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Idea Blade
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Idea Blade
Out of Stock
₹ 11,849
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> this is a gen2 zte blade. > RAM = 512 MB. > Idea promises it is upgradable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. > Comes with Docs To Go application (paid version) pre-loaded. > Expandable memory upto 32 GB (16 GB in case of Dell XCD 35). > Idea Mall (Idea's own application store) offers some paid apps for free. > The phone is not carrier-locked. i.e., sim cards of other network providers can be used. >> Micro SD card NOT included.

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Caution High Radiation

A little known fact that many cell phone buyers do not know is that this cell phone emits much higher radiation than Nokia, Samsung, or LG. Google 'SAR Shield' to get a guide. High Radiation levels are also noted among Videocon, Spice, Karbonn, and Micromax. Use a headset to reduce the harmful effects of radiation.

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rotting and cm7.1.0

ordered the phone with memory the memory card in 2 days and phone in 5 days. thanks flipart. works with any carrier. im using vodafone. no reconfiguration required for putting non idea sim cards.Good screen resolution and very clear display. camera is good(new harware) touch responsive is also good. internal speaker is very loud but distorted at full vol. provided headset is good only for hands-free conversations and not good for skullcandy earphone works great with it. browsing experience is also good.if u use smart phones earlier then this phone's battery is good. charger looks very pretty. but not good in games Got rooted and installed a custom rom( cyanogenmod 7.1.0 stable). camera hardware is changed so if u install any custom rom then camera won't work( this is for those who rely on phones camera or use camera often) im waiting for the patch that fixes it.hope i get it soon. except that all other apps works. overcloking cpu @ 710 mhz~748mhz is stable. it can play less memory consuming games smoothly after overclocking and some memory consuming games. stock rom was very slow n even angry bird is choppy. for those who are confused with RAM. its is locked. so u won't get the said 512mb. very less free ram around ~30 to ~(can't say)mb. there is a way to unlock all the ram (don't do unless u are sure) by flashing tpt firmware which also repartitions the phone storage, making more internal storage. this methond works with all models of european ones. it will brick the phone if it falls under Chinese Blades, Russian RTK v8s, or CDMA Blades (v880, x880, u880, n880). so im sorting it right now..! if somebody did this on idea blade plz let me know.

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Practical Android Phone Package

To start with I would like to put to rest the RAM Controversy. THIS PHONE IS WITH 256MB RAM, AND 512MB ROM (pg. 117 user manual). Wish flipkart had mentioned this in the specification. This is an excellent phone for the price you pay. All the features available in the high-end android phones are available. I am using this with Airtel Sim, this is working perfectly, all the configurations were pushed to the phone by the service provider immediately on connecting. Display is excellent. The document viewer is preety good and shows all of MS office and PDF documents. It would have been good had the phone come with Indian fonts pre-installed. Specially when this is sold by an Indian service provider. I will deduct a point here. WiFi, Hotspot, and tethering function like charm. no porblem accessing internet both from the phone and laptop connected to it. It seamlessly switches between by home wifi, office wifi and EDGE connectivity while on the move. full marks Capacitive touch screen is smoothe as silk. full marks Absense of 2G uSD is not an issue as anyway one has to purchase a high capacity one to store all the music and videos. No marking here. Battery is good, lasts for the whole day with WiFi ON, and occasionally falling back to EDGE when out of hotspot coverage. I don't normally play game or listen to music on phone, but frequently check mails and browse the web. 700mA battery charger tops up the 1250mAH battery from 20% to 100% in less than 2 hours. Phone heats up a bit while charging. Bottom line: Slightly less in feature, while heavily down on price. Go for it!

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No phone compares this at this price range

I am new to the android and started it with this phone yesterday itself. I must say that my experience is "so far so good". The phone has following pros and cons according to me - Pros : 1) Excellent display/resolution that could be found next in 15k range motorola defy. 2) Very nice touch screen. Smooth as it could be. 3) OK performance 4) Excellent sound at low levels (I am of course not a rock lover). 5) Very elegant look until you hold it in your hand Cons : 1) Plastic type body, poorly fitted buttons which makes it look not expensive when taken in hand. 2) Maximum level of sound is not loud enough (for me its no problem). 3) Earphone given with the pack is 3rd class (or even 4th class). Well, although there are a few cons, as e'body said, there are no cons if price range is taken into account. Considering the unavailability of Spice MI410, Micromax A85, or Olive Smart V-S300 in the market, there is no phone which compares ZTE blade at this price range. I don't regret buying it so far and I'd be happy if I had bought it in 10k as well. 8k is of course an unmatched price.

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