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iBall Andi 4.5h
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iBall Andi 4.5h
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Andi 4.5h vs. Micromax A110 aka Canvas 2

Firstly, I really request Flipkart to create one more option to read only "certified buyers" review which are actually helpful to people interested in purchase. Otherwise, Flipkart reviews has become a platform for marketing products and negating others. nNow, I received my Andi 4.5h today and after a usage of around 8 hours, I write this UNBIASED review only to help others like me purchase. nI really was confused b/w A110 and this one so I went to quite a few stores to get a hands on feeling. Couldn't find Andi anywhere, only found A110 (after some struggle) and just didn't like the feel of it because the resolution didn't attract me, was actually looking too big! Not everyone can attain a finish like Samsung! I was playing with front and rear camera and all of a sudden it said something like, "camera unexpectedly stopped working, please restart". I peacefully kept it back. Because I had no confusion! I knew I will not buy this! nAfter checking a few Youtube videos, I finalized Andi 4.5h. Just for information, I earlier used Sony X10i and broke it recently, so wanted to make sure I buy a cheap phone to decrease loss next time I break this. LOL. Just Kidding. Peace. nNow, about Andi 4.5 nPros: n1. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L screen and resolution. My wife was surprised for I got my phone so cheap and matched her phone (S3) in looks. 4.75/5 in looks. n2. Absolutely No lags. I intentionally downloaded some high end phones, no lags whatsoever. 4.5/5 n3. Video Call. Made a nice video call. 3/5n4. Camera - At Par. 3.75/5n5. 3G and Wifi are much to relief and effective. 4/5 n6. Video Player (I downloaded MX Player). Youtube videos play with extreme ease and in my case no buffering (probably because of high speed net) but my X10i lagged. 4/5nnCons:n1. Battery: It HEATED up within 10 minutes of playing a high end game! Yeps. It drains like crazy when you keep 3G on and play games. 2.5/5 nOne word of caution: Every phone within this budget and these many features (except Blackberry) has exactly the same problem with battery. If you want a nice battery. You have to go for bigger brands, which reduce cost on other features. n2. Still can't find a cover for this online. nnMy Opinion: I am HAPPY with the phone, would have been probably jumping and typing had the battery not disappointed. Dude, within this price tag this is not an excellent but the BEST buy only because of its qhd screen and 1 GB Ram. After all that's what matters right. nBTW: I even liked XOLO 800 but it had only 512 mb RAM? :( nnThird person opinion: On Canvas2 nWow! You have an S3? nC2 Owner: I know its fantastic but its Micromax! nTP: What? Can I have a look. After looking at display, feel of hand. Yeah man its Micromax only. n* In my opinion, the most imp. reason why C2 is selling like a hot cake (especially white) because it look like S3. nnThird person opinion: On Andi 4.5 nBeautiful phone man. nAndi Owner: Yeah man. Its pretty fast too with 1 GB Ram?nTP: How much? nAndi Owner: 1 GB with qhd and price of 12K nTP: What? Can I have a look? nTP: Dude, this phone look pretty sleek and nice for its price. But I hear chinese phones has high SAR value?nAndi Owner: Yeah, usually. But this phone has significantly low SAR value. BTW even my SE X10i say "Made is China" nTP: You got a pretty good deal man. Where did you buy it from?nAndi: FLIPKART :)

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MAN!!! It's worth buying.

CAMERA - awesome 12 mp camera with autofocus and mind blowing when you set your own settings.The led is not that fantastic but who cares. Front camera is fine for 2 mp.nnRAM it gives u 900 mb of ram and my mobile never hanged since i bought it on AUG 17.nnBATTERY 2200 mAh battery lasts really long for me and i have used my phone for about a day and half (dropping it from 84% to 15%).When u use it for really long, its temperature willl rise somewhat.nnDon't expect too much of the internal memory. only about 1 gb is user available and it won't do any good if u want to play games with big data.(But u can store game data on ur sd card if u root ur mobile)nnI don't know how but i get 3g speed in 2g internet packs andit shows H+ instead of E which is definitely good.(this is for the sim in slot 1 only)nnWIDI i have ot yet used the wireless display connectivity featurennThe screen response is FANTABULOUSnnBeing an iit student , i keep my wifi on for half of the day and it never complains.nnSound is not very high quality(which i had expected from iBall). Also u will have to buy yourselves a new headphone or earphone if u wanna listen to music most of the time.nnVIDEO it plays HD (1280*720) videos very well and the inbuilt video player has the ability to trim videos which i find very useful.nnSLEEK and COMFORTABLE. its very easy to hold this 5 inch phone in ur hand due to its design and sleekness.The Gsensor is fine as always and u will get a headache if u keep on the light sensor bcoz it is very much sensitive to light.nnGAMES I played DEAD TRIGGER , VECTOR and temple run 2 on this phone.The quadcore never disappointed me and ram is sufficient for most games to work. I am only disappointed in the internal memory which doesn't allow u to play games like NOVA 3 , MODERN COMBAT 4,etc (without root).nnTHERE IS LOTS OF PRE-LOADED STUFF BUT ITS OUTDATED SO U WILL HAVE TO UPGRADE IT.nnAfter 20 days of my experience with this phone, i will say that it's a fantastic phone.I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT IF U WANNA BUY A PHONE WITH ALL FEATURES AT THIS PRICE.

