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Google Nexus 6P 32GB
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Google Nexus 6P 32GB
Out of Stock
₹ 39,999
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Absolutely Perfect!

Got mine today afternoon (Nov 4 2015, silver 32 gb). nnFirst impression: This is the best nexus device. performance, looks, camera etc.. everything as advertised. Definitely a premium device to hold. will turn heads at least for a month. (I will post about the battery and other detailed review in a week). nnUpdate1 (6-Nov-15):n-Battery: Looks promising so far.n-Camera: Amazing in daylight and better than average in low light. 240fps video recording is the one thing to look for.. simple things like boiling water, blowing the candle are fun to watch in slow motion with excellent detail.n-Fingerprint sensor: Initially I didn't believe it to be this fast, coupled with Nexus imprint it works each and every time. You can configure multiple fingers also (my wife configured hers too :( ).n-Device heating (sd810): I didn't notice anything for normal usage, it gets warm for some hd games just like my ipad (normal I guess).n-Display: Very good.n-Software: Just like other nexuses. Pure and snappy.nnDelivery was excellent. Got all the free products in a single box. The earphones and case are good, don't expect much but something is better than nothing. Chromecast is a very useful device, the moment you know how to use it, you will love it. Hassle free device to watch your favourite videos and photos (even locally stored) in big screen.nnNote: Do not change your mind for the bend tests floating around. This device is very sturdy, doesn't bend or break in pockets or under pillows. This will break only if you do something with an intent to break it (just like other electronics)

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Close your eyes and buy it!

I bought aluminium 64gb model.nn1. Screen - best amoeled with perect viewing angles. Sufficiently bright for outdoors.n2. speakers - best!! Crisp clear sound.n3. Imprint -you can se many fingers. You'll forget the lockscreen!!n4. Camera - Good ! Impressive. Keep Auto HDR+ on.n5. Battery - charges from 2% to 100% in less than 120mins! Stays complete day with 30% remaining at night.n6.Free cover is good and its not 100% transparent but you can see nexus logo clearly.n7. Huawei headphones are little extra lightweight but sounds good! Good amount of bass for these headphones. It has volume +, - buttons along with main button.n8. No overheating problem at all! Warm ul little bit if you use it while charging and heavy gaming.n9.Last but not least!! HELL OF A PERFORMANCE!!nnI opened 5-6 chrome tabs at 9pm. and used apps like WP, hike, facebook etc, when I switched to those chrome tabs after like 2 hours, they were still open intact !! nnYOU'LL FELL THAT THE PHONE TOO FAST FOR YOUR USAGE SPEED!!nnCons:nNOTHING!

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Worst Service Support

The nexus 6p is good phone but huawei provides the worst service ever seen. I bought the phone on from flipkart on Noverber 5, 2015. I faced issues with display (green lines) after a month of use and gave the phone to the service center on December 15th 2015.nnIt's already been more than a month (January 23, 2016) and they still haven't returned my phone. The consumer support is the worst. The local service center never picks up the phone. I had to go to the service center to get any updates.nnHuawei customer care is a waste of time. All they tell you is that it's under processing.nnDON'T EVER BUY A PHONE FROM HUAWEI.

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Hospital Review xD

I received my device in a hospital because I was down with dengue, LOL.nIve been testing it for a whole day, exactly 24 hours.nn1. Doze:nPerfect. Left my phone at around 30% when I went to bed, woke up with 29%. Slept for about 7 hours.n2. Battery:nOkay. On LTE, from 100-30%, gave me around 4 hours of SOT. There were a few times when it was in standby, no Doze because I was moving :/n3. Display:nEquivalent to the Note 5. Great display. n4.Software:nNot sure why the new google play store hasn't been installed, but meh. Vanilla android. Smooth, silky...Just like Stephen Curry's 3's. PERFECT.n5. Processor:nCool. Runs so much cooler than the OnePlus 2. Heated up during setup and installation of many apps, but that's a normal in every phone. n6.Gaming:nBEASTLY. It's god given talent xD . Ran smooth. Like a small nexus 9. Epic performance.nnOverall, the best android phone ever made.

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Wow!!!! Its a monster.

This is the best value for money mobile phone out there. Seriously guys it was worth the wait. Booked it on 14th midnight and received it on 3rd as it was released on 2nd of november. Best phone ever. my initial expressions:n1. Display too good.( super amoled display of samsung ofc...)n2. Nexus imprint fast enough.n3. Front firing speakers loud and clear.n4. Camera just wow.. As it absorbs more light even in low lighting conditions.n5. Snapdragon 810 handles games like a charm.n6. Only thing that bothered me was no screen gaurd available in the market for this product as of now in bangalore atleast.n7. And most important of all the stock android is the best and clean OS anyone will enjoy.nnAs a whole best mobile phone ever produced by goole in nexux line.

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41 users found this review helpful helpful?