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Lenovo P780
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Lenovo P780
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Some facts about Lenovo P780 after 4 months of usage

The Lenovo P780 is an exceptional phone to my knowledge and as per my requirements... About the specifications of the phone, you can read other reviews and will get comprehensive evidence that the phone stands out in many of it's features... nnThis review is mainly for those who have doubts about some issues they are or may face... and after I have used it for more than 4 months thus far:nn1. Internal Memory (8GB): It is divided into 2 segments - n(i) Internal storage [This is mainly for installing your apps](Total space 4.38 GB) - After I've installed my apps (which includes 14 games (Trials Frontier, Galaxy Legend, Gunship Battle, RoboCop, RealSteelWRB, Hungry Shark, Lawless, Firefight, Smash Heat, Mutant Roadkill, Can knockdown 3 and other Can you escape games in addition to the pre-installed Asphalt 7.... Other apps like Evernote, FB, JetAudio, SketchbookX, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Instagram, Vonage + a couple more) I still have 1.50 GB available for more apps... Of course, I've moved some of the Games App files to an external SD Card (16GB)... n(ii) Built-in Storage [This is mainly for your files, docs, photos, videos etc.](Total space available 2.87GB) - I still have 2.04GB available, inspite of not having stored anything in that... some of the space is used up by Lenovo/ Android system files.nn2. External SD Card for additional storage (supports upto 32GB)nn3. Issues regarding USSD notifications (For prepaid connections regarding call usage and balance): I used to use an app that was available called "USSD to Notification"... which resolved that issue... but, now I've uninstalled it since that issue and many other issues have been addressed in the firmware upgrade P780_8G_ROW_S124_140403... n4. Wifi and network connectivity: This was never an issue as my phone was able to connect to my wifi router from more than 1700 sq. feet... that is, I live in an apartment and I could access my wifi from my neighbour's flat as well as from my balcony... nSome who may have issues with this, I'd suggest updating your firmware to the latest one: P780_8G_ROW_S124_140403...nn5. Dual Sim: I use Vodafone(3G) and Airtel (2G)... Both work fine without any issues... However, I have noticed that when I swap Airtel to Sim1 and use 3G on Airtel the battery drains out faster than when I use Vodafone 3G... so, I've stopped using Airtel 3G and stick with Vodafone... This is specific to my area of operation in Bangalore... nn6. Battery use: With both sims installed and usage of social networking apps like fb, whatsapp, instagram and atleast half-an-hour of intense gaming in addition to calls, I get 2 full days of usage on a single charge.... With lesser usage I sometimes get upto 3 days... nn*Important observation:* I've noticed that the battery starts draining quicker as new apps are installed and over a period of a week or two.... This is where Lenovo's Battery Calibration tool comes handy.... When you feel the battery is not lasting as it used too... I suggest you first reboot your phone or drain the battery 100% then run the Battery Calibration atleast once a month... and the battery again will start to last longer.nn7. Operating Temperatures: When the phone is charging the temperature goes upto 45°C so never use the phone (all cellphones)... During intense gaming: the temperature goes up to 40°C.... and during normal usage of browsing, fb, whatsapp, calls, watching videos for upto 2 hours, the temperature stays within the range of 30°C to 35°C... nn8. OTG Cable: An excellent accessory provided by Lenovo where I can connect an external USB/ pen drive and access my files, movies, music... I've tested it for upto 8GB pen drives and it works flawlessly... Also, I was able to charge my Samsung Tab 3 with it... :)nn9. Update your firmware: This is very important, since it fixes many issues like network an wifi if you have and video playback issue where you can now use the seek to move forward into the video.... nn10. Calls: When you are outside and there is heavy traffic sound or in a train or railway station, use the feature of the smart sound that Lenovo provides, your caller will be surprised at the noise cancellation and won't believe that you are actually out... But, when you are indoors, DISABLE the smartsound otherwise your caller on the other end will not be able to hear you well.nn11. Music & Camera: Music app (Google Player is rubbish) JetAudio provides superior sound and equalizers to enhance your listening experience... Stock Earphones are OK not great... Camera is exceptional, if you know how to efficiently use it.... Low light photos are not so great, but otherwise day shots are pretty good....nnLastly but not least, the delivery from Flipkart was exceptional, I ordered the phone at 6pm on 17th Jan and to my surprise got delivery on 18th Jan at around 1 pm.. that is less than 24 hrs.... Kudos man!!nnI hope this review was useful to someone.... Enjoy your phone. :)

