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Nokia Lumia 625
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Nokia Lumia 625
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Just a few clarifications

People complaining about this being a waste of money.nFirstly the price was high at the time of launch. That is the case with every new product.nNow it has been priced reasonably.nnFew reasons the price is higher that Lumia 720:n•Full HD (1080p) video recording on Lumia 625 as opposed to HD (720p) on Lumia 720.n•PureMotion screen with 60Hz refresh rate (found otherwise only on the 920,925 and 1020). (It does lack ClearBlack display though. And also Glance Screen feature isn't supported.)n•Nokia Music subscription is for 6 months with Lumia 625 and 3 months on Lumia 720.n•Lumia 625 is 4G ready, Lumia 720 supports only 3.5G at the most.n•Lumia 625 has a faster processor (1.2ghz dual-core) than Lumia 720 (1ghz dual-core). This results in smoother overall performance.n•Lumia 625 comes with Nokia Amber update pre-installed and BlueTooth 4.0 pre-enabled.n•(Most obvious point) the screen on Lumia 625 is larger than that on Lumia 720.nnAnd yes, Lumia 625 has FM radio. Some people have wrong info.nnYes, the Lumia 720 has better cameras and supports wireless charging, but you need to understand that a product can only provide you so much in the price you pay for it. And no product is perfect. There are always some people who may not like the product. But at least please don't misguide others.nSo next time, before cursing anything and questioning some company's commitment, please do your research properly.nThanks!

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NOKIA LUMIA 625! A good buy

I have been using this phone since a month now and have fallen in love with it.nI have used an android device for 2 years and now when I planned to get a new one, I was kind of inclined towards a window phone to get a different taste.nMy budget was around 15K, my basic requirements were good look, large screen, front camera, good surfing speed.nIt took me around 2 weeks to choose between all the phones in this price range, it was tough :-/.nI have this kind of thinking that when I am spending as much as 15k bucks for a phone, I will prefer spending it on brands like Nokia/ Samsung/ HTC or Sony. So in this way my options already got a bit filtered.nBefore making this purchase from flipkart, I personally went to a Mobile store to see how these devices actually look in my hand as the outlook of the mobile was one of my major criterion and the Nokia lumia 625 absolutely nailed in it.nLumia 720 was also a good phone with better camera and "clear black display" but I liked the look of 625 far more because of its larger screen and rounded edge which looked sexy. It doesn't look like a 15k phone, rather having a first sight of the phone and seeing the "Nokia" name on it, one would easily presume that its atleast 23k phone.(I have personally experienced it). I got the Orange colour and it looks just LOVELY! It looks very vibrant! You also have the option to get shells of other colours such as green, black or yellow. I think it will be wiser to go for a black coloured one and then buy an orange shell, coz the price of a black shell is 1200/- online whereas that of a orange shell is around 700/-. So that way you can save your 500/- ;)nI am not going to mention the specs in detail as flipkart has already done that... and trust me, they are not lying :P.nnAs per my experience with this beautiful device, the pros are:n* Great look, Great build, Superb design, Awfully slim :O.n* Really Large screen. Big enough to clearly surf internet, read books or watch movies. You don't actually need bigger screen than this for a mobile. Else it gets difficult to handle..n* As they say, this phone is 4g ready, therefore when you are using 3g connection, surfing is lightning fast, you will love it.n* The touch of the phone is superb. I can easily handle it even wearing hand gloves.n* You will love the interface of Window 8, if you are a first time user.n* The camera is real good. I don't think, you buy a camera mobile to be a professional photographer or so. For that you have to go for expensive cameras from sony/nikon blah blah. In a 15k camera mobile you expect a decent camera which captures clear and decent quality image. Lumia 625 serves you very well in this category. The flash is also very good. The low light images are also good. Not as good as the day light images though.n* HD Video recording. this is a real good feature of this phone. When you see the videos in your laptop, its real pleasure.n* I don't generally rely on headphones given free with the device. i use my Sennheiser headphones with this device and It works just fine. I love the sound quality.n* The Speaker is good, real loud and clear. n* Battery back up is another great thing of this wonderful device. You charge it full, You use it for a whole 10-12 hrs, playing games, listening songs, surfing nets, which was like a dream when I used to have an android device.n* Window phone doesn't hang. Processing speed is fast.n* With this phone you get 6 months unlimited subscription of songs from Nokia Music and movies from Nokia movies which is also great.n* In the Nokia mix radio, you will find good varieties of mixes of various genres and artists.n* There are almost every kind of apps you need in the store.n* The gorilla glass looks awesome on the mobile. You will not feel the need to spend your money on buying a scratch guard for it seriously.nnCons if you want me to tell: :-/n* People will point out the absence of clear black display in this category. But I don't find it difficult to read the screen even under the sun.n* Its 480x800 Pixels resolution. Its actually a bit down for a screen size of 4.7". But the thing is, it actually doesn't harm the display. You choose bright coloured tiles and increase the brightness, it ill do. So don't worry! :)n* In the store, I find most of high end games are paid. For example I got the "real football" game free in my previous android mobile but in windows 8 store, you have to pay to get it.nHowever its not really a con for me, as I am not into much gaming. Still if you are a gamer, the large screen will serve well for you ;).nThat's all I had to say after using this for a month. Lumia 625 is definitely a very good buy!nnA small tip: Go through the detailed specs of the mobiles whatever you choose before buying it. I do get surprised when I see people saying in the review "this phone has only 5 mp camera...this phone has low resolution...this phone has only 512mb ram..blah blah!!!" You should have known this facts before buying it!