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Value for money product

I bought this phone from the market as it was not available on flipkart. The fone is very smooth in navigation, and there is no lag. Faster than Samsung galaxy s duos as I have used that as well. The screen is also good. Camera is said to be 8mp, but i think it gives picture quality of 5 mp which in itself is good but yes not 8mp. RAM is 1 GB DDR2 and not DDR3, the SAR ratings are also very low, which was my prime condition while buying this. Overall a good value for money phone. Any one who looked at it said it to be of 25k.

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Worth it's price

Please please one should understand that this is a low priced phone, I have bought it three months back and it's working fine.nPros. nGood touch responsenGood claritynSpeednConnects easily without third party softwarenConsnCamera is definitely not 12 megapixel ( 5-8 mp)nFlash is absolutely uselessnSound is very low qualitynnnNote. Don't buy if you want to compare this with any high end phone like the Samsung s3 and notes

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Nice value for money product great.

I bought this from a local store as I got a better deal along with some accessories & using it for last 2 days. The reason for writing a review in flipkart is to reciprocate the help I have taken from this site to decide on the new phone.nnActual shortlist was MMX A110, but, bought this against that phone due to - I got the privilege to compare 3 live phones - MMX A110, iBall Andi 4.5h & iBall Andi 4.3j. and finally 4.3j was rejected due to its inferior display.nnReasons to go for iBall over MMX A110n1. Display - better display than MMX A110. Sharper & clearer display & better sunlight legibility.n2. Size - MMX A110 has 5" screen size which might not help while travelling in public transport.n3. RAM - have 1GB RAM compared to 512MB of MMX A110. I am not sure how this is going to help me in the long run, but during my brief live comparison, I felt this to be smooth (or was it illusion?).nnThe need to have a new phone nownI bought this phone to have my office mail configured and my office regulates mobile use of mail only on 2 platforms - Android v2.2 or later & iOS v4 or later and the latter is very much out of my reach.nnPros (for me)nDisplay:- stunning & great sunlight legibility. There is an ambient light sensor, so keep the brightness in "auto" and it will work perfectly.nTouch Response:- AmazingnLag:- I have not found any lags in my 2 days of usagenCrashes:- OS has not crashed till time.n3G/ WiFI:- I saw this connectivity to be really good.nWiFI Tethering:- I connected laptop via this mode and logged onto office network. It was pretty good and I was blown away with the performance. (might be due to 1st time usage)nApplication:- I am using mail, FB & couple of other apps, but no heavy games. All are smooth. Heavy usage of office mail and it is smooth.nGaming:- I am no gaming buff, use sudoku & air control lite (not resource hungry and works fine).nnCons (these are the areas of improvement which I felt in my limited usage)n1. Multilingual font support:- In FB whenever people post in Malayalam, it comes as lines/ squares. My friend is using an S3 and it is having native support for Malayalam language and he can even type SMS in Malayalam. With same OS in both, I don't know why so.n2. Call clarity:- Sound is not loud enough if you dont use a headset. Supplied headset is good (not the best), and when one uses headset, call quality is really good.n3. Music quality:- Not bad, that is all via headset. I connected this via the "aux" port of my car stereo and it was better.n4. Loudspeaker:- This is the biggest negative part in my experience.nnNeither Pro - Nor Conn1. Battery:- My WIFI & 3G is always on and my office mail syncs with server every minute with a call duration of atleast 3 hours in a day. Also I have configured my personal mails and facebook. With all these, the battery stays for about 8-10 hours without a recharge. I feel this is OK. However, it takes quite sometime to charge.n2. Accessories:- Apart from handset & battery, you just get a data cable and one charger which is having USB port. The quality is so-so.nnMy Opinion (or verdict)nFor a person with limited budget, this is really a good phone and a good VFM product. None of my opinions here are in comparison with MMX A110 as I have not used it to a considerable extent. I feel I have tried to help others and be as unbiased as possible (or have I added fuel to the confusion!!).nnMy opinion after an year's usage (written on 9/4/14).nA so-so phone. People definitely looks at it and will ask "which phone is this?".nWill I recommend it for others - if you strictly wanted something in this budget, that too android, then go for it, else Lumia series will be better.nnBelow are the problems I have faced.nPrimary plus point of any phone should be call quality - it is strictly average. Avg sound quality & loudspeaker is pathetic, heats up, need to use a headset to make things better.nWhen both the SIMs are active, the battery sucks. It will go down from 100%-15% in about 6-8 hrs (WIFI, NET, Apps accessing net always ON). A strange behaviour, when the battery reaches 4% display will automatically shoot to high. As soon as you plug in, the brightness will be back to normal.nWhen I use both SIMs, the phone have crashed multiple times.nI had to do "reset to factory settings" twice as the phone was behaving erratically. Post reset, it works fine till it develops the syndrome again.nPathetic audio recording capability, I have recorded a live program using Samsung Galaxy 3 iBall and the Samsung had a superb sound quality.nGood video recording, surprisingly, audio recorded with video is better.nnHow long I intend to keep this more.nThe screen is currently broken, till it holds together I will use it. Or till I get fed up with "reset to factory settings".nnDue to all these problems I mentioned, I am reducing the rating to 3.5/5. However, I am not able to give a fractional rating and hence I give it a 4/5 rating.

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