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Nokia Asha 300
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Nokia Asha 300
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no wifi,nits resistive touch,npoor 2.4 inch screen,nvery old symbian OS,nno multitasking,nno gps,neven with all the drawbacks, it costs high, better u go for galaxy y..nreally galaxy y is comparatively much better than this..

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Great Phone

I got this phone 5 days back, i found it as very good phone and this got good battery backup and also touch touch is sensitive enough.. i like internet options, value for money.ns40 phone having touch / home screen customization / face book integration / good camera/ good music is good option. n gaming (angry bird )/ fast typing on key board. 1 ghz processor.. startup is just few sec. good music option.. I think for this segment phone very good to use. nI got this phone for my bro-in-law.. he likes very simple phones for usage and he liked it very much finally.

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Nokai 300 decent value for money

Pros:nn - has 3G, which is great for downloads and other internet-heavy stuff (skype, whatsapp is available for S40 phones)n - is a Nokia: they are famous for durable phones, and this one is pretty strong :)n - has wonderful, wonderful, wonderful audio qualityn - comes with Nokia Music, which is a fantastic app on 3G (downloading is actually as fast as the ads show, and the songs are good quality)n - comes with 2 GB memory card (at no extra cost)n - screen is largish enough (for this price range, 2.4" is pretty good)n - touch interface is clean, neatn - has a shortcut key for accessing message-writing and inbox, which functions no matter what app you have openedn - the 5 MP camera is a good deal for the price (but don't expect too much from image quality)n - has some pretty interesting ringtonesn - if your touch gets spoilt, you can still make calls nnCons:nn - can't run apps in the background. For instance, if you have opened whatsapp, there is no way to hide whatsapp and do something else. Whatsapp asks you if you want to hide it, and when you say yes, it exits the app. After you have exited whatsapp, you will get notifications of messages, but you cannot hide it. The same for Nokia Music, and other apps.nn - the body size of the handset is not broad enough for typing (this is subjective, can differ from person to person)n - the typing keys are a little too firm, makes typing inconvenient n - the voice clarity function is strange, doesn't really make any difference to the voice qualityn - the inbuilt email client interface doesn't load all your emails - some of them, including the ones that you have composed/sent via your phone, not all your mails and sent mailsn - I've experienced problems with the touch function. On 3 occasions, the touch went bizarre for about 3/4ths of the day. I couldn't open any apps or do any messaging. (I have been using this phone for the past 4 months.)nnWhy did I buy this phone? I wanted whatsapp, I wanted to experiment with touch interface. But I am a traditional typing person - I like using the keypad while messaging, so that's why I was looking for a touch-type phone. I don't like blackberry-type phones because they keys are too small for me. This phone was a good combination for me.nnIf you carry your music in your phone and use it as a loudspeaker device for your music (while bathing, during parties :D), then get a good pair of headphones, and this phone can become a really good ipod/mp3 player replacement. The audio quality is fantastic, there's a lot of space because apps don't eat up much space (and you already have a 2 GB card free!), and the loudspeaker is pretty awesome too.nnIf you're a touch-and-type person, and you have a fondness towards Nokia, this phone is pretty good for you. But think of other options, this is not a spectacular phone that should be number 1 on your list. Buy your phone from flipkart (wonderful service, as usual) but find out if your phone is physically compatible for you at a shop. That's the mistake I made - I should have checked out this phone in my hands before buying it. :)

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Nice buy

Nice phone. Value for money for the people who want to buy for parents. This does have Touch screen + keypad which is helpful especially for the old age people or who want to move from keypad phones to touch screen. nnI bought it for my Dad who has only used keypad phones all years. He really liked it. nPros:n- Touch sensitive, works well. Good for people who want keypad + touch screen optionsn- Well spaced keys, easy to operaten- Nokia suite works fine for sync needsn- Customizable home screenn- Speed dial, extremely helpful for parent aged peoplennCons:n- No Wi-fi, would have been a good additional feature at this pricen- Low volume

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Nokia Asha 300

It has touch and type both so it is a very good featurenUse facebook on one click its a very good featuren2G and 3G internet both work so its a very good featurenSupport "WhatsApp" so its a added advantagenBattery backup is good and it happens with all mobile phone if you use internet the batter get end fast.nmessage sending option as conversation is a good feature.ngood phone to buy.

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