With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, it looks we finally have a smartphone that takes on but also squarely defeats the OnePlus 7T in key features. The new Samsung handset prides itself on its camera offerings, but excels in many other departments as well. With a price that’s similar to that of the OnePlus 7T, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is sure giving the OnePlus 7T phone a run for its money, which is why we’ve decided to put them through a detailed comparison today.

Design and Display

The rear surface of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is made of a special material called ‘glasstic’, which gives it the glossy look but keeps the weight in check. The OnePlus 7T is a heavier handset owing to the use of a glass rear shell. With design and materials like these, it’s no wonder the Galaxy S10 Lite weighs 186grams, less than the 190gram OnePlus 7T, despite offering a bigger display and larger battery.

When it to comes to camera design, OnePlus 7T uses a circular housing for its triple camera setup. This is in contrast to the rectangular housing of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite cameras, a design that is gaining traction quickly amongst smartphone brands across the board.

Coming to their front surfaces, both the phones sport Full HD+ Super AMOLED Plus panels, but the one on the Galaxy S10 Lite is slightly bigger, at 6.7 inches. The major talking point here is how these devices offer the full-screen experience. Although there are minimal bezels on both the devices, the OnePlus 7T sports a traditional teardrop notch, while the Samsung handset goes for the innovative Infinity-O screen, which definitely gives it a more attractive appearance. Moreover, it obfuscates a smaller area on the display, allowing for a more immersive user experience while watching videos or playing games.


The triple camera set-up on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is headlined by the brand new, Super Steady OIS feature. This hardware-based technology acts like a gimbal and compensates for shakes up to 3-degrees, more than any other smartphone, leading to more stable and shake-free videos! Moreover, Super Steady OIS on Galaxy S10 Lite also helps you click blur-free photographs, especially in low-light conditions. The phone also comes with Live Focus for real-time Bokeh effects in videos and Zoom-in Mic for capturing better audio in noisy areas. These few camera features set the Galaxy S10 Lite apart from the OnePlus 7T in a big way.

Both the phones have 48MP main cameras, but only the Samsung device has adopted a 5MP Macro camera, which allows you to get incredibly close to your subjects to capture completely new perspectives. Instead of such a camera, the OnePlus 7T adopts a 12MP telephoto snapper for 2x optical zoom. Rounding off the triple camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is the 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor with 123-degree vision span, the same as the human eye – this ensures the camera captures everything your eyes can see.

Not only does the Galaxy S10 Lite win in the rear camera department, but it also slays it when it comes to selfies. Samsung has gone for a 32MP selfie snapper that allows you to capture high-resolution selfies. What’s more, this snapper is even accompanied by the Live Focus feature to give a pro-grade touch to your selfies, even before you hit the shutter. The OnePlus 7T, on the other hand, features a 16MP front camera.

Hardware and Battery

The base models of both these phones offer 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but only the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite comes with a microSD card slot. This allows users to add up to 1TB additional storage — so say goodbye to ‘low storage’ messages forever! The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite also houses a 4,500mAh battery that’s significantly larger than the 3800mAh of the OnePlus 7T. And it’s no surprise that both the phones offer superfast charging support. As far as biometric authentication goes, both these devices carry in-display fingerprint scanners.

The Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite can be pre-ordered right now through Flipkart, Samsung.com, and major offline stores at Rs. 39,999. Using an ICICI bank credit card will result in a Rs. 3,000 cashback, bringing its price down to Rs 36,999. That’s a great price considering the OnePlus model is in the same price bracket but offers far fewer features. From the superior camera setup to the larger battery and from the bigger display to the modern design, it is clear the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite outperforms the OnePlus 7T in all major areas, and the Rs 36,999 price tag is more than justified!