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Motorola Moto X Force
Out of Stock
Rs 15,999
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Motorola Moto X Force
Out of Stock
₹ 15,999
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Moto X Force May the force be with you

After using this device for few days I must say this device is a worthy Flagship. All those Buttery hands and performance freaks give it a try. nnDesign: Sturdy and long lasting. It feels good to hold this device in hand. apart from shatter shield , back of this device is made of ballistic nylon which is used in bullet proof equipments. Screen size might be a drawback for some people like me. Phones above 5 inch screen size are not easy to hold and use with one hand. Still I'm satisfied with the way it is made with narrow bezels and screen to body ratio of 69-70% , making it a bit compact than others. This Device feels good to hold. nnPerformance: I got it on android 6.0 out of the box. Device runs perfectly fine, there is no lag at all. Play whatever games you want to. Multitasking and everything is butter smooth. Benchmark Rating of this device is slightly better than other snapdragon 810 devices with 3gb ram. Moto exclusive features like voice, display , actions are too good. nnDisplay: Display is something that surprised me. I wanted to to see how display looks like after that much protection and it really excellent. Bright and Natural colours. I was expecting heating issue because of snapdragon 810 but there isn't any such issue at all it remains cool and works smooth. nnCamera: Camera is better than expected.. Front camera is too good. CCT flash is plus point. Camera in low light is good. OIS would have been a good addition. It has got dxo rating of 84 which lies in top 4 fr camera. nnSound Quality: Despite Not have stereo speakers at top and bottom it does have good and loud speakers. I compared it to style and it works as good as moto x style. Dedicated 5 mic technology and sound reduction are like gems to this device. nnBattery: Battery is one of the biggest advantages of this device. whopping 3760 MAh with turbo charging technology. With one full charge I spend my whole day with 15-25% remaining. It gives charge of around 8 hours of standard use within 15 minutes. It also supports QI wireless charging. nnAdvantages:n1.Shatter shield and sturdy back( ballistic nylon) n2. Moto x exclusive features like moto voice , display, actions n3. Stock Android ( 6.0 out of the box) n4. Free from malware and extra apps which makes phone a bit slow n5. Camera with dxo rating of 84n6. Smooth Performance n7. 5 mic technology n8. Long Lasting Battery with turbo and wireless charging. nDisadvantages n1. Although I did not find any disadvantage as such but still an addition of certain thing like OIS, Fingerprint sensor would have been better. n2. Price might disappoint most of the people as Motorola generally keeps price slightly lower than other. But Still this device worth its price. nnVerdict: Despite price being on Higher side I would suggest everyone to spend a bit exta penny to experience this beast. May the force be with you.

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OK Phone but heats up, flipkart service terrible

Got this phone on 29th and used it for about an hour or so. At first it looked like a great phone especially with the offer. but after opening the camera it started getting extremely hot. And after cooling down i decided to run temple run 2 which also got it pretty hot around around 40-42 degrees. While charging the battery temp is constantly at 43-44 degrees. Which is fine if the phone case wasn't heating up like crazy, it gets so hot you cant hold it in your hands after a while. The flipkart rep says that a temperature of 45 is normal which i thought was ridiculous and wouldn't accept the return. (definitely NOT hassle free) the smartcheck thing they run looks like a simple tool that tells you what the current temp is and as i ran it after just booting up the phone, it showed a normal temperature. after that he refused to believe me that it gets hot in usage and kept saying you cant keep apps in the background, i think maybe he forgot its not some budget phone. its the moto flagship and should be able to easily handle about 3-4 apps in the background. nSo all in all its an OK phone if you can deal with the heating issue by using a plastic cover, however constant battery temps of 40+ will reduce the battery life by 15-20% after a period. But the flipkart service is horrendous and unfriendly, the rep even raised his voice. Definitely my last purchase here.nEdit: It did shut down from heating once and wouldnt start. however its been working today. but it still heats up

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Handy or Inconvenient is the way you see it.

Moto X force is an exceptional mobile for the ones who waited so long and totally off the hook for the ones who think otherwise.nnPROS:nn1. First thing first. Shatterproof AMOLED 5.4 inches display with Resolution of 1440 x 2560 display with a good pixel density ~540 PPI. And comes with 4 year warranty for the display screen alone. n2. Bags Camera with 21 MP rear with dual-LED flash and 5 MP front facing including flash. n3. External SD card capacity is up to 2TB.n4. Best part of external SD card capacity is, with Marshmallow update(pre-updated), you can treat your SD card as internal memory. which means you dont have to think of installing any number of apps and not worry of internal space anymore :) :) n5. Power key and the back plate are textured giving a good grip.n6. Good gesture controls for fast flash light and camera. Yes! now you can't miss a shot.n7. Non- removable battery comes with mammoth 3760 mAh. Yes best of Motorola yet.n8. With Motorola Adaptive Turbo Power Charger, you can now charge for 15 minutes that could last for 8 hours.n9. Supported by Wireless charging( not included in the package) n10. Has NFC and Infrared Features. nnCONS:nn1. First thing first. Price is comparatively too high to other brands of equivalent specs n2. Mammoth Battery isn't holding good enough with WiFi enabled.n3. Fingerprint sensor isn't included.n4. Although Dual SIM is included, it is of no use when you have external SD card in use.n5. OIS for video capturing isn't available n6. Front facing camera looks little off the '5-MP' mark.n7. USB 2.0 which means it isn't USB type C yet. n8. Gets overheated often.n9. No stereo speaker compared to close relative Moto X StylennnSo folks, like I said, it is an excellent device for the ones who treasure 'Branded devices' which comes off with an exceptional specifications. But on the other hand, it is not of the choice for the ones who looks for specs more than the brand.

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No Return from FlipKart

**11-May-2016 - Start**nI brought this Moto X Force on 27th April-2016 by paying 38000. Flipkart sent defective piece where there was multiple scratches, Speaker is defective and phone is getting hanged in every 15 min.. When I called FlipKart today (11 May-2016) the customer care representative of FlipKart spoke to me very roughly and bluntly refused to return. She did not even understand my issue. She just asked me to visit Moto Service center. Its not even 30 days I have purchased the phone. Flipkart has 30 days return policy but its not being followed practically for high priced items. I am going to resubmit the refund request one more time now (11 May-2016). I will keep on posted on the progress.nnI will request to FlipKart if they are reviewing the comments please reach out to me on my registered phone number after you see this review. I can re-explain the issue.nnI have also recorded the conversation I had with FlipKart customer care representative which I would like to share with you so that you can take corrective actions. Please let me know how to Share the recordings I have with your customer care representative.nn**11-May-2016 - End**

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Dual SIM not working

On Flipkart page there is "important note" mentioning this phone is hybrid dual SIM, but in the received one hybrid SIM slot is not detecting. Is it a malpractice done by Flipkart to sell off this item or I received defective item?nnThe phone performance, battery, charging and design are awesome.

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