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Gionee Elife E7
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Rs 9,000
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Gionee Elife E7
Out of Stock
₹ 9,000
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its a great handset no doubt , i have no complaints about the handset but the thing that made me feel dumb about handset was a used one it had few photos , nearly 18-20 pics and 3 videos and 7 songs, when such things happen its a real problem for a busy person like me i dont have enough time to replace , wait for the new handset , with gods grace i dont have any problem with handset . PLS flipkart take care of such problem , i have done shopping with flipkart many times i never had any such experience before . so pls take care of such problems

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Nothing stands infront of this beast

Unpacking: This beast packed in a compact rectangular box you will find insiden1. Mobile phone with built in batteryn2. Beautiful Flip cover not looks cheaper (Not a sensor type flip it is a normal cover)n3. Two good quality scratch guards(Don't try it yourself until you are professional)n4. Three NFC tagsn5. User manual and warranty cardn6. Earphones with mic control (Good sound output but not best)n7. Charger and data cablen8. Micro sim ejector pinn9. Surprise mobile stand for watching moviesnThis is complete package. You do not need to search for any extra accessories or pouch outside the box.nnCamera:n16mp rear camera and 8mp front camera. Indoor camera output is not that good can see alot of grains. But the outdoor camera and video shooting is very good. Front camera is just awesome no words. So far CAMERA is really really good for outdoor snap. It proves it as best camera.nnPerformance: nFirst thing i done is installed Antutu benchmark application and ran it. I got around 34700 in first run . it constant and it beats Note 3 benchmark every time i ran. and the first boot the RAM usage out of 3gb is around 750mb. For a full hd display it is very minimal usage since this beast does not have bloatwares installed it consumes very less RAM on boot up. Even it has inbuilt Phone accelerator application. You can just shake your mobile to cleanup the process and cache files and also you can disable the unwanted boot up applications. Memory : 2890mb Total Ram capacity and Out of 32gb 22.54gb avail for phone storage and nearly 4 gb available for application install.nnProcessor: Qualcom Snapdragon 800 8974 2.2ghz - Krait 400 cpu and it is made of ARMv7-A quadcore processor. Nothing to say this processor is the beast at present market.nnGaming(Updated): nAdreno 330 gpu clocked at 450mhz . Everyone knows this is the fastest and high end gpu for smartphone available in marked at present which can handle any high end graphic intensive games smoothly. Installed GT Racing 2, Real racing 3, NFS most wanted, GTA Sanandreas, Virtual tennis, MC4 Zero hour all the above games are big games. All the games played at high graphics settings and played without any lags and butter smooth. All my friends amazed with the game graphics in full hd display which is near to PC graphics. It outperforms all the high end flagship mobiles. nnDisplay:nThis mobile have Full hd LTPS display panel. Really display colors are true and vibrant but not over saturated like samsung amoled displays. Watching videos and playing games on this mobile phone is just awesome . Everyone will look at your mobile. Touch reponse is way too good. Screen looks like pictures are popping out. Really good display. They have used new display technology JDI to improve the battery also. It plays all kind of formats by stock in full hd even 4k videos it plays butter smooth on mx player.

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Disappointed !!

Gionee disappointed me... Its been only two months (less than two months) I started using Elife E7. Now the phone will not power on and there is no support available online to fix the phone. nnI am sending it to service center now and dont know how it will go on. Think before investing huge sum of money.

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advantages over nexus 5

here is some adventages over nexus 5 n1-e7 has got LTPS display from jdi which is far superior from nexus 5 ips+ displayn2-for your information even nexus 5 is 2.26 ghz they just round it of and say 2.3n3-battery is 2500mAh and some chinese reviewers they have seriously optimised it and can give more power than 3000mAh phonesn4-camera is 16mp with 7 element large m8 lens which is more amazing that xperia z1 camera and front 8 which is greater than both nexus 5 and iphone 5 rear camera n5-and finelly you are getting 32gb and 3gb ram version for the price of nexus 5 16gb and 2gb ram n6-if you doubt the built quality then check some drop test videos of e6 over igyaan and then think of e7'snncons over nexus 5 n1-no android 4.4 but you get a 4.2.2 version of amigo 2.0 which is amazing unlike amigo 1.0 claims reports and anyway they promise they will give atleast once a month updatennhope this is helpful guys

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Read this before you buy

Actually this phone was gift from my wife. So I am using it. But within few days of usage i noticed few problems. No doubt its a great phone but think before buying it for 25k.nnProblems:n1) Telugu keyboards are not working (Hindi ok).nn2) Their amigo launcher is not at all bearable (they tried to copy MIUI one and is utterly bullshit). There is no way to sort applications or search. No valuble launcher settings too. No folder creation but after trying so many times you can actually group apps by dragging and dropping over another. So I installed another launcher (doodle).nn3) I dont know why atleast 60 to 70% ram is full every time even using with lightest launchers and without widgets.nn4) The charging point is on bottom. So when you are charging and want to use laying on bed or couch it is so uncomfortable on usage.nn5) Despite good camera(16mp), night photographs with flash over exposes every time and not at all good. Low light photographs not good. They have given charm camera app which takes nice portraits but no way of using flash.nn6) 16gb with 3gb for apps and 8gb for user memory alloted. No SD card. and with 9.5mm width which is not slim, sacrificing sdcard is not at all recommendable. OTG works fine. Even I can connect my canon 550D cam and imported photographs to mobile easily. nn7) The most bizzare one is, the mobile came along with flip cover case, which I am using it now. The problem is when we close flip cover the screen still lits. Its not intelligent one as lenevo or samsung one which just switches screen off when flipcover is closed. At this time if some pressure is put on the flip cover, if any app icon is under it, it opens and doing its actions. The touch screen is working even the flipcover is closed even with small pressure apps are opening. nn8) Most frustrating thing is when taking calls with flip cover closed, some times the call disconnects or goes to hold etc as my cheek touch wakes those buttons. So now I am taking calls without touching my cheek to mobile. I dont know anyone had this problem.nn9) The ear piece is too low (actually too too low) to here the calls in crowded areas. You need to use earphones or speaker.nn10) Gionee not releasing the kernels and boot loaders. So until now there are no custom ROM's available, in future also dont know. There is a way to root your E7 and is not official.nn11) Actually Gionee india announced Android 4.4 update in MAY but until now not released.nnI think you heard so many good things about this phone, which actually tempted my wife to buy this. I brought Gionee e3 before, even though plastic case its a great phone with dual sim, sdcard support, 16gb internal and just 7.9mm slim. But E7 in reality and usage its not so great at almost double price.

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