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Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) 16GB
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Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) 16GB
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poor camera (8)
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connectivity issues (29)
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awesome phone (989)
awesome budget phone (11)
value for money (107)
average performance (8)
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great sound (47)
hanging issue (393)
poor performance (66)
heating issue (367)
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Not a wow phone!!

1. Battery drains too fast with 3G. It doesn't last above 6 hours if you stay connected with 3G.n2. Display and camera quality are not good even wit 8 MP camera. Even the screen size is 5 inch, still its ~294 ppi pixel density which makes poor clarity than its earlier version which is ~326 ppi pixel densityn3. Touch is not sensitive. Sometimes requires 2 or 3 touches to do an actionn4. Mobile heats like anything.nnFake Offers & Demandsn---------------------------------nI bought 2 nos Moto G 2nd gen on very launch date 6th Sep 2014, 12.05 AM. The prices of covers and cases looks funny (you declared the customers as fools).nI am provided with 50% off on cases & covers. Till now I didnt receive any sign of availing the offer. Called plenty of times with customer care and sent plenty of emails and got some irrelevance or improper response.nnDo you want the customers to wait more than 10 days and run behind you to avail the offer?nnPlenty of fraudulent things under Terms and condition. Saddest thing is it is not visible anywhere when you place the order.nnI promise this would be my last order in flipkart. If you guys keep on treat customers like idiots, soon you will lose them.

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I am having trouble while calling From My Moto G 2nd Gen,

It Seems that during call the person on opposite side can hear mynvoice but I cant hear him, this problem is since i have bought thenphone,nnI thought this is an ordinary problem but it's not, It happens manyntimes, The call doesn't work unless and until I restarts the phone,

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Flipkart Shame on you and your service !!!

I have been a loyal customer of flipkart over the last couple of years.. But what i have faced this time what i have experienced is completely "Unprofessional and unacceptable" nI ordered this handset on 6th of june and used the faster delivery option by paying a premium of 90 and got it delivered on 7th June. Within the first 5 days of delivery, we understood that the product we have received is definitely faulty and defective. The phone does not have 1 or 2 problems but has only problem areas. nnThe following are the defects in this phone: n- Phone is super slow and takes 30 seconds to swipe from one app to another; tapping on a single application takes more than 25-30 seconds to wait.. Swyping on texts take like forever.. It is super slow and definitely has some hardware/software issue. n- It gets stuck and does not work for minutes at a stretch n- The display is distorted and the wallpaper gets topsy turvy; you can see static on screen every now and then n- Worst touch ever; it seems somebody has used the phone before and returned it. you have to tap cou-ple of times to get it working n- Battery drains in no time and there is an excessive heating issue as well. nThere are so many issues in this new phone that there is no second thought that the handset delivered is FAULTY and defective... PERIOD !!! nI WANT TO GET THIS PHONE REPLACED IMMEDIATELY otherwise all the damn promises and replacement claims Flipkart is making are simply FUTILE AND MARKETING GIMMICK !!!! nnTo top it all, once i made the relevant complaint to replace the product - i got a call from customer care to reset the product once again and to download the application smartchk - Also i was told that i will be sent a text which will have timelines for next call and i ll be provided pin for the application.. But to my surprise, all that was farce on phone to delay the process longer and i was mailed today by Flipkart that my " Complaint and return request stands rejected as the matter has been resolved between buyer and seller"....WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN AND HOW ???????? I NEVER GAVE MY CONSENT ON THE SAME, AND I STILL HAVE THE SAME SHITTY PHONE ....nnFLIPKART TEAM, Stop this business and shut the shop if you are handling your loyal customers this way by luring them into confidence and then rejecting their genuine requests.. I WANT AN UPDATE NOW ON MY CASE, IF POSSIBLE

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Battery draining so fast and Phone is getting heated up quickly

Very bad experience with my new phone and flipkartnnElectric shock from the speaker metal while charging with my laptop usb,nBattery Draining so fast, phone getting heated up quickly

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Battery Big Issue

Below are the problem that I am facing:-nn1. Charger gets headed.n2. Its take around 4 hours to get 100% charged.n3. Battery does not last even 6 hours.n4. Not caching 3G network signal properly.n5. Phone gets headed.n6. Video quality is not good.

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