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Nokia Lumia 800
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Rs 13,299
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Nokia Lumia 800
Out of Stock
₹ 13,299
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A Fantastic Phone

This is a fantastic phone and is highly recommended. A fresh OS and much need change from Android and iOS.nnAnd please dont be misguided by reviewers and analysis based on only the specifications. (e.g single core processor, 512 MB RAM etc.)If only compared at a hardware level, new android devices in this price range would score better.nnI suggest you to have a hands on experience of this phone and I bet you will love it. I read a review yesterday which compared the new nexus with lumia and nexus scored against the lumia on almost all fronts, but in the verdict the reviwer says that even though that is the case, the whole experience that lumia gives makes him recommened Nokia Lumia over the Nexus. As a Lumia owner, I can understand what he means.nnAnd just for the record, I dont work for MS or Nokia. I just bought the Lumia last week and am loving the phone. RECOMMENDED.

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Too Good...!!!

Mango Beats apple guys. This is a must have one. May be Samsung Omnia W might have a better screen and cost. The choice is your's. But Microsoft has done an awsome Job here. Especially after the update which fixes Twitter and FaceBook. The most userfriendly i've ever seen. Android 2.3 looks cheap in from of Mango(Windows Mobile7.5).

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Love it!

This is the best phone running Windows Phone 7 out there in the market. The stunning AMOLED screen with CBT is one of the best screens in the market. Many would object that SGSII has the best screen but SGSII's whites are bluish whereas Lumia 800's are not. Some would say that it does not have a dual core processor but the fact is that WP7 does not needs dual core processor, its fast and responsive and does not lags,ever and Android always does. With bonus features of Nokia on WP7 like NokiaDrive and NokiaMusic it gives a very beautiful user experience.nIf you are a developer or something then android would be a nice OS for you but if you are looking for something different with all features any other phone has and in a better way,then this one is for you.nTo tell the truth,Android is an ugly OS. You may use any custom ROM but it is still ugly and with touchwiz Samsung makes it even uglier,HTC sense is still better. WP7 is a beautiful OS with social networking embedded in it and one of the best user experiences. Good Luck!

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The most beautiful and smoothest phone ever made.

It doesnt matter if a phone is dual core or single core. Trust me WP7 devices are insanely smooth & buttery to interact with. Even more than iOS and Android.nMetro UI is incredible. Everything is just so logical, clean and plain fun to use.nThe problem of battery backup has also been solved in the software update.nMarket place has very useful and high quality apps growing day by day.nPrice maybe a bit high, but note that you are paying for an incredible machine with best hardware quality ever with 1.4GHz processor, with multitasking WP7.

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This is a great phone. Nokia you have arrived finally and with a bang.It is the best phone available today in the market. Forget Samsung galaxy etc..just holding the Lumia gives you a different experience. Great engineering product from Nokia Lumia 800. I have used Galaxy 2 and iPhone but belive me the Lumia phone physical quality is robust and OS is like butter.Noting comparable either from Samsung or iPhone. Future will be for Nokia once again.

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