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Blackberry Classic
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A classic beauty

I purchased this phone offline If you really want to stand out of the crowd with a unique design then this is one among them , this is like a vintage design refurbished a true classic ,marvellous design and a solid built phone nPros nGood design, call quality is superb if you choose the best carrier in your area , display is crisp and vivid , camera is excellent with hdr mode features , os is fluid with no glitches , flash support browser coupled with optical trackpad gives you a desktop like experience and also texting is good with this feature, this phone is mainly for productivity users who don't need too much of third party apps nCons: nIf you're intention is to have many apps then this phone is not the right choice ,though you will get almost all the high trending apps in the market without doubt nIf you are an hardware maniac then this phone has the same hardware as that of q10 & z10 except with a slight graphic improvement nnThe worst which i feel is battery usage with 3Gmode battery backup is less than a day of mixed usage so you have to keep switching between 2G &3G , 2g mode gives battery backup of upto 1.5 day nnConclusion: nnExcept battery usage all the features are good mainly for texting , i would recommend to have a try on this phone who really can afford it & don't compare this with android or ios , blackberry is for productivity usage .A true classic in smartphone arena

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Blackberry delivers with the Classic !

I owned a Q5 for about 15 months and although I liked it I wasn't completely satisfied with it. I recently upgraded to the Classic on 17/02/2015 and I really love it. This phone is the best ! Slightly bigger screen than the Q5 but still has that awesome keyboard and don't even get me started on the amazing trackpad and toolbelt. Moving to OS10 i thought i would never see it again but here it is and i love it!nnI have been using this phone for about half a day and I didn't think I would say this. I still have to get used to incorporating the toolbelt and trackpad into this OS but I am slowly getting the hang of it. The more I use this phone the more natural it feels.nnOverall, great job Blackberry! 5 stars!

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Back to the Keypad

Yes that's right. I'm Thumbing Again. So, this smartphone brings back the trackpad and also has physical buttons for answering and ending a call. nThe keys for BlackBerry Classic are just plain satisfying. Clicking through texts, email, and searching the Classic's directory just by typing feels amazing. The rubberized textured backing on the Classic also makes it near impossible to drop this thing nnWith the new OS BB 10.3.1, you get your apps two places: BlackBerry World, and the Amazon App Store. These two pretty much offer all the apps that I need to get going. nOn the display front, you're looking at 3.5-inch Gorilla Glass 3.The battery juice that I get from the 2515mAh battery, despite the amount of email and calls I receive in a day is exemplary.nnThe phone also includes Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and NFC , plus it supports Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast, and DLNA as well as SlimPort for USB charging and HDMI out.nMeeting Mode (in Calendar Settings) will automatically silence your phone when you are in a meeting. How awesome is that. I don't need a third party app to do this, it's built into the calendar. You can also fill-in PDF forms, including adding a signature with the built in Adobe Reader. nnAnd the best feature that comes with 10.3.1 is the BB Blend.nWith Blend, one can view messages from the phone on your computer and tablet. You can compose messages from the computer and attach files from either device. You can also view, respond to, and compose messages on your computer or tablet as if you were doing these tasks on your BlackBerry including BBM and text messages.In addition to BlackBerry Hub, BBM and text messaging, you can instantly access your calendar, contacts, media and other files on your phone from Blend. nnMy only real disappointment is the fact that my service provider will not give me 4G even though this phone is 4G ready. Apparently they support only iOS and Android for the moment. nnAll in all a great buy and awesome value and easily one of the best productivity phones around.

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Not a bad phone at all, what so ever.

I have been using this phone for a week now, as of now I haven't noticed any major flaws as such. Yes, you might be thinking if it's actually worth the money. That's a question that needs some thinking. I find it completely worth it, I have been really happy with everything about the phone. BlackBerry have done their bit. The build quality is nothing less than perfect. The size is also perfect, fits well in any of my jeans. I use the phone a lot, considering all the exams are over. It easily stays for a day. I have used s5 before this and that couldn't last the whole day. All I've to say is take that thought about BlackBerry being not so good, it clearly isn't the case. Yes, it is not for people who game or download pointless apps. Only con, I would say is the app store, the [phone makes up for that. They are many other features that makes it so easy to use. Well BlackBerry isn't complicated anymore. So that's about it, you'd read all other pros and cons in the other comments so no point telling them again. But, trust me it's worth it. If you're looking for a cheaper phone, check the Q10 too!

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How blackberry blackmails its customersfans

Simply take a phone that costs 10k and sell it for 30k.nBecause we all know that the blackberry is dead, but there are hardcore fans who will still buy it for its keyboard they are so used to.nThe specs are mediocre not more than 10k worth. But Blackberry always extorted from its customer money for simple features so it continues with this history.

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