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Nokia Lumia 710
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Rs 4,999
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Nokia Lumia 710
Out of Stock
₹ 4,999
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A much awaited price cut has given Nokia Lumia 710 a prospect to be one of the best sellers. A 1.4ghz Scorpion CPU, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset, 512 mb ram, 3.7” screen with WVGA resolution, the list goes on. Lumia 710 has many offerings to surprise you with a price tag of around 15.5k. On the Software side, Windows Phone Mango may win many hearts with its simplistic interface, which may not be as versatile as, say, Android, but is ridiculously fluid, and stays that at all times. nnPros:n1. 1.4ghz Scorpion CPU, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset coupled with 512 mb ram provide a buttery smooth experience. It is very close to what you will get even on the costliest windows phone.n2. 3.7” LCD ClearBlack display with WVGA resolution provides crisp bright colors. The overall contrast is good.n3. Video Recording offers good resolution and colors, bit rate is quite high.n4. 8gb on board storage (At this price, it is excellent).n5. Free life-time voice guided navigation.nnCons:n1. Disappointing battery life. Turning off multi-tasking may improve the battery life, but it isn’t the most pleasing option. With moderate usage, it may not even last a full day.n2. Disastrous audio quality. The frequency response is way off (something you simply can’t associate with modern day phones), intermodulation distortion is too high.n3. The other cons include the limitations of Windows Phone OS. No expandable storage, no Bluetooth file transfer, no DivX/XviD support out of the box, over-dependence on Zune.nnCompetition:nYes, some shortcomings are a little too much to be ignored (What was wrong with the audio quality). But battery life may not be comparatively very good in some competing android devices either. What you definitely get with Nokia Lumia 710 is a total commitment by Nokia-Microsoft to make this ecosystem as strong as possible. And what used to come at an appalling 20k, is now available at three-fourths the price. Considering that, Lumia 710 may be a very tempting package at this point of time. nnSamsung Omnia W I8350 is a close competitor, with similar hardware. It even brings a SuperAMOLED screen and metallic back, all at a very slight increase in price. But you will be giving up on SatNav and Nokia Drive.nHTC radar is all about good finish, but it comes with “only” 1 ghz processor and a higher price. If price is not an issue, you can go all the way up to Nokia Lumia 800 which flaunts a very hot polycarbonate uni-body, better battery and camera. nHowever, there is ample competition outside Windows Phone. Sony Ericcson Xperia Ray and Xperia Neo V are very tempting android alternatives with 1 ghz processors, 512 mb ram and planned upgrades to ICS. A better camera or a bigger screen should tilt your preferences to the former or later.nNokia offers some Symbian phones too. Nokia 701 and 700 come with very similar hardware. More importantly, Nokia Belle has been in news for good things.nHowever all phones mentioned do have a higher price than Nokia 710 which could well be the defining factor when many young people finalize on a model to buy.

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Highly features

Friends... Samsung Omnia W I8350 is any time better option if u compare both LUMIA 710 or 800...nnI dont understand what kind of strategy is adopted by NOKIA... At lower price points Micromax, Samsung etc are offering fantastic offerings and at higher price points we have likes of Samsung s2, notepad, htc etc... Nokia's market share and equity is going down day by day. So, I was hoping that at least with LUMIA series we would see some positives but I was wrong!!!!nnWith LUMIA also NOKIA adopted same old strategy... HIGH PRICE with limited features with a tag line NOKIA KA BHAROSA..... If this continues we would see NOKIA case study to be added in MBAs curriculum as one of the biggest disasters...nnNOKIA u need to wake up... u really need to wake up!!!!!

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Excellent Phone

I bought this phone and it is amazing. The design of this phone is simply superb. Its the best looking phone in the market right now. The OS is super smooth. The GUI is very simple, different and fluidic. Its a completely new experience. I never found any hanging problems or delay in response. The calendar is very good because i depend on the reminders more often. Plus the Microsoft Office option is very good. You can edit and save. This was really helpful. Plus you also get some quality apps. The screen quality is also very good. The camera is good. This phone is a good productivity phone.nnI compared this with Android phones. Though they have lots of apps and features like front video camera, expandable memory, the delay in response or lag problems really irritated me. Yes this phone doesn't have front camera and have storage limited to 8GB, but that doesn't matter to me. nnIf your criteria list has front camera and expandable memory as a must have then this phone is not for you. Instead if you want a smooth operating GUI and a good Nokia then this phone is for you. In long use the working of the GUI matters a lot. You might discover many features useful for you once when you browse through the phone.

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worst phone ever hangs a lot

A basic requirement of a phone is to call but it hangs a lot and most importantly when it disconnects a call it hangs and call charges are continued in background....Nokia is no more offering so called BHAROSA

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Nokia Back in the game

I guess this was the best move by NOKIA, to go on with Windows Mango and not Android. Android might be free, but its no way smooth in mid-segment models and hence lags a lot in many phones. However looking at this new NOKIA, the WIN 7.5 uses the best of nokia's hardware excellence. To people who think its overly priced when compared to OMNIA W I8350 (Rs.18299 on flipkart), have you used Samsung phones? I have one and it looks like I am holding a cheap phone in my hand since Samsung uses lot of plastic, even in high end phones. Not that i am against Samsung, but Nokia truly deserves an applause for at-least coming back into the Game. If you compare with OMNIA, most of the features are same, except for front facing camera, AMOLED screen and slightly higher battery life in OMNIA, wheras NOKIA has great built, design and looks with Corning Gorilla Glass. This phone is for no non-sense people, who would want to be serious with their work, even if the crowd thinks its paying little extra (Rs.1800 extra to OMNIA.) Windows Mango rocks!!!

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