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HTC ChaCha
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HTC ChaCha
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Very Good Phone

I had to choose between samsung galaxy pro, motorola charm and HTC chacha. Finally I decided to buy Chacha, because of it's great looks and speed processor. This phone didn't disappoint me, it has great features and HTC sense is awesome. This phones comes with 2 GB memory card, and a not-so-good ear phones, USB cable charger(as always HTC again impressed me with the charger, nice and cute). For those who are looking for a mobile with touch n type features, I would suggest this phone.

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Very nice phone bugged by Android Dialer batter issue

1) Features: overall nice features. you get what you could expect from a android 2.3.3 device. No shortcomings I see except the absence quick settings tab when you open the notification bar. Migration from my nokia e71 to ChaCha was easy and seamless using phone transfer wizard.nn2) Performance: I am not a multimedia guy, so please dont expect me comment music movies and gaming performance of this phone. UI looks cool, polished and pro, as expected from an HTC device. There is absolutely no lag whatsoever when the phone is used.nn3) Build: The phone looks premium but I guess its not sturdy. Most of the body is plastic. I have moved on from nokia e71 so this build quality would never impress me.nn4) Calling is good: I used to get dropped calls from my e71 but this phone has really been nice so far. no dropped calls no noise in conversation.nn5) Battery Backup: Dont curse the phone. There is a bug in Android dialler (Android issue id=17383) that is responsible for poor battery backup. once fixed I guess one should get about 36 hour battery support easily with moderate usage. For now I am using battery saver and task manager apps to drag battery life beyond a day. Thanks to google X-(. Just waiting for the dialer fix.nnOverall a nice Value for money phone if battery bug gets fixed from google.

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HTC Chacha battery issue.

I found this on google forum plz let us know if it helped.nit has alreadt helped one user.nnnSolution for HTC CHAHCA android 2.3.3nnDear all,nMy GF's phone had the same problem. I've been reading this thread and tried all of the proposed solutions (Blue-tooth on, Fast Reboot(99cent), sense options off, even did a Factory reset) but none worked. Somewhere, I can't recall where, I found an other work-around, and it looks like it works for us. nSince all other solutions didn't work for us, I'm not sure this one will for everybody.nHere it is:nn- Download the App "Proximity Screen Off" (by Shailesh Soliwal).n- open it(see note below) and select the box for "Enable Device Admin" (give permission)n- "Disable in Landscape" selectedn- "Enable during call only" NOT selectedn- Both "Cover..." boxes are NOT selectedn- "Disable Accidental Lock MUST be selectedn- For "Timeout", we have 1 second.n- Press the "back" button on the phonen- Chose "Start Service"nnRunning 2 days now and battery usage is back to normal.nGood luck, hope it helps you all. If so, let Google know.nHopefully with the next update it's solved.nnnNote: The app also comes with a nice "ScreenOff" shortcut you can place on the desktop. Not to be mistaken with the "ProximityScreenOff" app itself when opening :)nnnI'm keeping my fingers cross that this works till Google fixes this bug.:(

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Good and Very Capable Phone with Ultra Poor Battery...

I bought this phone at the pre-release order stage itself through Flipkart. The phone was delivered promptly when released and ws received in excellent condition. The phone did not disappoint me at all and is indeed a fantastic Android Phone with amazing features. The android market and htc hub and htc sense are unique application and enable easy donwload of useful features...nnThe looks and feels good...however the battery performance is particularly bad and is infact totally disappointing... With bare minimum use the battery lasts for just about 12 hrs and incase u use the phone with auto sync features (which is what the phone is meant for) then..the battery gets drained in under 6-8 hrs...nnNow that is truly and utterly heavy app users kindly check this out before hand..nnOtherwise a well designed and good phone..And yes dear Flipkart people if u can find a marathon battery for this phone kindly let me know.

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Beware HTC has discontinued HTC CHaCHa

HTC has discontinued HTC CHaCHa because:nn1)Poor battery life.n2)CPU Overheating during gaming.n3)Poor CamerannHowever if you can live with 5 hours battery life & can tolerate heating of your device , go for it.

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