerful SD card (class 10 or higher) for ur songs and documents... I DINT GO FOR YUREKA CZ: 1. 5 inch display is adquate for me, fits in pockets, and is operable single-handedly... but the main reason was the flash sale model for these chinese devices...i wanted a trusted brand which wud give aftersales services.. i get wht i see ....nothing more nothing less.. (see redmi 1s and xiaomi MI3 reviews, where ppl are shouting for services and support ) nnLIKE IF IT HELPS...SO THAT OTHERS LIKE U CAN BENEFIT FROM IT TOO..!! ?

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Poor Market strategy by FLIPKART

i have been looking up for 8 GB version since last 20 days and its still unavailable while 16 GB is available all the time. I guess its just a strategy to sell 16 GB version more because both the phone have same features except of memory at the cost diffrence of 3000 bucks. Disaappointed.

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Why out of stock?

Flipkart has made full monopoly in India for selling Asus Zenfone.nEven 8GB model would be available but they are intentionally showing it out of stock to sell thier 16GB model.nThey are shattering thier customer repo by using such kind of marketing strategy.nVery disappointed

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Poor market strategy and poor customer care

I have been looking up for 8 GB version since last 20 days and its still unavailable while 16 GB is available all the time. I guess its just a strategy to sell 16 GB version more because both the phone have same features except of memory at the cost diffrence of 3000 bucks.nIt is very much Disappointing.Such a big customer oriented company you should not act up on like this.You are creating big advertisements this fone is blaa blaaaa blaa and at end of the time availability is nill.What is this ? You are giving a wrong message to the customers.If the stock is not there up to the market needs you should not give the advertisement,people will select some other brand and let them relax.This is like gambling.why some fones are selling @ premium rates?One of my friend got 8gb phone yesterday night.You people are cheating us.Ur strategy everybody knows.Even i tried ur cc yesterday night but no use ,Keep on giving the message that ur in a que or ur call is more important to us so please be on line .How long we can wait for the silly thing.Not only that in SO be straight and honest in terms of Advertisements.

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Broken Display with a fall from a height of 3 FEET.

Dear Friends,nnRecommended Only for persons who can handle it with CARE. Here is my story.. nnThe Mobile worked satisfactorily as per the specifications except the Battery Life but I am more concerned with the Gorilla Glass. I just dropped the mobile from a height of about 3 feet and when I picked up my phone, I was shocked to see my glass broken on the first fall itself. nnShocked as I was a Samsung user and have dropped my Old phone a multiple times without causing any damage to it.nnBiggest Shock was when I called the Asus Service Center mentioned in the ASUS website to find out that the replacement would cost me an approximate of Rs. 4500. nnI bought this phone for 10,000 and the glass replacement cost is 4500.

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