Get ready for flagship innovation: Pre-reserve Galaxy F54 5G on Flipkart

Samsung has a history of delivering stellar smartphones for more than a decade. The phones from the brand bring the latest and the greatest in smartphone technology year after year, that too at impressive price points. No matter what your requirement is, Samsung Galaxy phones have it covered. This rings true even for the most demanding and tech-savvy Gen MZ consumers who know the technologies and hardware they want from their smartphone and the price they should be paying for it. For such users, Samsung is bringing its latest offering in the Galaxy F series – Galaxy F54 5G on June 6th.

Expected to borrow some of the most beloved features from their flagship phones, the Galaxy F54 5G will offer great bang for the buck, and more importantly – an innovative and premium feature set. This flagship phone from the extremely popular Galaxy F series will exude a premium presence with the overall package it offers. As mentioned above, the Galaxy F54 5G is set to hit the Indian market on June 6th., with anticipation around this device already reaching a fever pitch among enthusiasts and Generation MZ ahead of its launch. With such interest around the phone, we would like to recommend that you should secure a unit for yourself at the earliest. Samsung is making this process simple by taking pre-reserve for the device at an attractive amount of Rs 999 and offering users Rs. 2,000 off on the smartphone.

While a lot of information about this amazing phone is under wraps for now, we have some crucial information on hand that explains just why we should be excited about this upcoming flagship from the Galaxy F series. Let us explain why this stunning phone with its extremely useful features, is a perfect match for Gen MZ users who are always on the go, creating interesting content through photos and videos.

Fabulous for creating content

One of the crucial departments where the Galaxy F54 5G truly shines is optics. You can expect an impressive flagship-level performance from the upcoming Galaxy F series phone from Samsung. Let us explain why. The Galaxy F54 5G will sport flagship-level camera hardware, thanks to the presence of a pro-level camera at the back, but it will also bring support for features like Nightography, No Shake Cam (OIS), and Astrolapse — all features that are found on premium segment phones.

Nightography for example is a feature that’s currently found on flagship phones from Samsung. Its presence on the upcoming Galaxy F series flagship and the fact that it will be backed by a superior lens with No Shake Cam OIS will bring a low-light photography revolution to the mid-range segment that we’ve never seen before. As any photography enthusiast will tell you, low-light photography remains a very big challenge on most smartphones. The powerful Nightography feature suit makes this a trouble of the past. With Nightography, you can finally say goodbye to blurred and grainy low-light photos and videos where you couldn’t see anyone’s face.

Thanks to the use of advanced computational photography algorithms, the Nightography feature suit from Samsung makes clicking low-light photos easier than ever. It lets you shoot vivid low-light pictures without the need of switching on the flash which can potentially wash crucial details out from a frame.

So, if you’re planning on going out partying soon, or just strolling around town with your new Galaxy F54 5G that you’ve just pre-reserved, you can rest assured that you won’t have to spend much time tinkering with your camera settings. All you would need to do is use the phone’s Nightography feature to click some stunning, vibrant, and detailed shots.

Moving from one amazing feature to another, the No Shake Cam OIS also comes in handy when attempting to shoot blur-free videos and photos when either you or the object you are trying to shoot is moving. It is of great use, especially when you are attempting to capture a moving object, for example, a person dancing at a wedding or a party, or for that matter an aesthetic shot of a moving vehicle.

While we are still talking about shooting videos, you will be delighted to know that the selfie camera on the Galaxy F54 5G is capable of shooting videos in up to 4K resolution at 30fps. If you are a content creator who wants to shoot high-quality videos without needing a professional handheld camera, the Galaxy F54 5G will feel like a godsend to you. With the extremely capable selfie camera on this handset, the next time you want to share a quick update with your Insta fam, you won’t have to worry about image or video quality, irrespective of the lighting conditions.

Talking about Instagram, the Astrolapse feature is also one that can quickly help you grow your followers on Instagram and will be of great help for enthusiasts, as well as professional content creators looking to connect with their followers in new and exciting ways. This is because the Astrolapse feature on the upcoming Galaxy F flagship will enable users to capture the beautiful night sky in all its glory through various artistic ways. If you have taken a trip to the hills and have missed great opportunities to capture the beautiful view of the night sky, this is exactly the feature you need in your phone! Moreover, you can level up your selfie game using the Fun mode feature available in the Galaxy F54. Now you will be able to use playful playful quirky filters to transform any moment into fun and unique content to share with friends and family or simply upload it to your social media.

Pre-reserve on Flipkart now!

Now that we’ve explained just why we are so excited about this upcoming truly flagship phone from Samsung, let us remind you again to pre-reserve it right now! Set to be launched on June 6th, this upcoming Galaxy F series phone from Samsung is expected to sell like hotcakes. So, if you don’t intend to miss out on the device, we recommend you go to or Flipkart to pre-reserve your Samsung Galaxy F54 at just Rs 999 and get Rs. 2000 off. And know when you do, you’ll be elevating yourself to new flagship smartphone experiences that were till now only available on flagship Samsung phones. So, this call-out is for all dynamic Gen MZs out there who use their phones for creation and consuming content on the go, this is the perfect phone for you. So don’t make the mistake of missing out on the upcoming Galaxy F series flagship because this phone is tailored for you!