Lenovo A6000 camera review: clear quality for a budget price

“The Lenovo A6000 is a great Android smartphone for the asking price, and features an impressive camera as well”


Budget-performance Android smartphones offer a great mix of features and functionality at an interesting price. Lenovo’s latest budget war-horse, the A6000 is a classic example of this category. This smartphone comes with performance savvy hardware that is also future-ready, while the camera is certainly among its top USPs. Here, we have put the camera on the A6000 through the ultimate test by shooting pictures in various scenarios and lighting conditions to find out its real worth. So how well does it performs in our camera test, let us find out. The images that we have shown here come straight from the devices, without any editing or alterations. In addition, you can also click on the following link to read about the device in our first impressions of the Lenovo A6000.

Long Shot

Lenovo A6000_Camera test_1

The 8-megapixel primary camera offers a tight and crisp focus leading to high level of detail in the pictures captured. In addition the colour capture is quite neutral which is great as it results in real-to-life colour capture. The level of detail offered by this camera is good, however the lower resolution will bar the users from zooming into the pictures too much as the image gets pixelated as the zoom level goes high.

Close Up

Lenovo A6000_Camera test_2

Owing to a very accurate selective focus, close-up photography on the Lenovo A6000 is offered as an added bonus. The camera is good at capturing high level detail in images, additionally the focus mechanism can offer a very tight focus as well. In this image, we opted for focus on the flower while leaving the bud right next to it untouched, and the camera delivered similar results.

Close Up (zoomed in)

Lenovo A6000 snipped

When close-up shots are zoomed in, the images do not pixelate or lose out on detail. However, the images do get a bit grainy as camera can only offer a maximum resolution of 8-megapixels. 


Lenovo A6000_Camera test_4

Even without the HDR mode on, the camera offers great level of contrast in the images and ample amount of brightness along with it, making the images look good. The colour of the sky and the various gradients of blue colour are perfectly captured by the camera and offered in the image.


Lenovo A6000_Camera test_5

The HDR or High Dynamic Range mode brings definite improvement to images with increased level of detail as compared to the non-HDR mode. However, unlike several other devices, the A6000 offers minimal halos around the objects and sky colour gradients are perfectly preserved despite offering varied contrast.

Low Light Shot

Lenovo A6000_Camera test_6

Photography in normal and bright light might be brilliant, but low-light photography is definitely among its weak points. The images turn out to be dark and lack detail, while only the very strong colours of the object can be seen in the images.

Low Light Shot With Flash

Lenovo A6000_Camera test_7

As the flash module kicks in, the images turn out to be bright and vibrant, though the intensity of the flash is too high and it interferes with the colours. As seen in this picture, the red colour of the bug toy is shown here as bright orange and the details of the face are clearly missing. While moving away from the object could be one solution, but then the intensity will get reduced leading to darker images.

Front Camera Shot

Lenovo A6000_Camera test_8

The front-facing camera is nothing too great to be talked about. It offers very standard looking images which lack sharpness, however in ample light the colour detail is rightly captured by this camera.

Night shot

Lenovo A6000_Camera test_9

In extreme low-light condition, the Lenovo S6000 might fail to deliver results, with some amount of light and brightness, the camera does deliver good results with average amount of details and sharpness to offer in the images captured.

Well, everything boils down to one point and that is, is the camera worth its asking price. So to answer that, the Rs 6,999 price tag of Lenovo A6000 offers a good set of features out of which the camera is among its positive points. The colour capture is neutral, the HDR mode is great and above all the focus mechanism works well resulting in images that are full of detail and quality. The low-light performance may not be so great, but for a budget device, this 8-megapixel shooter is definitely a worthy one.