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Awesome mid range phone

Ive always been a Samsung user. Picked up this phone to break the cycle.nnHave been using it for 3 days now feedback as below:nn1. Battery life is amazing. I used it for close to 40 hrs (approximately 6 hrs 3g) and I still had 5% left to let me go for another hour.nn2. When I first charged my phone after the first complete cycle the battery charged a bit too fast and drained faster. I thought the phone was defective, but then its just one of lenovos tools that are available to correct the issue. A battery calibration, post running that the phone worked like a charm. The power tool installed on the phone gives you an amazing insight on the battery use and time available.nn3. Refreshing UI - After getting bored of the Samsung touch wiz, Lenovo has come with some brilliant UI and animations. It has an inbuilt clean up app, a lotus widget and a magic weather widget. Most of the preinstalled games and apps (other than proprietary apps) are uninstallable, thereby reducing the bloatware factor.It has 6-7 inbuilt themes which are really cool. The phone has zero lag on the UI. It has Super gallery which is styled to display videos and photos in a windows 8 tablet format.nn4. Camera: Rear 8mp : Pictures indoor are noisy, but when you switch to HDR mode it clears to give good pix. Front cam: The front cam is VGA so don't expect much. Good modes and zero lag between pictures getting clickednn5. The 8gb version of the phone gives the user 2.21 gb for apps and 2.8gb as built in storage apart from 32 gb expandable storage.nn6. Though the phone is not unibody the battery cannot be removed, however Lenovo has provided a rest button to use in the phone in case it hangs.nn7. Looks: Absolutely brilliant. Full metal back cover which acts as radiator and keeps the phone cool at all times. The phone though heavy is very easy to grip in one hand and use with ease. For phone with such a big battery the weight and thickness are not comparable, its pretty slim. The HD dispay complements the phones looks.nn8. Gaming: Candy crush, subway surfers, temple run work perfect with no lag, however its not a device meant for 3d games.nn9. Built in google keyboard with the slide feature. Gesture support is available on the phone. eg you raise the phone to the ear and it auto answers, when the phone rings it you lift the phone the volume of the ringtone decreases etc.nn10. Sound Quality: The speakers are placed in such a manner even if place the phone on the back and listen to music/ watch movies there is no distortion or muffling of the sound. Crystal clear!. nn11. Call quality - the noise cancellation mics on the phone are brilliant!! Crystal clear sound with no disturbance. Truly one of the clearest phones.nnOverall im extremely happy with the phone. Yes if the front cam was 2 mp and the ram was 2gb it would have been an even more awesome phone, but for now this is the phone to buy if your budget is 18K. I was thinking about the canvas, however trusted the Lenovo brand over it and am really happy about the same.nnCheers!

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Did Some Research And some Digging too

I am from chennai , I was/am looking for buying a phone under 20k .. Initially I was impressed by the phone's specs . and read good reviews in NDTV reviews and in flipkart too .nnBut later did some research on problems faced by the buyers , to my surprise I found a lot of people complaining about the phone. You can find them in Lenovo P780 problem forums (in lenovo's site itself) and reviews on GSM arena reflected the same.nI also happened to find video's made by the buyers illustrating the phones inability to catch wi-fi signals just 2 meters away from the router , where as other phones did !! ..nnLater I also happened to witness my own friend returning p780 and exchanged it with lenovo S890 , in just 2 days of buying from univercell.nSo My sincere advise is ,not to go for the phone.and waste hard earned money on thisnnIf its not your money , then fine , you can be a good spendthrift ,who also happens to be a loser .nI am giving 5 stars just because, I want it to surface up when you are reading good reviews , Many fail to read the bad ones.

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Phone junk in 5 months.and worst service by FKsupplied warranty voided phone

I Bought this phone 8 months back. There was some problem with first set. Flipkart was kind enough to replace. Phone worked good for 5 months. Then problems started. Its so called monster battery started draining very fast. Initially it used to give backup upto 40 hrs but now just 24 hrs .I removed power consuming apps, reset and no improvement. I was OK with even 24 hrs battery life but soon its mobile network failed. Both sims show just a cross near tower icon and searching all the time for network. Again I updated official firmware and kitkat update, problem was not solved. I went to lenovo service center at Vashi and now biggest frustration-nnLenovo said phone can not be covered under warranty. Reason - two screws on back sideways are missing. There was supposed to be a seal also on one of those screws which now was obviously missing. nnI have never opened this mobile. Had I opened, seal on battery must have been also broken which it wasn't. When I received mobile there was only one seal on the back, which was on battery, to give caution about warranty. It means when I received mobile, there were no sideways screws or extra seal. How a naive customer (other than one working in lenovo service center) is supposed to know about a missing seal and screws? nOnly explanation to this, I was supplied a phone by flipkart for which warranty was already void. Furious with this cheating by flipkart, I complained to them sending picture of mobile etc. I was told by customer care that we supply genuine product blah blah blah and they cant do any thing. They refused to take any responsibility and also never sent a final reply on mail, just one sentence that we tried to contact you but I was unreachable. Now I AM STUCK WITH THIS NONWORKING JUNK PHONE. nnDear FK, ndo you also want to become like other traditional Indian companies who earn customer's trust in the beginning by luring them with offers etc and then try to earn profit by supplying faulty and tempered products? Probably I was supplied a repaired and tempered phone when I asked for replacement within one month. Your whole online business runs on one thing - trust. Which now is broken atleast with me. Shall we get our phone checked with authorized dealer once we receive it from you? And what am I supposed to do now? I will see your honesty if you do not remove this feedback and let other customers read about my worst experience with you. nnHappy selling, our suffering

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Complete disatisfaction wit flipkart..

i bought this phone in flipkart. its been just 6 - 7 months, my phone fell down n display broke n stopped working.. service people are asking 10k to fix it.. i open d back panel of d mobile, i accidentally noticed tat 3 screw's are missing.. i never gave it fr service anywhere before.. its a reconditioned old mobile.. completely not satisfied wit flipkart... sincere advice to my fellow friends plsss dont buy any electronic gadgets from flipkart, its completely unsafe... and the display of lenovo is costlier than Note 2 display which costs 8k... totally not satisfied with lenovo products and services.. nand also the seller.. Never Ever Buy for "WSRETAILS"

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