Top 10 must-have gadgets, priced under Rs 3,000

On a budget of under Rs 3,000? Here are our recommendations for the top 10 gadgets you can buy for yourself.

Consumer-friendly electronics are no longer limited to that rectangular slab that can be found in everyone’s pocket. While smartphones are the biggest draw during this festive season, wearables, earphones, power banks, smart bulbs, and more are being featured prominently as well. Even if you are on a budget, we think there are some gadgets that you should definitely consider putting on your purchase list. Here are the top 10 must-have gadgets that money can buy, provided that money is Rs 3,000.

Realme Band 2: Rs 2,699

This new entry-point wearable from Realme is pretty much a steal deal, especially given its price of Rs 2,699. It packs in a big 1.5-inch display albeit only a TFT LCD one, has up to 500 nits of peak brightness, and up to 90 configurable sports modes. The smart band is also water-resistant up to 5ATM. The Realme Band 2’s battery life is quite good, lasting for about 12 days on a single charge and it comes with universal 18mm interchangeable straps. It is available for purchase on Tata Cliq.

OnePlus Buds Z: Rs 2,999

While audiophiles will dig deep into their pockets to get a TWS with the best drivers, ANC, and whatnot, we casual listeners can forego an exceptional auditory experience in favour of something that sounds good and is easy on the wallet too. I’m talking about the OnePlus Buds Z (review) that are priced at 2,999 and offer an amazing performance-to-price benefit. With nearly 20 hours of battery life, a sound signature tuned for mass appeal, IP55 rating, and solid build quality, the OnePlus Buds Z are the TWS to beat in the market. Available on Amazon.

Stuffcool Neutron PD33W: Rs 2,299

When Apple started a trend of excluding headphone jacks in its phones everyone followed suit. Now the company has stopped providing a charger with its smartphones and others are falling suit, with the likes of Samsung also excluding a charger on their respective flagship phones. There is, however, a solution to your problems and it comes in the form of Stuffcool’s Neutron PD33W charger. Priced at 2,299, this small power brick, about half the size of Apple’s 30W charger, has both a USB A and USB C output, capable of delivering 30W of fast charging to your smartphone or laptop. Available on Amazon.

Oakremote WiFi All in One Smart Universal Remote: Rs 1,299

Most households have a bunch of devices that can be operated via a remote control. In my own living room, I have a TV, a set-top box, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Sony’s Home Entertainment system, and a Voltas AC. Typically all of them require their own individual remotes to operate. What if I told you that the Oakremote WiFi All in One Smart Universal Remote can control every single one of these devices? Priced at Rs 1,299, this all-in-one remote can operate all your IR appliances with its inbuilt remotes library. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to execute commands like turning on the AC or turning off the Home theatre system using just your voice. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Echo Flex: Rs 2,999

With smart speakers penetrating Indian households at a fast pace, everything from the music playing in your room to lights in your room can be accomplished simply via your voice. Placing an Amazon Echo device in every room in your house can be a hassle though, not to mention expensive. The Echo Flex is quite affordable though. Just plug the Echo Flex into any wall outlet and the miniature speaker will connect with all your Alexa-capble smart home devices and operate them via voice commands. It also has a USB C output for charging your phone and can play music on third-party speakers using Bluetooth or an AUX input as well.

Philips Wiz Smart Wi-Fi B22 Smart Bulb: Rs 969

You can call it a curse or a boon but even something like a bulb can get a ‘smart’ tag attached to it. To wit, the Philips Wiz Smart Wi-Fi B22 Smart Bulb, which is available for a price of Rs 969. It offers nearly 16 million colour combinations which you can control via the Philips Hue app. The connection process is quick and the app interface is easy to navigate. The cherry on top is that you can also use Alexa to control the bulb provided you have an Amazon Echo device on hand connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Available on Amazon.

Oakter Wi-Fi Smart Plug for High and Low Power Appliances: Rs 849

The Oakter Wi-Fi Smart Plug with a 110V – 290V range will work easily for low-power appliances like your TV, lamps, speakers, coffee maker, and also high power appliances like a Geyser, Microwave, Heater, AC, and more. The benefit is that you can remotely switch on/off and schedule times for the appliance connected. The company claims that over-the-air firmware updates are also going to make the Oakter Wi-Fi Smart Plug better at handling frequent power outages. And it can be operated via the Google Assistant or Alexa too. Available on Amazon for Rs 849.

Moondrop Spaceship: Rs 1,699

The headphone jack may be vanishing from smartphones but that doesn’t mean the wired experience is completely dead. While the necessity of a dongle to partake in high fidelity audio is a burden most don’t want to bear, I assure you, in the case of the Moondrop Spaceship, it is totally worth it. The earphones are priced at Rs 1,699 and you can read our full review right here. Packing in relatively premium build quality, a semi in-ear design, and a warm sound signature that is not muddied by an excessive base output, the Moondrop Spaceship should be a top choice for budget audio enthusiasts. Available on Headphonezone.

AKG K92 headphones: Rs 2,899

Audiophiles, of course, would be aware of Austrian audio company AKG which was acquired by Samsung a while back. Priced at Rs 2,899, the AKG K92 headphones are one of the most interesting value-for-money offerings on the table. While the headphones are not compact, the cans’ 40mm drivers and closed-back design for maximum isolation should provide superlative sound quality for the price. On Amazon, the product has been rated 4.5 out of 5 with 6,635 reviews which lends more credibility to the device’s audio experience. Available on Headphonezone.

Mi Wireless Power Bank 10,000mAh: Rs 2,499

Why use a wire for anything at all… that’s where the world is transitioning to apparently. Wireless charging has penetrated several smartphone segments and if you are one with a Qi-compatible device, then the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank is easily the most comfortable option on long journeys. The device offers dual functionality with wired and wireless charging support from its massive 10,000mAh battery. Wired charging can be accomplished at 18W from both a USB A and a USB C port and wireless charging speeds are also 18W. Available on for Rs 2,499.