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OnePlus One 64GB
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OnePlus One 64GB
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EXCHANGE OFFERS are rediculous

Hey Flipkart it's nice u have come up with some exchange offers. but I want to meet that person from whose foolish brain this idea came of giving only Rs. 10000 off in excfhange with iPhone 6 Plus that too in complete working condition. So first I buy an iPhone 6 Plus spending nearly around 60K /- then if I want to exchange you buy an iPhone 6 Plus for 10K from me... Have u guys gone nuts.. Either u ppl think that u guys are too smart or else u guys think we are fools!!!i mean cummon guys.. do a fair bussiness..

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One Plus One Gone MAD

Guys, Give some realistic exchange offer... why the hell on the earth someone exchange his Apple IPHONE 6 plus to get a One Plus... are you guys gone nuts...

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Best Android experience for this price...!!!

I've been using One+ for around 8 months, ordered through invitation. It was much difficult to find an invitation earlier. nnFeatures:n1. Amazing design, sleek and 64GB of memory. Enough for most of the needs. nn2. Comes with a sleek non-tangible charger chord, fast and charges quickly. However, the chord length is short compared to standard chargers available. It's a choice and I would recommend to buy another local charger in case you travel a lot in railways. nn3. Big 5.5" screen with excellent views. The screen display is 401ppi. This isn't as high as 515ppi-557ppi found in samsung devices but it's HD and enough for the device and screen looks really great. Some might argue that big screen is not handy for people with small hands but it isn't a big issue after you get used to it. nn4. 3GB Ram, Snapdragon 801 processor (32 Bit) and Adreno 330 GPU. Rarely hangs and camera shots are quick. With the latest Os upgrade, the device is even more faster and performs really better. nn5. Cyanogen OS, fully customizable and feature rich set. You can control the entire look and feel of the OS. There are some gestures functions too like V shape on screen to display backlight, double tap functions etc which you can enable as per your use. Also, cyanogen updates are over-the-air, a big plus. nn6. Battery is 3100MAH, can go 2 days if multimedia contents are not used (moderate use for calls & messaging). nn7. Camera, Well, the Camera isn't the best like we have in iPhone or high end Samsung/Sony models but it's isn't bad either. It's beats any phone camera in it's price range. If you compare with iPhone, ofcourse you would not find the camera great but if yhou compare with Moto G etc., you would be really happy with the camera. Pics & selfies comes great in lighting conditions while there is some noise in low light conditions, but to avoid it, use the modes privided in the camera application and you would be surprised. It's works and it's awesome. nnThings to Note: n1. Although this uses the same screen panels like iPhone (JDI Manufactured), the brightness isn't like iPhone either. Google it for more details. This isn't a deal breaker or con either and has no effect on the phone's functionality. nn2. Initial days, call & speaker volume weren't great but just managable. Things really got improved after the update. But still not the best when compared to the highend models. But again this isn't a deal breaker as it works really well in all general environments and improves with further updates. Noise cancellation works well. Reception is good. nn3. This phone doesn't support MHL. MHL enables you to connect your phone to tv and use it like a media player. Well, not a big issue and screen cast works well if you have internet enabled tv. nn4. Make sure you order screen guard. Case is optional, I'd recommend to go as it is. The back panel is sandstone finisn and provides an amazing grip. Enjoy the sleek design. nn5. No SD Card slot. But you don't need one as it has got 64Gb storage. Additionally you can buy a OTG drive or OTG cable with regular USB drive. nn6. It's not dual SIM. Wish it was.n n7. They have got their own OS, Oxygen OS which is optional and needs to be installed manually. It's optional and for power/advanced users. nnAfter you order: n1. Check if there is any yellowish tint/display issue at bottom edge on your phone. This was reported on earlier production batches but these pop up rarely these days. nn2. Download and run any multi-touch android app and confirm if all your touches are getting registered. Again this was an issue with few earlier batch models and seems to be rectified now. One of the users also posted a blog on this issue and how to rectify it (opening the device and breaking warranty which is not recommended). nCheck one+ forums for further details. If any issue with phone especially with the 2 listed above, return or exchange the phone. Else enjoy the stunner. For the price paid, you would be really happy to own it. nWaiting for One+2, rumored to launch in July.

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Perfect high end phone at little price

I don't know why there are so many negative reviews. The phone is a awesome piece of creation. Here are my observations for last 3 days. Pros: The phone is blazing fast and lag free. I am able to open more than 20 apps in parallel and yet run lag free. The speaker is loud and audible. Nice voice quality Good signal reception. I have not faced any call drop even if I spoke continuously for more than an hour I can play Asphalt 8, GTA San Andreas with high graphics in high performance mode without any lag. The phone becomes little warm while playing games. But, that is the case with all high end mobiles. But, this phone is far better than Xiaomi's Mi and Samsung phones in terms of heating. The battery temperature was just 43 degree after I played Asphalt 8 for 1 hour in high graphics. This is extremely good. The phone provides 3 power modes namely 'Power Saving', 'Balanced' and 'High Performance'. You can play high end games by moving the mode to high performance. If you travel and wish the battery to stay longer then put the phone in 'Power Saving' mode. In Power Saving mode, it easily gives me 2 days of life time with 1 hour of total calling here and there along with 1 hour of internet browsing in 3g... Screen definition is good but still not on par with Mi or Samsung. The contrast is little less but definitely it is enough for normal people. The contrast difference is only sensed when we bring another Samsung mobile nearby this. :D Cons:- The camera is below par when compared with Mi and other samsung, sony mobiles. But, I can live with that as I am not a photo freak. Besides, the clicked images and videos are not bad. They are little lower in grade compared to Mi but they are definitely not bad.... I would say that they are good but not very good... There are some wifi glitches when tried to use it along with VPN connection. However, this is a software issue and hopefully will be fixed soon. Verdict:- Guys, if you want a high performing device that can shoot decent photos with good voice clarity and singal reception and more than all doesn't heat much then go for it... You are making a right choice here...

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OnePlus One vs Moto X Play

OnePlus One is no doubt a very good device. But is it worth buying in 4th quarter of 2015? Lets find out: nnThe only competitor it has right now is Moto X Play(Please don't compare Asus Selfie mobile with these two).nnGaming: If Gaming is your first priority buy OnePlusOne blindly. Moto X Play cannot match it here.nSound Quality: It is slightly better than Moto X Play.nCamera: Moto X Play wins without any competition. If you are a camera lover, buy Moto X Play. Don't think twice. nBuild Quality: Moto X Play is better.nBattery life: Moto X Play is slightly better. On paper Moto has much higher battery but in real life you will find less difference. But here Moto X is winner.nFuture Proof: Moto X Play is again better. The reason is Moto X Play is released just 1 month ago. It will receive all the android updates in next 2 years. May be OnePlusOne will receive Android M. But don't expect more updates after that. nnBottomLine: 1. If you are a kind of person who changes his/her mobiles every year buy OnePlusOne. (You will get Android M update and also get a hand on power of Snapdragon 800 series processor.) After that you can decide whether to purchase Snapdragon 800 series mobiles or not.nn2. If you are a gamer and want to use mobile upto next 2 years buy OnePlusOne. nn3. If you are a camera lover, and can sacrifice on processor power a bit, go for Moto X Play.nn4. If you are a kind of person who wants to stick to one mobile for next 3 years. Please buy Moto X Play. The reason is it will definitely get all android updates for next 2 years. It has very good battery life and excellent camera. So even after 2 years there will be few mobiles who can beat Moto X Play. But OnePlusOne will get outdated after 1 year.

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