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Microsoft Lumia 550
Out of Stock
Rs 5,499
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Microsoft Lumia 550
Out of Stock
₹ 5,499
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Lumia is best

believe me guys its a osum phone,,,,, i ws a apple user nd this phn is better than iphone 5c( acc. to price nd quality),,, i love my lumia 550

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Brilliant OS & Best Interfacing

This phone have best interfacing and if we talk about OS, After using it I feel android OS is just like china phone. Win OS is just like iOS. If you haven't try this OS before, You should try it once. This device is absolutely Business, through which you can control PC from ur bed. So go ahead guys.

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Classy and put other products in bin.

Microsoft Lumia 550 is flavoured with winten (Windows 10). 45% of Battery was left though the mobile was used for movie watching about1.5hrs, internet via wifi about 30min, whats app chatting about 20 min, ideal about 2 hrs and setting up the mobile for about 20 min. Display was eye pleasing and more than great, Touch sensitivity was amazing and winten response was blink quick. I played the inbuilt games and found great but no comments on premium games and gaming is not my application. I won't suggest this mobile for gaming. I had trouble in uploading the first document to one drive, rest of the documents were quick in uploading and universal office experience is excellent. Mobile handy and grippy (I have the black one) White colour comes with shiny back so found to be slippy. Mobile has a single hole speaker outlet and I don't think it's a disadvantage as we can simply avoid noise by one touch when we are in more employees @ office space or in temples. Headset music experience was average. Greatest disappointment is 550 io not dok compatible. I recommend this mobile for the people who look for professional application.

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A good phone for the Price you are paying

Microsoft continues to ship Economy Phones with Quality. I waited for a month ore more before I bought this phone for my wife, and I can say that I am happy (coz she is happy). Quite frankly was waiting for Lumia 650 to come into India Market. But when I saw the price at which 650 was placed (~15k), I felt that 550 was much more "Value for Money"! There are so many negative reviews out there which I felt are a bit negatively prejudiced about Lumia / Windows Phone, so Let me list out the Pro's and Cons for Device vs. the OS alone separately. I hope this helps the buyers out there. About the Phone: Pros: 1. A nice looking phone which fits into your hand. 2. Very lightweight 3. Excellent Battery Backup 4. A decent Camera (both primary and secondary). You can't complain about the photographs and videos coming out of it really. Cons: (None of these were show stoppers for me though) 1. Heating Issue: Yes it exists, but NOT so much that people are really crying out there in the reviews. Moto G's and E's of the World for that matter have the same issue in this price range. 2. Display: The display is good, but it's not IPS LCD. You'll make that out only if you are paying that extra attention. 3. No Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Yup. The screen / glass is not toughened, and if you are not careful you'll start seeing some scratches on it eventually. So I advise that you have a good screen-guard / scratch-guard put onto it immediately. Overall as a Phone, Lumia does the best in its price range. If someone is looking for a good Windows Phone in this range, this is the phone. About Windows 10 OS: Pros: 1. Windows Phone 10 is just great. You have much more matured options in all aspects: UI, Usability, Settings, Manageability etc. etc. 2. I would stress on the fact that I am not such a fan of Android or iOS mainly because they haven't changed their fundamental UI in years now. Windows offers a completely different and a much user friendly experience to its users. My Dad who used all android phones before is insisting only on Windows because it's easier. Same with my Wife. 3. Apps: Well this is debatable. I haven't faced any problem in this area but some people do. There are some excellent Apps and Games available in Windows Store. Microsoft's own Apps are unbeatable e.g. Office Apps, or Remote Desktop or some XBox Games. Cons: 1. Windows Phone 10 seems to be a bit slower than 8.1. I admit that I have 100+ Apps pn my phone, but that wasn't an issue with 8.1. For a regular smart phone usage I wouldn't say it would affect anyone so much. 2. But when it comes to Apps coming from external vendors e.g. Ola, Uber, BookMyShow, FoodPanda (and the likes of these), the natural order in which these companies release any updates is iOS and Android first, and then to Windows Phone. Some Apps updates come very late to Windows Phones. Microsoft may have to do something here. 3. Maps: I was a fan of HERE Maps in 8.1. But when I upgraded to Windows Phone 10, I was shocked to see that there was no natural upgrade. We suddenly have to use Windows Maps App (still shows HERE in the Credits), but this looks a much more lowered capability version. Most surprisingly, the Collections / Favourites you have created earlier in the HERE Maps Account are not migratable to Windows Maps. And I have some 200+ locations stored in the Collections that way. This is a major heartache. 4. Windows Store App: Somehow the WIndows Store App itself seems to have lesser capabilities than what it used to in 8.1. Overall, at the OS level I am still alright, because I am still able to get all my things done the way I used to earlier. I also feel that the issue with Apps and OS would be solved through future updates that Microsoft will release. Hope this helps! All the Best for your phone purchase! Cheers, Atul

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windows 10 OS for mobile still needs huge updates

Phone features are very good, but I think Windows OS 10 yet not tested completely by MS Store application is worst, No application got downloaded, even core apps not got updated. So I return the phone with in one day

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