The upcoming Samsung Galaxy F14 5G looks all set to kickstart ‘Frevolution 5G’ in its price segment with unparalleled features for the price

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy F14 5G is around the corner and it’s not surprising that there’s so much excitement surrounding it. After all, its predecessor, the Galaxy F13 was an extremely popular handset among those who wanted an affordable device with remarkable specs. Going by what we know about it, the new Galaxy F14 5G looks all set to repeat the success of the previous device. As the handset supports 5G, it will provide users access to ultra-fast downloads and low latency. As you know, 5G compatibility isn’t quite common in the under 15K price segment and the brand’s ‘Frevolution 5G’ is all set to increase 5G consumption across India. Let’s see what makes it such a delightful handset to look forward to.

Segment-only 5nm Processor – Unparalleled performance in the price range


It has been revealed that the new Galaxy F14 5G will be featuring a segment-only 5nm Exynos 1330 processor. This makes it truly stand out amidst the competition. Phones in this price range usually feature chipsets with higher nanometer number for the fabrication process, which makes the leap to 5nm an extremely noteworthy one. If you are wondering what this means, let us explain to you in simple terms. The nanometer units showcase the fabrication process used for a particular processor, and the lower the number, better is the efficiency. The 5nm not only guarantees breathtaking speed for everyday tasks but also provides high levels of battery. Following which, you can expect the Galaxy F14 5G to excel in the performance department, which means that gamers would have plenty to look forward to in this launch.

Powerful Battery – Power backup that goes on and on

Samsung has equipped this handset with a massive 6000mAh battery, which too is a unique feature in its price range. While its rivals are maxing out their batteries at 5000mAh, the 6000mAh unit onboard makes the Galaxy F14 5G totally stand out. This kind of brawny power means the phone can easily last up to 2 days on a single charge. Fond of watching movies and TV shows on your phone? Or are you someone who likes to indulge in long hours of gaming? No matter what your daily usage looks like, you can rest assured that the Galaxy F14 5G, with its segment only 6000mAh battery, will accommodate everything without making you feel the awful pinch caused by the low battery notification.

Incredible 13-band 5G support – Frevolution is finally here!

As we said, ‘Frevolution 5G’ is the buzzword around the Samsung Galaxy F14 5G and it’s all set to bring the 5G revolution to its price segment. The 5G modem onboard with SoC provides support for 13 different bands. This versatility will ensure that you can get 5G speed irrespective of who your network provider is. With such a speed, you can download large apps in the blink of an eye. And you can say goodbye to buffering when streaming on your favourite OTT apps. The uninterrupted brilliance of 5G will also be much appreciated by gamers, as their gaming sessions will be free of any lags or latency.

Other highlights

Samsung Galaxy F14 5G is expected to feature a gorgeous Full HD+ display with Gorilla Glass 5 protection on top, which means that the handset will not just be protected against scratches but will also manage to survive accidental drops with ease. The handset will also feature support for RAM Plus technology for memory expansion, Knox security integration at the hardware and software levels, and Samsung Wallet. On the software front, you will be greeted with segment-only One Core UI 5.1 skin (based on Android 13).

The Samsung Galaxy F14 5G looks like an ideal choice for anyone who’s in the market for a handset that provides incredible value for money and comes equipped with high-end features. For a phone priced under 15K, it really does give quite premium vibes. From what we’ve heard so far about it, it’s looking like a phone that’s all set to slay its competition, while also igniting ‘Frevolution 5G’ in India. You can visit and Flipkart to be notified about the handset’s availability. As the handset will be launched in India on March 24th,2023 at 12pm, you won’t have to wait too long to know everything about this amazing phone either.