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Karbonn K9
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Karbonn K9
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gud phone

I ordered my karbonn k9 on 16th and it was dispatched the very next day.. they gave me a list of service centres near my place too.. hats off to flipkart service. nnabout the phone: a low cost beauty.nnpros: ndirt cheap rate.nrecharger wire clubs as a data-cable, so no need to buy it separately.nlarge screen, splendid display.nled torch is an added luxurynpretty good battery life.nos is pretty user friendly.nmusic player is real loud, sounds terrific on headphones/speakers.nmusic player/ video players support all common formats.nmessaging is easy.nsupports upto 16gb microsd.nncons:ngood display goes unused as video player lacks video quality.nthe player rejects some files, dont know why, prob as they are above 15mb.nbattery size is 1800mh, which burns ur pocket if a replacement is required.. costs about 500rs.nmusic sound is loud, but not really pleasing to keep it going. a headset is recommended.nphoto viewer rejects files above 450 kb size.nkeypad looks fragile.nthe phone could probably hang up if memory slot is overloaded.nthe camera is a namesake one, but it could turn out handynnThe reason i opted for this phone is that i wanted a low cost phone for my use till end of next yearnwhen im slated to get an android. and i think this model is just too perfect for my 1.8k phone with all possible features i could probably need, including gprs.nnokia handsets offering the same features would have cost me atleast 4k, which is more than two k9s.nnin all, im happy with its performance. its not the best out there, but probably the best for such a cheap rate.nperfect if u want something of everything(features) for cheap.nthe body is simple and neat, luks gud at a glance. rating: 4/5.

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The Best Value for Money Phone!

Great features for a such a price range!nThanks Flipkart for the awesome service!nFor the same features other phones will cost atleast Rs4000.ncall recording,mp3,mp4 playback,music and video player,super nice big and bright screen with good resolution!nHas call recording,mobile tracking software,timer,etc etcnCamera is very good for 1.3mp with features like night mode,continuous pic capture upto 9 pics per clicknThe phone is very fast and quick and the User Interface is very easy to use!nThe dual LED torchlight works wonders(very powerful!)nGames are Pacman,SnakenYou can individually Password lock phonebook,messages,call history,file manager.nAnd last but not the least, Battery life!nWhen i received the phone the batter was half in the indicator, I used it for 4.5 days without charging( i played music,vids, used the camera etc during these days and etc)nExceptionally Good Battery life!nIts also sits well in the hand and feels rightnOverall, i'm more than pleased with the device!

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Jumbo memory and Jumbo battery..YES! But poor build!

For a phone that retails at this price point, the Jumbo K9 is a decent buy. After using it for 2 weeks, I thought I should put in words what I think about this Karbonn product.nnPros:n1. Good large screen for this budget, easy to the eye.n2. Really good battery back-up (main reason for me having this phone)..easily lasts 4-5 days with average multimedia usage.n3. Decent calling capabilities, though voice does seem unclear sometimes from the other end.n4. One-touch calling (a plus point for a dual-SIM phone).n5. Memory storage capacity (16 GB!).n6. Dual-active SIM!n7. Fast and responsive OS, no lag noticed.n8. WAP is very decent....good for checking e-mails on the go.nnCons:n1. The loudspeaker is very mediocre..songs do not 'sound' good at all...definitely need a good pair of headphone to hear music!n2. Keypad is small, not for people who chat a lot using SMS (not a big issue for me though as I am an infrequent 'messager')!n3. The video player and image viewer rejects some files on criteria that are not known to the user (some large files play, some don't! some mp4/avi files play, while some don't!).n4. No data cable, so to remove the memory card every time, you have to remove the battery as well!n5. The camera is plain poor...really of no use...and definitely not a 1.3 MP camera as claimed by the manufacturer...should not have been here...would've been a few bucks cheaper!n6. Really poor built and is fragile (so handle with care); the screen too is a dust/finger-print magnet!nnAll in all, if you are a frequent traveler and need a dual-active SIM phone mainly for calling purpose with a good battery back-up and storage capability...and are willing to 'care' for it at a very reasonable price, go for Jumbo K9...that's precisely why I got it. :-)

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Very battery storage

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Karbon k9does not support java applications

no java support it does not java apps,not good battery back up,it does not support operamini also


jumbo screen and 1.3 mega pixel camera


no java support it does not java apps,not good battery back up,it does not support operamini also

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