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the only 4g phone below 19k

Those who are complaining about the high price and low configuration.....most of them have not noticed the key feature of this phone which is the 4G connectivity which makes it one of the rare phones under 20k which have this facility...some blame on lack of information also goes on flipkart as they have not included this feature in their list of "key features" about this phone...well 4G is one of its highlight that differentiates it from other 3G phones like lumia 720 and lumia 620nAlthough I believe that nokia should have included 1gb ram in it...but they are the manufacturers, they know better..but wiyh 4G being continuosly launched in india by airtel (kolkata, bangaluru and recently noida) this phone is the best choice one van make who plans to buy a future ready 4G phone under 20k with large screen (other choice is the lumia 820), also lumia 820 was launched way earlier and this one is latest and will see a pricedrop after some timenThough I have a lumia 720(which I love very much and has never dissapointed me because of its camera, its unibody design) I wrote this review only to provide informayion to the guture customers..also those who are complaining about the less ppi, please try to understand that microsoft is to be blamed for this because windows phone has a limitation to the resolution of the screen and if hou increase the size of screen with same resolution than its obvious that ppi will decrease...lumia 620, lumia 720 and lumia 625 have same resolution and witj increase in screen size the ppi decrease, samsung galaxy grand with 5" screen has even lower ppi of about 187 which is because of the large screen sizenSo this is my humble request to those who are complaining...please stop comparing specification of different phones if you don't have full informationnGuys at flipkart...I hope after my review you will include that 4G connectivity feature in your key features list of this phonenA true flipkart fan

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Met expectations.

I have been a Lumia 625 user for about 3 weeks now and it has not disappointed me one bit. I read plenty of reviews before going for this product. Since I use the internet a lot and read a lot of books, the main requirement for me was a pretty big screen and a good performing device. nnI did a fair bit of research on the market for screen size more than 4.5". Since my previous phones were Nokia, I always had kept in touch with their latest experiments with the windows platform. Before getting serious about Nokia, I researched about Android and found issues regarding low cost Android phones and the indifferent treatment they got from the manufacturers regarding the updates. To make it worse, I know how heavy Android is and the kind of performance pain points it undergoes since it needs more memory and more battery life.nnEspecially since Apple did not have a device at the price point I was targeting, enter Lumia 625 and Lumia 720 into the picture. The decision was pretty easy since the 720 was a slightly smaller phone in terms of screen size. I have to admit the decision to go with the windows platform got easy when I realised that the top apps that I end up using are present even on windows and Nokia is known for its imaging technology. I also have to point out the build quality and importance that Nokia gives to its phones, you have to use it to experience it.nnOverall, I am happy with the choice I made, my relationship with brand Nokia continues :)

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Buy only if you like big screen

ProsnnMicroSD memory card expansion slot.nLatest Windows Phone 8 software.nExcellent Nokia apps and services.nDurable and colorful shell.nnConsnnLow resolution displaynLimited RAM-With just 512 MB of RAM, you wouldn't count on being able to play lots of high end games.nNokia has a focus on imaging, but the camera is pretty basic. It comes with a 5 mp camera without Carl Zeiss optics . The front facing camera is also a .3mp VGA quality camera. Photos from the rear camera don't look bad though and are perfectly acceptable for social networks and digital sharing.nNo wireless charging.nLack of apps in window store.nnAt this price if screen is not much matter 820 is one the best option with almost same price range,better camera,better processor,better screen resolution and more ram.

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