Lava Probuds powered by MediaTek Airoha deliver a superb audio experience at an affordable price

Last month, Indian brand Lava launched its first-ever TWS offerings in the form of the Lava Probuds earbuds that have been priced at a sweet Rs 2,199. These incredibly well-designed products offer a bevvy of advanced features that allow them to pose stiff competition to their rivals. The Lave Probuds are packing the industry-leading MediaTek Airoha chipset that enables them to offer not just excellent audio quality but also a refined user experience. Let’s take a deep dive into what these earbuds have on offer for their buyers.

Stellar audio quality

The Lava Probuds are equipped with 11.6mm drivers, which are adept at delivering clean, sharp, and balanced audio. These big drivers allow the earbuds to offer high-energy bass as well. These thumping music properties will definitely please music enthusiasts, while they will also end up impressing those who use their earbuds for consuming a lot of content. The HD-quality sound of these earbuds is made possible by the top quality MediaTek Airoha chipset that goes inside them. With its dedicated audio DSP, it can reproduce excellent quality sound without much effort. Most people don’t consider the chipset when buying earphones, when in fact, it’s the chipset that’s the heart of the device, powering features like audio balancing, noise-cancellation, and more. And we must say that the MediaTek Airoha chipset that’s inside the Lava Probuds does a good job of delivering an awesome audio experience.

Lava Probuds 1

Nonstop battery life

Each of the two Lava Probuds carries a 55mAh cell inside it. As for the charging case, it offers a 500mAh battery of its own. While the earbuds can deliver 5 hours of usage on their own, the charging case can store an additional 20 hours of juice inside it, giving the product a total of 25 hours of battery backup. That kind of battery life is extremely impressive for a pair of such powerful TWS earbuds. The presence of the MediaTek Airoha chip contributes a lot to the stunning battery life of these earbuds. Its adoption of Bluetooth 5.0 and LE enables extremely power efficient wireless connections with devices, resulting in better battery life.

Lava Probuds 2

Design and functionality

The Lava Probuds have been designed with the right balance of style and comfort. They offer a snug fit that makes them perfect for wearing during workouts. What makes them even more ideal for fitness enthusiasts is their IPX5 sweat and water resistance. These earbuds also bear an impressive looking matt finish, and the same goes for their charging case. The case also comes with an LED-equipped battery indicator system. Merely opening this case automatically connects the Prodbuds to paired devices, which is a cool feature to have.

Lava Probuds 3

The MediaTek Airoha chipset inside these earbuds has dedicated AI processing capabilities, which allow the Lava Probuds to offer support for voice-based digital assistants. Both Siri and Google Assistant are supported, enabling users to issue voice commands and get relevant information or perform certain functions without even touching their phones. The chipset also helps in de-noising calls so the people on the other side can hear you clearly. Alternatively, they can take advantage of the smart touch controls onboard the earbuds themselves. Their large touch area allows you to easily skip songs, play/pause media, and much more with a few taps.

Bottom line

It’s pretty clear that the Lava Probuds are posing tough competition to their rivals in the price range. With their excellent battery life, stunning sound quality, and advanced features, they are out to deliver a power-packed experience to their buyers. And aiding them in this endeavour is the MediaTek Airoha chipset, with the kind of high-end capabilities that make it perfect for TWS earbuds. You can buy the Lava Probuds right now at Rs 2,199 from several online vendors, including the Lava e-store,, and other supported merchants.