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Lenovo K5 Note
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Rs 12,499
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Lenovo K5 Note
Out of Stock
₹ 12,499
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Good phone; competitive price; HARDWARE issues BAD service

Short description: Great phone, great price, but be prepared to face touch-screen/hardware issues and a lousy customer service as well. :-(nnPhone (4 stars):na) The phone looks fabulous. It's got some nice features too - lot of internal space, 4 GB RAM, fingerprint sensor, VR compatibility, etc.nb) For the first couple of weeks, I didn't observe any issues with the phone, but after that there were severe touch-screen issues (explained below).nnHardware (2 stars): Looks like Lenovo have compromised heavily on hardware Turns out that the processor is cheap - hence they are able to sell the phone at low cost.nb) The touch screen went haywire after 2 months of use - screens moving rapidly; random apps being clicked; Basically, the touch screen sensors were detecting touch from various random parts of the screen simultaneously and continuously; hence the erratic behavior.nd) I ran some antivirus/malware detection apps and didn't find any viruses/malware. The service centre confirmed that this was a hardware issue and the touch panel needed to be replaced.nnService (0 stars): Lenovo service is the lousiest I have come across!na) First of all, you'll have trouble finding an authorized Lenovo service centre for mobiles, because there are just one or two per city (note: the service centres for laptops and mobiles are different).nb) Moreover, most service centres don't pick up calls ever (ref: Lenovo representative at Pimpri service centre).nc) Lastly, they'll try their best to get the customer to pay for hardware again (they quoted Rs 3900 to change top panel including touchscreen), even if the phone is in warranty and is not damaged or tampered.nnHope this helps.

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Great device go for it.....

I wont talk much about the specifications as it is already clearly mentioned on flipkart. I will share only my experience with this device.nnI am using the phone from last 1 and half month. Will break down my review in 3 parts. The pros, cons and what more could be done.nFirst let's see the pros that make it the best value for money phone currently in the market.nn* Battery : easily getting around 6 hours of screen on time. Battery is an issue with smartphones today. This phone is just a beast. It easily get overs a full day with quite heavy usage.nn* Screen Quality: easily one of the best screen we can find in the market at this price point. Very vibrant crisp and colours seems very bright. There is some kind of protection on the screen making it smudge free.nn*Build Quality: nothing sort of amazing. The metal body feels sturdy and give a premium feel. The design is very ergonomic. The phone is also very light weight and looks great.nn* Fingerprint Scanner: the scanner is blazing fast. The position is perfect for using your index finger to unlock. I tried it using 5 different fingers it without any hiccup.nn* processor: the Helio P10 64- bit is not the latest but is very smooth and amazingly powerful. I was bit sceptical about it at the beginning, but am really blown up by the processing speed and it's power handling whatever thrown at it. Heating is comparatively very minimal.nn* Clear voice calls: this is a neglected aspect but K 5 note has done a great job here. The calls are crystal clear without any distortion. VoLTE is an added functionality that is the future of the mobile networks soon. So you can be future proof with the device.nn*Heavy gaming: not an issue with the fast professor and ample RAM of 4GB. Can play any graphic intensive game easily. Also the device doesn't get heated up to an uncomfortable level. So that is a plus.nn* Sound quality speaker and headphones: the speaker is satisfactory. The quality is excellent. Theatermax technology with Dolby Atoms system makes it totally different from the other phones. The sound through headphones are really amazing and crisp. Use good quality headphones, I use sennheisers gives a great output. Love the sound output through the headphones.n*Sensors: all major sensors present in the device.nnSshhhuu. A lot of pros.. Let's check out the cons now.nn* Charging time: there is fast charge 1. But sadly that is not fast compared to today's standards where many devices are coming around with fast charge option. The battery is huge so it would really take a long 2 to 3 hours to charge from 0-100%.n* Camera: The Camera in this segment is one of the best (except Mogo G Camera). The Quality is great in ample lighting conditions. But little bit struggle in low light and complex lighting conditions. LED flash gives a better exposed picture in darkness. Hope it gets a little better with software updates. That can be done and it is also expected as the sensor is quite good.n* No water resistance: yeah that is a must now a days owing to the changing trends in the smartphones usage. You can live without it but it's good to have it .n*Still this cons doesn't take away the crown of best value for money smartphone in the market at present.nnI would like to make a special mention here about system lack which i am facing after getting OTA Volte update, Some times android systems stops working during gaming and even during the calls which needs to be addressed by the lenovo team. that's the main reason I have given only 4 stars to this phone.nnWhat Lenovo can improve in the device.n* Make the camera performance a little better especially in low light conditions. Hope that is coming soon in the next updates.n* Add functionality like scrolling, shutter button and app lock option to the Fingerprint Scanner and we can expect that very soon in the next updates. Especially the app lock option. That is very handy and useful.n*Improve the RAM management.nLenovo should address the issue of above mentioned system lack during the calls and gaming which has occurred only after Volte update.nnSorry I guess I took a lot of time..nnHope the review is helpful. If you find it helpful rate it as helpful. That is appreciated.nnWish everyone happy Diwali. Enjoy t

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Good product.except only two slots

Sim2 either sim nor memory card..disappointed.

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Pls read imp notes before purchase

When I was purchase this item there is not mention 2nd nano sim/micro sd card optional now they added into important notes my 32gb useless due to this thing...

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Pretty good

After use for 15days review is wow.. a worth for money.. the only flaw I found is the cell got stuck suddenly and the range disappears.. so can anyone solve this issue is to why the range disappeared and the cell got stuck...

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