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Lenovo A6000 Plus
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Rs 7,499
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Lenovo A6000 Plus
Out of Stock
₹ 7,499
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poor camera (33)
poor phone (133)
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battery heating issue (6)
battery issue (58)
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connectivity issues (15)
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awesome phone (764)
awesome budget phone (8)
value for money (80)
average performance (8)
amazing performance (31)
great sound (35)
hanging issue (199)
poor performance (34)
heating issue (470)
awesome performance (42)
average front camera (1)
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Hanging Issue and all the application getting stuck

Good specification. But did anyone notice any hanging issue like application stuck for a second during use? I am facing this issue every time. Example if i want to scroll the contact it is freezing for a moment periodically. i don't know whether my handset is defective or it is a common problem for all a6000 plus.

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It stopped working after just Three months. The phone is dead now. nIt may be hard luck and I may have got a bad piece.nBut what is unacceptable is their service. It has been 15 Days since I took it to service and till now its not repaired.nSo before you buy a Lenovo A6000 plus consider visiting their service center, You will see a lot of people with faulty A6000 plus there.nnI am giving this phone one star because there is no way to give ZERO star

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very bad phone

i brought this phone during the big billion days..although this phone really boasts about its nice specs, the actual usage shows that the phone is not worth.nit gets hot even for a small usage,nthe battery, drains down to 23 % from 100%, within 2 hours even after keeping the phone in flight mode.noverall i am very much unsatisfied with this product.

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Battery Issue

got the product delivered on 10-may-2015. charged for whole 24hrs, but when turned on @11Am on 11-may-2015 battery=100% @12noon 11-may-2015 battery drops down to 85%.nnNote: During that time (11-12) no sim card inserted, nothing has been done. nnBy 02:40AM 12-May-2015 (i.e total 15hrs of uptime) battery drops to 35% (operations performed - changed theme,connected to wi-fi for 10-15 min max).nnDid any one else face this issue?

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poor battery and heating problem

good only but not much you should take charger in ur hands but in this budget it is good phone better u go to honor mobiles if u have 9000

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